Monday, December 9, 2013

The Rite-Aid Haul from the End of Last Week

Here's a really fuzzy photo of 2 Rite-Aid shops from last Thursday or was it Friday?
I had so much going on I can't recall at the moment.

Used my Black Friday sale raincheck to get the box of Cereal for -.21¢(they paid me .21¢ to buy it....LOVE those deals! lol)
The Dawn was on sale for .97¢ ea. and I have 2 x .50/1 IPQs(coupons dotcom), making each bottle .47¢
The Pantene.....lord the Pantene! grrrr
It was SUPPOSE to cost me $1 a bottle(like the Pantene I bought earlier in the week-it also had Peelie Qs on the bottles).
But I was downtown and went to the Rite-Aid there instead this time.

I had a Load2Card Pantene $3/2 ManQ that did NOT come off my card.
Of course when using L2C Qs I ALWAYS have the cashier check the register to see if the coupon did indeed come off my card for the transaction before I hand over +Ups or Cash to pay.
Well, THIS Rite-Aid either does NOT train their cashiers to use the register properly(as this cashier had NO CLUE on how to check if my L2C Q had been applied to the transaction
this cashier was being lazy and just didn't want to bother to MAKE THE CUSTOMER HAPPY!
Either way, she picked the wrong customer to be this way with because as soon as the transaction was over and I got into my car, I was on the phone with Rite-Aid Customer Service, giving them an earful about just how unhappy I was with this store, this cashier's attitude, this L2C program and this transaction.

if Sluggy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.....

So the CS person verified that yes, I did have a L2C $3/2 Pantene Q on my card and a Rite-Aid gift card for that amount is winging it's way to me as I type this.

Some days I just get so tired of having to fight businesses for what is suppose to happen......

I also bought a PowerAde for Hubs for the prep for a future medical procedure he is having....don't go there.....lolz

After my +Up Rewards, I spent .30¢ OOP on all that.

Then at my regular store, I picked up some more gift cards that were giving back +Up Rewards last week.
One of them is already wrapped up for someone for Christmas and another is slated for a gift as well.
The other cards are for places we will be spending $ this coming year, so just converting cash into script for later use.
I received $22 in +Ups for buying those gift cards......bonus money for me!! 8-))

I'll be waiting until the 4 Day Sale later this week to go back to Rite-Aid to roll my +Ups.
Not much I can see that is a deal and things I can use......
*  The nail polish for $1.99 giving back a $1.99 +Ups for a gift maybe.
*  The free after +Ups Reward Goodness Granola Bars.
*  Monster drinks for #2 Son--2/$3, Get $2+Ups back.
*  Candy bars are 3/$2, Get $1 +Ups back and I think I have a Q or 2 for B2G1Free
*  Ghirardelli Candy Bars are $1.99 and I have $1 off Q
*  Speed Stick(Hubs brand)is BOGO and I have a $1.50/1 Q the register spit out in November so not free but a good deal.
*  Renuzits are 3/$3 and giving a $2+Ups back
*  $50 Home Improvement Gift Cards giving $10+Ups back so I might convert some more cash

Nothing great but some little deals this week.
I just got a look at next week's ad and it's dreadful so I do hope some of those Black Friday week deal items get into my stores here this week so I can use some +Ups on those raincheck items that weren't free after +Ups, like the 3 pack of Peanuts.  Last year they did the Planters gift pack and all the stores had plenty.  This year?  Everyone was out immediately....did this area go nut happy this year? lol

What is everyone else bringing home from Rite-Aid this week?



  1. "Some days I just get so tired of having to fight businesses for what is suppose to happen......"-AMEN. Sometimes I feel as if they are just ripping us off more than normal. Don't say I can have it then dick around with me.

  2. You are my Rite Aid Soul sister! But, nothing beyond Dawn that I will use this week. May go in to getl champagne (Cook's 3.99) and o.j. in preparation of Christmas. (It doesn't happen here without mimosas.) I have Up rewards I must use!


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