Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Surprises and Cards

Two days ago now, I greeted the UPS man at the door.
I was expecting some packages this week and he brought me two on that day.
One was #2 Son's main Christmas present but the other one?.....I didn't recognize the store it came from.....disregard the dog's back end in this

So I opened the box and found this......

Plus there was a note on the invoice about thanking us for hosting her this past Summer.
It was from Tanner!
That little sneak........lolz

Thank you Tanner for the unexpected Christmas present!!
It is now parked under the tree and awaiting it's unveiling on Dec. 25th.
I must say I think there's a cement block in weighs enough to be one! lolz

It is finally beginning to look a little like Christmas inside the house.
Some more Christmas cards have flown in.
I tell ya, that card from Sonya Ann was beginning to get lonely......

Here are the new additions to the collection......

From the brother in-law's wife

From my 1st Cousin 1 x removed

 From a college friend and her Hubs

 From an online friend

 From a college friend and his wife

From a childhood friend

Woohoo!  We are up to 7 cards. 8-)

And I had a good laugh when I saw the envelope from one of these cards.
I guess Hubs and I are just sooo important and well-known in our town that people don't even need to use our last name(s) when they mail us anything!

Incriminating information has been removed.  Just look at whom the card is addressed to......

Heck, Hubs and I have ascended into the strata of Celebrities known by just their first names now.....
Cher, Sting, Bono, Madonna, Elvis, Bing, Charro and now.....ME! lolz
Or maybe the real reason is because our town is just so danged small......nah, couldn't be that...... 8-))

Ok, lots to do today.
We have to pick up the repaired vehicle(ouch!)when #2 Son gets out of school and I have a load to take to the Salvation Army Store but I need to finish getting it recorded on paper before I go.
I am off like the wind.....

Do you send Christmas cards?
Do you enjoy receiving them?
Have you ever gotten a surprise Christmas present?



  1. My all time favorite Christmas activity is hand stamping my own Christmas cards and mailing them. I LOVE Christmas cards...all things stationery, really. This year, time constraints limited the amount of cards I could make, so I used Up Rewards to pick up some buy one, get two free boxes at Rite Aid. They are really, I think.
    I enjoy receiving Christmas cards very much. The ones you received are very nice.

  2. I send fewer and fewer cards as the years go by. I love receiving cards. I am grateful I have an insurance agent. In the past, I have gotten many surprise Christmas gifts, mostly from church members when my husband was a minister. I received a surprise this last week, that although not wrapped as a Christmas present, it was a nice surprise in the mail, and I am calling it a Christmas present.

    I sent a package to Brooklyn with only two correct pieces of information--my daughter's full name and the correct zip code. Unbelievably, it arrived when it should have. I put my street address....grrrr.

    When she related that to me, I asked her exactly how popular she was with the postman. She laughed as she screeched at me for saying that.

  3. We have always sent out cards. For the last 4 or 5 years, our daughter has done the artwork and we have the cards printed. We usually get back as many as we send. It's always nice to get a photo or a little note from someone that we haven't heard from all year. I think it's still a nice holiday tradition.

  4. I have gotten a 5 this from you you little minx you. I am so behind on getting them out..ok I haven't even done any...maybe new years cards

  5. How awesome to get a surprise present! Yay!

    I don't send Christmas cards, and quite frankly I get annoyed when people send me a card with their preprinted name on it with no note, or greeting. Why bother? But that's me.

  6. Aww, how fun! When I can get a good deal, we send picture cards (my MIL takes our picture every year... Thank goodness for editing:). This year I got 24 Shutterfly cards for free from Kelloggs. love me a good deal!

  7. That's funny on the card envelope... lol! I send very few Christmas cards... next year our stamps will be $1.00 EACH, so gonna be e-cards! haha!! Yes, i've sent & received surprise Christmas gifts!! I love it! :)

  8. What a nice surprise gift! I love getting cards. I love getting letters especially to tell me what's up with my relatives and friends. I love when there are photos in the cards and/or letters. I'd love it even more if there was money in the cards and/or letters!! and I'd like a pony.

  9. We send Christmas cards each year. Since having kids, I try to send photo cards with the kids' photos on them. Usually I can get free ones (this year I got 25 Free photo cards from MyCOkeRewards). We also enclose our annual Christmas letter which my hubby writes. We used to send out a lot more than we do now. I love to receive cards although we usually don't receive was unusual we got 3 in the mail! :)

    I haven't received any surprise Christmas presents in the mail, but I did get a surprise Christmas present today given to me at work....

  10. Oh, I totally missed this. Sorry! I am glad you got the gift! I hope you like it! :) Sorry it's not extremely personalized, but if you can believe it, when I scheduled my test (Dec 16th), I thought I still had another full week before Christmas. Uh, no! Not sure where my head was at the time, but let's just say I'm acting on a very-last minute manner these days!

  11. I do love getting Christmas cards. And I love looking at the tree Christmas morning when we are all home. And that's about it.


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