Thursday, December 19, 2013

Put Those Credit Cards Away!

Consumer spending is NOT the path to prosperity! Keep that in mind this holiday season when you are "shopping 'til you drop".

Don't go into debt to have a Happy Christmas!



  1. Niiice. Wish that was a real album. It'd be hilarious to play it in a public area and see people start to realize this isn't their everyday Christmas song.

    But worry not, I saved earlier this year, so all of my Christmas purchases are covered!

  2. I was always under the belief that Christmas was to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. Last I recall, three wise men came to visit and see the baby Jesus and they brought HIM gifts. I don't remember the 3 wise men exchanging gifts with each other. When did THAT come about? Christmas should be about donations and all of us giving gifts to the church. Not each other.
    I'm sticking with my original plan.


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