Saturday, December 14, 2013

Final Sealed Pot Total for 2013 and What's on Deck for This Weekend

I finally hauled my Sealed Pot change up to the bank.  As you can see, I organize and roll my coins as I go rather than dumping it into a container loose for a year.

Here is all I was able to collect over this past year and most of this is collected from Hubs pocket change......

I was able to make 1 more roll of $10 and 1 more roll of 50¢ between the time of that photo in November and when I got it all to the bank earlier this week.

And here is what it looked like after the trip to the bank.....

$110.50 didn't make much of a dent in my Holiday spending.

If we didn't have kids and didn't spend on them, this amount would have gone far to cover the bulk of gifts I got for Hubs at least.
I figure any little bit helps though, right?  8-)

The snowstorm has already begun here so we'll be staying put in the house today.
No errands, no shopping today and probably tomorrow too.

The perfect day to finish decorating the tree, wrapping gifts and just relaxing together.
No cooking today as we have tons of leftovers to chose from.
And a walk in the snow for the doggy and organizing my next Salvation Army donation in the garage.
I am not ruling out that "adult beverages" may be consumed today......

What's on your plan for the weekend?

Did you do the Sealed Pot challenge or that 52 Week Money Challenge this year?
How did you do on it?




  1. had 37 dollars but broke it in april i think, will try again in jan

  2. I didn't do the sealed pot challenge this year. We've kept our change since we were married almost 10 years ago.

    1. You have ten years' worth of saved change? If so, that is impressive.

    2. We do. I'm thinking an anniversary trip or something along that lines. To be honest, its a little ridiculous that we've moved this change several times without cashing it in.

    3. Maybe it is ridiculous, but much more impressive!

  3. Good stuff! It's better than $0.00 isn't it!? ;) Nope... didn't do it this year.. I may do it next year though to help with Christmas costs or something... we shall see! :)

  4. I save change, too. It's been a while since I've cashed it in, so we shall have to see!

    Peace <3

  5. I remember once when I was a little girl my parents made a deal with me: count and roll all of the change in this HUGE glass bottle and I could keep everything.. ALL of it! My hands were "stained" and smelled from the coins afterwards, but I made out like a bandit.. over $100 if I remember correctly.

    My weekend plans: yesterday the BF and I went shopping and used a $25 gift card at 54th Street. Today I picked up a gorgeous teal/tan/navy scarf for an outing tonight (I wear scarfs A LOT and only have one winter one) & a nude-colored pencil skirt for work. <-- finding clothes that fit is a nightmare, so when I find classic pieces (especially for work) at the right price, I JUMP at them. Tonight me/the BF/3 other couples are going for a 1 hour limo ride around the city see the Christmas lights. We used a Groupon. Tomorrow a friend is coming over to help decorate my balcony for a contest my apartment complex is having. Dinner with friends (at one of their houses)/Dad/BF tomorrow night. Sooo... a busy weekend!

  6. Did I hear adult beverages? I'm in.


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