Thursday, January 27, 2022

Rite-Aid Haul This Week & Rite-Aid Woes(Rant)

 First the haul, done on two cards and using the $10 off wyb $50 coupon.........

Everything from the Airwick warmer to the right was one transaction.
I spent $33.55 between Bonus Cash and gift cards and earned back $34 in new BC(the Nexxus is double dipping for a monthly deal and a weekly deal).  I also submitted the Revlon eye palette to Ibotta and got $3 in rebates back on that.
So the other 3 Nexxus, the 2 hair colors(on clearance)and the 4 Baby Ruth bars were my other card's transaction.  I spent $35.81 in BC and gift cards on that transaction and earned back $38 in new BC.
I also earned $2.00 in Swag Bucks for buying the Baby Ruths.
Now the difficulties..............
I had a $5/2 Clairol IPQ which refused to come off saying no matching item but clearly there were TWO matching items.  The shift manager said to put in the higher of the two clearance prices for those hair colors for the price and the register took the Q....and cheated me out of .61¢ on that transaction.  My total "should" have been .61¢ lower than $35.81 or $35.20.

But that .61¢ gip is the least of my Rite-Aid problems right now.

I had amassed 12 R-A gift cards in 2021 from various promotions, most of them $50 in value and a couple worth $60.
Lately in 2022, I've been attempting to spend them and 9 times out of 10 when I slide them/scan them they don't work saying, "Bad Card Read, Try Again."  And no matter how many times I try swiping them I still get that message.  Some times a gift card will work once or perhaps twice if I don't spend the whole thing the first time and then that gift card will no longer scan.  And usually if it's not a manager working the register the cashier just looks at me like a deer in the headlights and says, "Your card doesn't work.  You have to pay another way."
Well....DUH!  You work here, you figure out what to do!!  It's ultimately MY problem, but come on Rite-Aid, FIX YOUR  DAMN GIFT CARDS!!!

Last week was the final straw when I went to a R-A in my regular rotation and pulled out a not been used before R-A gift card and I got the "bad card read, try again" message.  So I pulled out my phone and called R-A to get the balance on the card, which was $50 as expected.  We then transferred to Customer Service and the cashier transferred my $50 balance onto a new gift card and I attempted to swipe it with the CS person still on the line and it gave the "bad card read" message wouldn't work.  So the cashier took a new R-A off the rack and transferred and again, transfer the $50 onto this different gift card.  I tried to swipe that one, it beeped like it was going through, the cashier hit her button and she got the message, "This card is expired."
If you know Rite-Aid you know that THEIR GIFT CARDS NEVER EXPIRE!!!

At this point the CS person had hung up on us(I think she was feeling overwhelmed by the situation and couldn't handle it anymore).  So I called back and had to go through everything so far with a new victim
CS person. So the shift manager came up and she grabbed another new gift card off the rack and AGAIN transferred that $50 onto yet another gift card.  While this was going on the first CS person called back on the other R-A phone line.  I tried the THIRD new gift card, it beeped but said the card was expired again when the cashier hit the register button.  The first CS person got in touch with the accounting dept. and they said the gift cards this store was sent were bad and to pull them all off the shelf.  I got on the line and said, "So what do I do now?  I have $50 held hostage on an "expired" gift card and I can't use it!!  CS person said I can put that $50 on your Wellness card as Bonus Cash to which I said no way!  BC expires in 30 days and I may not want to use it all within 30 days, I want my money!   She said she can't send me my money back and I'd have to go  to another R-A with working gift cards and have that $50 transferred onto a fourth gift card! (And hope that one worked correctly I might add.)

So on Tuesday I went to my R-A with a handful of non working gift cards(plus my "expired" gift card)and had the Asst. Manager transfer all of them onto new cards.  Corporate wouldn't let her transfer the funds off the "expired" gift card.  Instead they wanted my name and mailing address and phone number and they are going to send me a new gift card in the mail for that one.  And I am not holding my breathe on that!!

So on Wednesday when I went to another R-A in my rotation and bought the Nexxus, the hair coloring and candy bars I used Bonus Cash on that card, $4.30 on a working card I had used before that was STILL working, then I tried one of the new transferred "supposedly working" gift cards and it beeped and but showed it was expired! 
So I tried a different card and the last $6.51 went through.

Now I have 4 gift cards that "supposedly" work, 1 that is expired and another one that was expired that Corporate is replacing via the mail.

I must say that dealing with this situation has been a clsterf%ck for me and stresssful not knowing if my gift card will work at the register for months now.  And being someone with a chronic condition where I need to avoid stress in order not to have it flare up this is not a good situation.
We are looking to move in the next year or two and one of my criteria was to move to an area of the country that has Rite-Aid drugstores.
After this stressful  adventure that criteria is no longer on the table!  Once these gift cards are spent(IF I CAN SPEND THEM!)I will think long and hard before I shop at Rite-Aid drugstores again and you can bet I will NEVER buy another RITE-AID GIFT CARDS AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!

You earn your credibility with your customers by fixing your mistakes, not by making situations worse for your customers.  The way this situation has played out has driven away one of your loyal customers.
Do something Rite-Aid.  Don't keep giving me gift cards that don't work.

Fed Up

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I Hit It Lucky!

 I went to Walmart Tuesday to finish 2 Ibotta Bonuses(Field Goal and Mid Week)on 8 rebates.  When I went to leave and check-out I passed by the freezer area and spied a bunch of clearance on a freezer end unit.  .50¢ for each item.  Check it out......

I got....
4 x Healthy Choice meals
2 x GV Turkey w/Mashed Potatoes
2 x Tai Pei Beef and Broccoli
2 x Scott & Jon's Mac and Cheese w/Broccoli
2 x GV Beer Battered Fish boxes
1 x Gardein Sausage Breakfast Patties

$6.50 for all this....rah me!  Well I put this on a free Swag Bucks gift card to really it was all free in that way. 8-)))

Maybe not the healthiest food but for .50¢ a great option for those times we need a quick meal.  Hubs won't eat the fake sausage but I'll use it. ;-)


Monday, January 24, 2022

January Giveaway Winner

 So here's what was in the January Giveaway box............

And I just had to laugh when Random dotOrg picked comment #2 to win.............


Okay, need those peppermint patties please.

Congratulations Kim.  Please email me your full mailing address within 48 hours of this post going live on the blog.

Thanks to everyone who played along and I'll have another Giveaway coming up in February. 8-)))


This Week on the Dining Table

***Due to Technical Difficulties(danged weather and internet!)I didn't pick a Giveaway Winner yesterday.  I'll be back later today and do that so stay tuned........***

 The "The Birthday Week is Over" Edition...

It was a lowkey affair this year.  Hubs bought a cake and we still have half of it left so come on over it ya want a piece! lol  We went out to the only open Chinese Buffet restaurant left here(thanks Covid!)for lunch and then Hubs drove me to a new-to-me Walmart and a Rite-Aid on my regular rotation of RAs so I could finish my Ibotta Bonus.  We are just party animals, no?
My birthday coincides with the Feast Day of St. Agnes(who died a martyr's death because she would not marry).  First by being burned at the stake, and when that didn't work, then being beheaded.  Just like me and my Birthday buddy, Rasputin, we are/were all hard to kill. *snort*  St. Agnes Day is also said to be the coldest day of the year and boy, was it ever here!!  We had 3 snow days last week.

Onward to the meal planning!

Here's what was planned......
1. Sunday--Leftover Beef Pie
2. Monday--Fend for Yourself as I am not feeling well
3. Tuesday--Butternut Squash Ravioli w/B├ęchamel, Salad
4. Wednesday--Homemade flatbread Pizza, Salad
5. Thursday--? Hubs' night to cook
6.  Friday--Beef & Veggie Stir-fry, Rice
7. Saturday--More Leftovers?

And here's what actually happened........
1. Sunday--Leftover Beef Pie
2. Monday--Fend for Yourself as I am not feeling well
3. Tuesday--Don't remember so it must have been forgettable
4. Wednesday--Don't remember so it must have been forgettable
5. Thursday--I made Hubs Spaghetti and Meatballs, I didn't eat due to the big lunch out
6.  Friday--Lunch out at Chinese Buffet(no dinner), Cake
7. Saturday--Beef & Veggie Stir-Fry w/Noodles

Nothing very exciting here.  When it's so cold here I don't feel like cooking.  Used a free gift card to get Applebee's on shot night and paid for Chinese take-out this week too and I don't care because it was my birthday week and I didn't want to cook so there...pphhhhtttt!

What got put into the freezer last week....
*  a Pizza
*  a small London Broil
*  a whole Chicken

What got taken out of the freezer and used...
*  a handful of Meatballs
* 1/2 bag of stir-fry veggies
*  a small London Broil

I spent $147.15 on food/toiletries/HBA the last week. This brings our food/toiletries/paper goods Total to $265.29 for January so far.  It would have been about $35 lower except at that new-to-me Walmart, the price scanner gun at my register was broken so I couldn't use some digital gift cards. 8-((

There are 7 shopping days left in January.  

I've earned $245.12 on Ibotta in January.
I've earned $5.39 on Checkout51 in January.
I've earned $15.50 on Coupons dotcom/Paypal in January.
I've earned 17,221 points from shopping on Fetch in January.
I earned 2,105 Kicks from food shopping on Shop Kick in January. 
I've earned 1,946 SB from food shopping on Swag Bucks in January.
I've earned $0 from food shopping on Tada in January.

That's $266.01 in rebates(not counting the Shop Kick/Swag Bucks/Tada/Fetch)on $265.29 in grocery spending so in reality it's -.72¢ spent after the 3 rebate apps I count.  

My savings percentage for the last week was 56.28%(without "regular" Rite-Aid trips)and the monthly savings total for January comes in at 61.97% so far(w/out R-A). 

Leftovers going into this week.....Beef Noodle Stir-Fry, Spaghetti and Meatballs

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Roast Chicken, Stuffing, Roast Carrots, Potatoes
2. Monday--Pizza, Salad
3. Tuesday--Butternut Squash Ravioli w/B├ęchamel, Salad
4. Wednesday--Chicken Salad
5. Thursday--Leftovers? or No Clue
6.  Friday--Chicken and Dumplings w/Carrots
7. Saturday--Leftovers?

What do I need to buy to fix everything on this menu?  I may need milk but that's it.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week?  



Saturday, January 22, 2022

Frugal Friday....the Birthday(Jan. 21st)Edition on January 22nd

First off, thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday or sent messages to cheer me out of the winter doldrums.  I swear with this cold weather I am feeling every one of my XXX years old. lolz  And here's to you, all you other January babies out there!

So here are a few of the frugal-ish things that happened here this past week.......

*   No food waste so far. ;-)  Not much cooking either and eating leftovers happened as always.

*  I used my free Birthday Burger coupon at Red Robin on Thursday.  I pulled what my daughter use to when we'd go out as a family; I got the most expensive one on the menu. lol  It sort of backfired on me though as it wasn't as good as the burger I usually get there. It was still yummy and FREE! ;-)

*  I did a couple of Rite-Aid transactions this week.......

Nothing OOP, earned $6 in Bonus Cash back and $7 in Ibotta(Oral B, Glide, Twist, 2 x Jergens).

*  I did a fair amount of Walmart this week too.

2 trips(2 different Walmarts)and some offers reset.  Missing from photo are a tin of Nivea men's cream,
a whole Perdue chicken, 3 Hallmark cards, Penetrex muscle reliever, 4 bags of Green Giant Riced/Spiraled veggies, a bottle of Fairlife milk and a Freschetta frozen pizza.

This week Ibotta has 5-6 free items if you sign up or have someone sign up under your referral code.  Mine is MKAAXA.  I haven't gotten any referrals so I only got the free pizza offer. 8-(

Anyway, I also bought a bag of shredded cheese at Weis(PMITA)Markets for $2.50 so my Grand Total Spent for Ibotta items was $79.02 after coupons and gift cards used.(The scanner gun at the last Walmart yesterday was broken so I couldn't use more gift cards from my phone.)
I earned back $63.44 in Ibotta rebates and bonuses for the week, making my OOP $15.58 after Ibotta.  I earned $9.48 on Coupons dotcom and Checkout51 making it $6.10 OOP.  I also earned .31¢ on Fetch, $3.40 on Shop Kick and $6.15 on Swag Bucks(but I don't count those until I cash out for gift cards).

I also found a few clearance deals at Walmart, $1 for Turkey Broth and 100 count boxes of tea bags, 2 bags of Smartfood and 2 Family size boxes of Cheerios(not pictured)for Hubs.

*   I found money!

Found this 12¢ at the entrance outside of my Rite-Aid on Monday.

Found this penny by the second register at my R-A on Wednesday.

Total Found in last Week...... .13¢
Total Found This Year......$1.83

It would be nice to crack the $2 mark for January but probably won't happen. ;-)

That's about all I've got for this week.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And have a good weekend and stay warm!!