Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The Great Moving Adventure.....Day Three, The End For Now

 We had a lovely breakfast after a restful night in Tuscaloosa Alabama.  A brief stop to gas up the cars and for a coffee and iced tea at a nearby Mickey D's and we were back on the road on the last leg of our journey to our daughter's house in Louisiana.  

Back on the interstate heading West into Mississippi.  Lots of truck traffic through MS(hubs almost got run off the road by one!)and we stopped in Vicksburg for late lunch/very early dinner at Popeye's then more gas at a Circle K near the Vicksburg Military Park and then over the Mississippi River to the first Louisiana rest stop to potty(us and the dogs)and eat.  Did I mention that is was upper 90's F still at every rest stop?  Should have done this trip in mid December for bearable weather. lol

Explain to me(if you can)the piece of lumber mostly painted white sticking out of the trash can at the rest stop.

It was hot as balls with trucks parked all willy nilly at this rest stop where they shouldn't be parked but at least the mostly treeless rest stop had covered pavilions with picnic tables.  We ate, dogs pottied and watered and after a quick human pee break we were back on the road.

You can't make it out from this photo but the ladies bathroom had high tide in there.

Hubs, me and the doggies had our photos taken in front of the LA sign at the rest area.  I sent one to daughter let her know we were in bayou(aka swamp)country now and would be arriving within 3-4 hours.

So we drove the last leg without incident, arriving at daughter and son in-law's house around 4pm.  We ate something but I can't remember what given it was 3 weeks+ ago.  We had to load our belongs into the house as well as the stuff for the dogs so that took awhile.

Thus we began our stay at daughter's house and sleeping on air mattresses for the foreseeable future.  I must say after two nights on those air beds we declared our aged bodies were too old for this shit. ;-)  But we were glad to be done with this part of our new lives.

Oh and here's my booty of found change from the 3 day journey South....

.98¢ total from drive-thrus and a bit of change from Hubs that he handed me(so I kept it).hehehe


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Great Moving Adventure....Day Two

Day Two dawned early.  The motel didn't have a proper breakfast so we packed and left.  This day was to have it's own obstacles like Day One.

We left Marion VA headed toward Tuscaloosa Alabama.  But first a pitstop at Mickey D's for breakfast on the run before we hit the interstate.

We headed southwest down I-81 into Tennessee.  Hubs dreaded traveling through Knoxville but I wasn't looking forward to going through Chattanooga.  Too much traffic in both but at least it wasn't tourist season.  We got through TN and passed into the Northwest corner of Georgia briefly.   We got off the road for gas and to hit Mickey's for lunch, to take to the first rest stop in Alabama ahead to eat and let the dogs potty and walkabout.  Hubs was so sleep deprived and rattled he paid for his meal and then drove right past the pick-up window without picking up his food.  I'm sure the employees there had a few laughs over their ditzy customer.  Luckily I had gotten 2 sandwiches(BOGO 1¢ Deal on my app)so once we got to the Alabama welcome center I shared with Hubs.

Then it was back on the road toward Gadsden and then Birmingham.  Oh Birmingham.  A word of advice about driving around B' very defensive!  Evidently not all Birmingham residents are aware that cars now come with blinkers(aka turn signals).  And driving at 80 MPH is the norm and weaving in and out(and on the shoulders too)at high rates of speed are everyday practices.  Somebody needs to tell Governor Meemaw a PSA is needed. *snort*  Just craziness on the Interstate there.

So we got clear of B'ham headed for Tuscaloosa and made good time.  Got to the motel and Hubs went inside to check-in.  And I waited......and waited....and waited in the car.  So I went to the lobby window and Hubs was on his phone and I gave him the "WTF?!?" look.  He gives me a "wait" signal so I wait some more.  Hubs comes outside a bit later to tell me what was going on.

Seems Priceline, whom we booked through, took our money and made our reservation but neglected to inform the motel we had a reservation!  So it was an hour of having to get in touch with them and luckily the motel manager was still there even though it was after 5pm.  We couldn't hand the phone over to the manager but Priceline had to contact the manager through their system to give the confirmation code and the motel's system timed out since they were taking so long to respond. ugh.

We finally got the room keys and hauled the dogs and their and our stuff into the room.  Again, no dinner for us but thankful to be out of the car after 9 hours and in the bed.

Day Three coming up.


Monday, September 19, 2022

The Great Moving Adventure.....Well Maybe Not So Great? Day One

 So when last we saw our intrepid travelers they were packing up their lives and stowing it in a POD and the overflow into 1.5 storage units.  FYI-those PODS don't hold as much as they say/you think.  And doing all this on very little sleep in the span of two days after sleeping on air mattresses or aa mattress on the floor before stuffing two cars full of more crap and two dogs.

On Monday they headed out but not at the butt crack of dawn(after carrying the single mattress into the POD and shoving the air mattress into the trunk of one of the cars).  The plan was to leave at 9ish am but when Sluggy went to start her car it was dead.  So they wanted on the towing place to send a guy to jump the battery.  In reality they left the house at 11am along with a $55 bill they weren't expecting. rah.

Making stops for food was tricky since they had two dogs(one in each car).  They had to time food procurement with rest areas so the dogs could potty and/or eat too with their humans as dogs can't be left in a car while they dined in style inside a restaurant(fast food or dive).  This took a lot of planning timing it all.

Not my car but you get the gist of what it all was like.

They stopped for gas outside of Hershey PA and then hit a rest stop with an enclosed dog park for the pooches.  Dog Parks with trucks whizzing by are not conducive to doggies doing their business is all I'm going to say.  They then stopped outside of Harrisonburg VA for gas and Subway late lunch/dinner.  The subs were carried to the next rest stop along I-81.  They ate and fed and potty-ed the pups and then continued on their way.  The driving alone, without stops, to the motel in Marion VA was 7.5 hours long.  Having left so late due to Sluggy's car issue meant they got in after dark which was not optimal as your slug doesn't see well driving in the dark anymore.  Plus slug had to drive the lead car in the little convoy.   Slug noticed once at the motel that her cell phone was down to 5% charge.  For some reason though the phone was plugged into her car, it wasn't recharging.  This became a worry they didn't need.

Finally got into the motel around 10pm, brought in what was needed for the night for the weary travelers and the dogs and hit the beds for some shut eye.  Slugs' eyes closed before her head hit the pillow.

Day Two to come.


Thursday, September 15, 2022

We're Here


Well 1,341+ miles and we are here!  This trip was one of the circles of hell but it's done and we are still alive....for now.

I'm so tired.  My hands are cramped up like I am still gripping a steering wheel.

More later,


Sunday, September 11, 2022

It's Almost Done....

 One last post before my computer is put away and we finish and hit the road.

It's drizzling and we have to figure out how to get the mattress in the POD without it getting wet.


The POD is full after the mattresses and we have more to throw into storage now.

I  won't be posting from the road but if you want to leave comments I can read and approve them from my phone.  I'd like to hear about your experiences moving house.

Til Later,