Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This Week on The Dining Table

The "Christmas is only 8 Days Away and I am finally READY!" Edition.......

 Everything is wrapped and under the tree except for 1 last minute order from Kohl's which is suppose to get here by Dec. 24th but isn't necessarily Christmas presents(underwear and summer clothing-great clearance deals on that now!)but if it arrives in time I'll wrap it and put under the tree.

On to the Meal Planning.
Here is what was planned last week--
Sunday--used leftover Fried Chicken to make Lemon Pepper Chicken w/Zuke, Rice
Monday--finish the Leftovers Stuffed Shells, Salad
Tuesday--Dinner out w/a gift certificate(free)
Wednesday--Meatloaf, Squash Casserole, Asparagus
Thursday--Roasted Chicken(maybe w/BBQ sauce), steamed Broccoli, roasted Sweet Potatoes
Friday--Leftovers Medley
Saturday--No Clue yet-options of leftovers, lasagna from freezer or pizza take-out(w/gift cert.)

Well we ate everything listed except for Sweet Potatoes as I didn't get to the store until Friday.   Leftovers moved from Friday to Saturday and I bought a pizza at Weis on Friday for dinner that evening.

As for the food spending last week....
There was 1 trip to the grocery store & 2 trips to Rite-Aid and I spent a grand total of $55.35(including my Rite-Aid trips at $2.23)on $234.01 worth of groceries/toiletries at 2 different stores.  We are at $184.95 spent on $590.26 worth of groceries/toiletries for December so far.
14 days left in the month and $115.05 left in the food budget(if I want to come in under $300 this month instead of the usual $400).

I am still hopeful I can pull off a $300 food month.  The freezer is still good on various proteins and some frozen lasagna, ravioli and crab cakes so I think we can pull this off, as long as I stay out of the grocery store and am not tempted to go hog wild right before Christmas!  Oh, those marketers are pulling out all the stops to get us to spend, spend, SPEND the next week or so!  Just make a list of NEEDS, get in and get out quick to avoid the impulse spending.
Staying out of the stores will be easy for me this week since #2 Son needs my car most of the week while his is being repaired.
Best to stay outta the stores.....unless of course, you have +Up Rewards to use up at Rite-Aid that is...... ;-)

Leftovers going into this week--some of that Roasted Chicken I cooked up, leftover spaghetti sauce from the Stuffed Shells I made and Zucchini and Rice.  That is about it this week.

Here's this week's meal plan---

Sunday--Dinner Out after some Holiday shopping w/Hubs at Bob Evans
Monday--Chicken and Dumplings(to use up the rest of that chicken & milk about to expire)
Tuesday--Ravioli & Sauce(use up leftover sauce), Green Salad
Wednesday--Chicken Fried Steak(I'll have something else), Mashed Potatoes, Veggie Medley
Thursday--Something Inexpensive Out after #2 Son's Christmas Concert(the last one we ever have to attend!lol)
Friday--Shrimp Burgers on rolls, Deviled Eggs, Green Beans
Saturday--Spaghetti and Meatballs, Spinach Salad

What I need to purchase for this menu?....... biscuit dough.  I picked up salad greens, rolls, shrimp burgers last week.  Have the CFS, taters, meatballs(in the freezer)and pasta already.
Since I have little that needs buying for this menu, I'll check out any loss leaders offered in the stores this week and start constructing next week's menu around those and what I have already here.  With $115.05 left in the food budget for December, I'll try to stay at or under $40 this week for foods that will be consumed next week.  Does that make any sense to anyone? lolz

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I got some great meat deals this week, mostly pork and beef on reduced stickers - people are shopping for Christmas now and not groceries so they are being passed up by others. Great tree!

  2. Can you just quit being so Christmas organized It is making me a wreck. How do you do it?


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