Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Just Give Up Already!

*****WARNING-Bad Word Rant!  DO NOT open this Post around your children!!*****

After sitting here for 2 hours I am throwing in the towel!
I dug out some Christmasy mailing address labels to print up from the boxes of Christmas stuff #2 Son brought down for me from the laundry room storage and decided to print up the 4 sheets into pretty labels for my Christmas cards.
Well.....or so I thought!

2 Hours later after downloading this and downloading that......then not being able to open this or that, so downloading something to open that other something....then finding out WINDOWS 8 Can SUCK my DICK......then getting up from the machine to go cool off and actually make progress at SOMETHING today......then coming back supposedly refreshed to try, try again.......then back to downloading and deleting this and that......then running a security scan or five hundred........then off to another website......and then all the downloads turned into something else I can't open......then off to the Windows App Store to actually break down and BUY something that will help me....hahahaha.....then that won't download or was it that my payment didn't go through, who the HELL knows! anything except that WINDOWS 8 Can SUCK my DICK!......then imagining myself taking a sledgehammer to this blasted machine........then letting a few choice words fly that woke up the dog and hence, she began to beg for attention and food......so off I go again to cool off and throw stuff into a bin to haul off to Salvation Army until it's full and I've regained some composure......then taking a drink(non-adult beverage variety though I could REALLY use a stiff one about oh, an hour ago!)and resuming the attempt to make mailing labels on a machine running WINDOWS 8 which in my opinion can SUCK my DICK!......and more of the same as before, rinse and repeat.....until I could feel my blood pressure zooming into "infinity and beyond"......and then this old gal threw in the towel and put these blasted labels into the Salvation Army pile for someone else to get them and drive themselves stark raving MAD dealing with it.

And that my friends is how to waste 2 hours of your life because you've got a stoopid Windows laden computer with WINDOWS 8 which is only good for DICK SUCKING.
And that will be why, if you receive a Christmas card from me there will be NO pretty Christmasy return address labels slapped onto the envelope and I will be recovering from a bad case of writer's cramp for the next week or so.

Did I mention yet that WINDOWS 8 CAN SUCK my DICK!?!?!?



  1. Oh silly sluggy we allll HATE WINDOWS 8....BUT I dont think you have a Dick...but it can suck mine to if it makes you feel better. I hate it

  2. You made me laugh out loud - and I completely agree about windows. Our computer techs at work think it needs to die a slow death. Cheers!

  3. I do not like Win8, and I only have limited experience. But really, if you ever get in the midst of such an ordeal, shoot me a text or something. I'm good with troubleshooting. Or so tell me all of my friends. Maybe they just say that because I fix their machines and not charge them...

    You don't need fancy templates. Most computers come pre-installed with all sorts of label templates, and if not, it's not too difficult to make them. I'm serious too-- if you want some help, let me know during non-business hours and I'll help you.

  4. Windows 8 does suck. I dread the day it's all you can get!
    I'll stick with 7 for a while!

    Peace <3

  5. Anyone who has Windows8 can ask to downgrade to Windows7. I would not have 8 at all.

  6. Slugs, I only skimmed this, (I got all the sentiment about your symbolic extremity) but we installed Windows 8 and then instantly dis-installed it. *hate it*

  7. Well, if its that good, give it to your husband for Christmas.

  8. Been using a mac since 1998. Haven't had a bit of trouble. Ahhhhhh.......I love my Apple Computers. Le sigh! Whatever they cost, I pay. Worth every single penny.

  9. You have a Dick? Such a talented woman, I had know idea.

  10. So glad I have Win 7 and that it's still running. I'm sorry but I was laughing out loud at your post.

  11. Amen on the dicky-licky. I HATE HATE HATE windows 8. When I first got this damned computer, I had a rant very much the same as you. I still hate it. DJ found a patch for me so I'm a bit better with it. But it can still piss off. I'm really thinking that I will be purchasing a copy of windows 7 and down-grading after the holidays. Then everything will work again. Like say my Word program. How the hell do you write without the Word program!?!?!?!?

    1. Download Apache's OPEN OFFICE....That's what I use....it's just like Word mostly except there is no label template! argh

  12. I am so sorry you had such trouble. I am so cheap...err, frugal...that my return address labels are the free ones I get from my insurance agent.

  13. So are you saying then that you don't like Windows 8?? I don't think I quite got the message lol! I have VISTA still and will NOT be upgrading anytime soon. It'll be a MAC next for me. Some day...when i can afford it.

  14. Get a mac. I swear to you this iMac is the BEST thing that ever happened to me. My husband bought it for me a few years back for my birthday and it still feels brand new to me. And he is a tightwad cheapskate from way back. It is a refurbished but looks and feels perfectly new to me. Go mac, you won't go back.


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