Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today's Fun at Rite-Aid

On the brother in-law's card.....

4 x Monster energy drinks(for #2 Son) on sale $1.50=$6.00
3 x Renuzit air fresheners on sale $1.00=$3.00
2 x Sinful nail polish on sale $1.99=$3.98
2 x Goodness granola bars on sale $1.00=$2.00
2 x Ghirardelli candy bars on sale $1.99=$3.98
1 x Phillips ear buds RAINCHECK=FREE*
2 x Scunci hair elastics RANICHECK=FREE*
1 x R-A brand facial tissue on sale=.59¢

I used 2 x $1/1 Ghirardelli candy bars IPQs=$2.00 off

I paid with $17 in +Up Rewards and paid $.55 + $.11 tax=$.66 OOP
I received back $11.98 in +Up Rewards(2 x $2 Monsters, $2 Renuzit, 2 x $1.99 Sinful, 2 x $1 Goodness).

*These items were free after +Ups during the Black Friday sales, so totally free with a Raincheck now.

Then I had $3 in +Ups expiring tomorrow on my card, so I got this.....

4 x Monster drinks=$6.00
2 x granola bars=$2.00

Paid with $8 in +Up Rewards and got $6 in +Ups back.

I'll go back in the next few days and convert some cash into $50 Home Improvement gift cards.
Our house must know I am doing this, because today the front door latch decided to break.
Ugh.  We can lock the door and/or leave the house through it but we can't use it to get back into the house.
If one thing isn't breaking something else is.
It's always something, isn't it?

At least I have my fun Rite-Aid trips to keep me happy.
Yes, I AM easily amused.....



  1. I am picturing you climbing back into the house through the window??!!?? Great haul

    1. Unhandy Hubs actually took the lock apart and back together again and it now Works!
      I was shocked is putting it mildly. lol

  2. Our year old back door decided that we can no longer gain entry to the house. So I called the door guy today and he is coming out tomorrow to fix it. 15 days until the warranty expired...

    Easily amused is good .....I really have to get back on the rite aid bus because we have 2 bottles of shampoo left!!!

    1. Good thing it was 15 days on THIS SIDE of the warranty rather than the expired side. 8-)

  3. I know bil does not use nail polish (okay, maybe he does), and you would never let chocolate leave your possession, so what do you get for him? Or, maybe you supply him with something else?

    Oh, I am easily amused, also. Maybe I need to break out my new walker so I can spend more time in Rite Aid.

    1. I give BIL stuff throughout the year....mostly some food, soap, toothpaste, dish liquid and laundry detergent. He isn't interesting in shopping at R-A so I have carte blanche with his card.

    2. It is great he can get free stuff without shopping. I am sure both delight him.

  4. Yes dear, one thing after another seems to be breaking around here. FOr the life of me, we can't get one car sorted. Not one!!!! No matter how many times we bring them in something else crops up. But I should stop complaining-they are all running just three have check engine lights on and one has a cracked windshield.

    1. You know the saying, "Mo Money, Mo Problems."
      My mantra lately is "Mo Cars, Mo Problems"..... bleh


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