Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Songs of the Season from My Local High School Band

This is from the Christmas Concert at my tiny town's high school last week.

#2 Son is on the far right, front row in the white shirt, playing the flute.
His buddy is the kid on the end in the row behind him playing the trumpet.
You'll notice that the Concert Band is quite small, about half the size of the Marching Band.

And here is the Jazz Band at the high school and the only number they performed.
#2 Son is on the far left, playing the bass guitar.
Sorry for the shaky video but I had to stand in the back to shoot this, it was the last number, it's hard to hold a cane and a purse while trying to shoot a camera and I was getting tired. lol

If you thought the Concert Band was small, the Jazz Band is even smaller. 8-)



  1. I love band concerts, especially at Christmas. You must be happy he chose the flute for his career--easy to carry, easy on the ears.

  2. They sound so professional. Amazing! You have one talented son.


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