Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Holiday GLADE Products at KMart + Rebate=Moneymaker this Week!

Here's an idea if you buy Glade candle/scented oil products and your KMart is doubling coupons this week.

I haven't seen anyone else mention this yet, so either give Don't Read This;It's Boring! Blog credit or link back to this page to spread the word.

KMart is running a promotion until 12/24/09. 
Buy select HOLIDAY SC Johnson items(Holiday Saran/Ziploc or Glade items).
*Spend $10-$14.99 & receive a $2.00 OYNO coupon
*Spend $15-$19.99 & receive a $3 OYNO coupon
*Spend $20 or more & receive a $5 OYNO coupon
The OYNO coupon is good for 2 weeks from purchase date.

There was a Glade coupon in the sunday's paper a few weeks ago-$2 off 2 Glade scented oil candles.
KMart has the Glade refill packs(pictured above) on sale this week for 2 for $5.
And if your store doubles coupons this week, buy two packs and pay $1.00 out of pocket for both.
$5-$2/2 coupon doubled to $4=$1.00
Use 2 coupons and buy 4 refill packs and pay $2.00.
Remember....make sure you buy 4 HOLIDAY SCENT Packs! 
Your total before coupons will be $10.  When you pay your $2.00 cash at the register, a $2 OYNO coupon will generate, making these candle refills FREE(after tax that is).

Then send for this SC Johnson Rebate HERE.  Buy 3 SC Johnson items and get $5 back.
Click on that page where it says to download your rebate form.

Your FREE Glade just became a $5 MONEYMAKER!
And the best part is you can send for this rebate up to 3 times per address/household. Each rebate must be mailed separately.  And this offer is good until 7/30/10.

Nice smelly stuff for MORE Than FREE...Woohoo!!!


Attention Rite-Aid Shoppers! About the AVEENO SCR #5.....

My receipts went through for my Rite-Aid purchases on Sunday and it looks like the AVEENO SHAVE GEL does NOT qualify for the Aveeno #5 Offer in the October Single Check Rebate Program.

I have sent off an inquiry to Rite-Aid Rebates on this matter.
This truly pisses me off.

First off, the big glossy Rebate Booklet does NOT state anywhere in it that this product is excluded from the #5 Offer.   Both online and in the printed literature it states that the valid items are....
"Aveeno Skincare or Haircare Products".
The last time I looked a man's beard was part of his SKIN and located on his FACE!  Now look at the photo above of the product....where it says THERAPEUTIC.....and then it says SMOOTHS DRY, SENSITIVE SKIN!!??!!
It's a shaving aid but Aveeno also touts this product as a SKINCARE item with that kind of wording!  I man isn't going to slather on skin cream on his face(a large part of which is beard area), he's going to slather on shave gel with skincare properties.

In addition, the Rite-Aid store were I purchased this AVEENO SHAVE GEL has the AVEENO #5 REBATE Shelf Tag attached right under this product.  Gee, the store is TELLING ME that this Shave Gel item qualifies for the Rebate!  Are they LYING to me?  Isn't that FALSE ADVERTISING RITE-AID?!?!
So I popped into a different Rite-Aid location this morning and guess what?.....That store had the AVEENO REBATE shelf tag up under the AVEENO SHAVE GEL also!

Rite-Aid Corporate and the Local Stores really need to get their Sh......aving Cream together!

If you need to contact Rite-Aid's SCR Program because of this problem as well, try emailing them at or go HERE and fill out the form.
I'll let ya'll know what happens but I am expecting a canned response and NO SATISFACTION.
Just call me one of the Rolling Stones today.....

I hear a Beef Bourguignon calling my name!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Almost Time for the End of Month Totals....

I was just sitting and doing some monthly calculations while my macaroni cooked for the homemade Mac & Cheese I am making tonight.
With 1.5 days left in September it looks like I'm going to have both good and bad results.  My monthly food & toiletries budget will be under my $250 mark but my $60K $AVING$ Challenge will dip into the negative for September.
September is turning out to be another bad month for squirreling cash away. Haven't had a negative savings month since February.  And this month's number will blow that Feb. negative total out of the water!

I'll try not to stick my head in the oven with the Mac & Cheese over this.
Oh wait....we don't have a gas oven so that won't work anyway.

I guess I'll live to try to save again in October.


Beginning Walgreen's Scenario...Under $5 OOP, Get $5RRs + 4 Products

If you are starting from $0 in RRs this week at Walgreens, use this Scenario to get started.
In the end of it, you will be OOP $4.53(+any applicable tax)& have $5(a $2RR & a $3RR) in RegisterRewards to spend.

*Step One
Buy 1 Hall's Throat Drops on sale $1.00
Use the .75/1 Q from sunday's paper.
Pay $.25.
Receive a $1RR(Hall's is a Cadbury/Ames company.)

*Step Two
Buy 1 Herbal Essences Shampoo on sale $2.99.
Use the $1/1 Q from sunday's paper(a few weeks ago).
Buy a small filler item.(I use Ramen Noodles for .29¢ unless something else is cheaper.)
Pay with your $1RR(Cadbury/Ames)& $1.28 cash Out Of Pocket.
Receive a $2RR(Herbal Essence is a P&G company.).

*Step Three
Buy an Oral B Toothbrush on sale $3.00. (If you have a coupon for this item, less OOP for you!)
Pay $3 cash Out of Pocket.(If you use your $2RR from the Herbal Essence, the Catalina won't generate a new RR for your Toothbrush because Oral B is also a P&G company. BE CAREFUL!)
Receive a $3RR(Oral B is a P&G company.).

You are now Out of Pocket $4.53+any applicable tax.
You have $5 in RRs($2&$3).
You have 3 products & 1 Ramen Noodles(or other filler item).

**Now you can take that $5 in RRs and do the Scenario I have listed HERE. The only addition you will have to make to that Scenario is in Step One, add a 2nd pack of Ramen Noodles or small filler item.
(You must have 1 item for each coupon you use. You can't use more coupons than the number of items in your order.  RRs count as a coupon. Since you will be using 2 RRs to pay instead of 1 RR, you need an extra item in your order.)  This will raise your total Out of Pocket for that Scenario from $1.30 to $1.59+ any applicable tax.


Walgreen's Scenario for Week of 9/27/09...$1.30OOP & $11RRs

I have worked up a Walgreen's scenario for those of us who have expiring $5RRs from buying the TRIAMINIC products a couple of weeks ago.  You remember....the Triaminic Nighttime that was spitting out 2 $5RRs WYB 2.  One of those RRs was a Novartis Catalina so you have to avoid paying for any THERAFLU that generates a RR this week with those $5RRs.
Here's the deal I've worked out....
In the end for each $5RR used, you will have $11 in RRs, be OOP approx. $1.30(plus tax) & have 7 products and 2 fillers.

If you aren't starting with that $5RR then you have to do some other scenarios to get to where you have a $5RR.  You can use this one I've worked out HERE.

SCENARIO-starting with a $5RR

*Step One
Buy 1 Vaseline Sheer Lotion for $6.99.
Use an IP Q for $1.50/1.
Buy 1 Hall's Drops for $1.00.
Use .75/1 Q from sunday's paper.
Buy a small filler.(I use a pack of Ramen for .29¢ or something on clearance if it's under that price.).
Pay with your $5RR(Novartis)& $1.03OOP+tax.
Receive a $7RR(Vaseline is a Unilever company)& a $1RR(Hall's is a Cadbury/Ames company)=$8RRs.

*Step Two
Buy 1 Gillette Razor for $8.99.
Use the $4/1 Q from sunday's paper.
Buy 1 Herbal Essences Shampoo for $2.99.
Use $1/1 HE Q from the sunday paper(a few weeks back). Buy a small filler.(IE; Ramen noodles for .29¢).
Pay with your $7RR(Unilever)+.27¢OOP&tax.
Receive a $6RR(Gillette is a P&G company)& a $2RR(Herbal Essences is a P&G company)=$8Rrs.
Carryover your $1RR(Cadbury).
$9RRs total.

*Step Three
Buy 3 Theraflu for $12.00($4ea.).
Use the $2/1 Q from the Walgreen's Health Booklet of Qs-1 Q will take off $2 on each box.
Pay with your $6RR(Gillette/P&G)+any applicable tax.
Receive an $8RR(Theraflu is a Novartis company).
Carryover your $1RR(Cadbury), $2RR(HerbalE/P&G).
$11RRs total.

In the End....
You have $11RRs-an increase of $6RRs from where you started.
You are OOP approx. $1.30+tax.
You have 7 products+2 Ramen noodles or other fillers.

What Walgreen's Scenario have you worked out for this week?


Monday, September 28, 2009

KMart and that Lovely Sound at the Register--Double Coupons this Week!

So, after last week and the on-again/off-again situation with KMart having a Doubled Coupons Week Event this week, I didn't know what to expect when I went into my local store on Sunday.
I went armed with my coupons and thought I'd test the waters by purchasing $25 reg. retail of items I was going to buy anyway.

Once in the store, I noticed there were no signs, nor did the local weekly sales ad note that they were holding a Doubled Coupons Week.  I was going to ask at the CS desk if they were doubling coupons but there was a line 10 deep already of folks with pressing return issues.  By the time I would have gotten to the front of that line I could have checked-out already and have been halfway home!
Hhhmmmm, what to do what to do.....

So I just went and put some things in my cart and headed to the register.  Some of the coupons I wanted to use up anyway and I figured the worst case scenario IF the coupons didn't double, I'd be out of pocket $11 so half of what the retail was on the items.

Put the items on the counter & handed the coupons to the cashier.  The 1st two coupons didn't double(as they made the items free not doubled) and then lucky #3 coupon did that lovely multiplying thang....yes baby!!
I looked at the cashier and said-all innocent like, "Oh, are the coupons doubling this week?  I hadn't heard anything about that!"(Well, I hadn't heard anything about doubling this week from KMart, right?)
The cashier said that yes, nobody in the store knew that morning but she had a customer use coupons and they all started doubling.  That's how the store staff found out.lolol

So here's Transaction #1...

Transaction #1

3 x Hartz Dog Biscuits $3.99 on sale $3.59=$10.77
4 x Pure Protein Bars $1.79=$7.16
2 x Hormel No Beans Chili $1.99 on sale $1.00=$2.00
2 x Lifesavers Candy $1.69 on sale $1.67(lol)=$3.34
2 x Chef Michael dog food $.99 on sale $.89=$1.78
1 x Kraft Salad Dressing $1.99 clearanced $.69=$.69 **This bottle was expiring soon.**
SubTotal  $25.74

Coupons Used
3 x Hartz Dog Biscuits $2/1 doubled/adjusted down=$10.77
4 x Pure Protein Bars BOGO(under $2ea. so all free)=$7.16
2 x Hormel No Beans Chili $1/1 (no need to double)=$2.00
2 x Lifesavers Candy $1/1 doubled/adjusted down=$3.34
2 x Chef Michael dog food BOGO(under $2ea. so all free)=$1.78
SubTotal  $25.05

$25.74-$25.05=$.69+.42 tax=$1.11OOP

$30.88 regular retail value for $1.11w/tax.

FYI-Be on the look out for a price drop on the Hormel Chili.  Some of the cans have $1/1 coupons on the lids too.

So I went back to do a full $50 shop so I could use a $5 off $50 KMart Q.  Here's what I bought...

Transaction #2

4 x Hartz Dog Biscuits $3.99 on sale $3.59=$14.36
6 x Pure Protein Bars $1.79=$10.74
6 x Hormel No Beans Chili $1.99 on sale $1.00=$6.00
2 x Dove Deodorant $3.99=$7.98
1 x Visine Allergy $3.99=$3.99
2 x Oreo Cakesters $3.29 on sale $2.50=$5.00
1 x Duracell Batteries $6.99 on sale $6.00=$6.00
SubTotal  $54.07

Coupons Used
1 x KMart $5 off $50 Purchase Q=$5.00
4 x Hartz Dog Biscuits $2/1 doubled/adjusted down=$14.36
6 x Pure Protein Bars BOGO(under $2ea. so all free)=$10.74
6 x Hormel No Beans Chili $1/1(no need to double)=$6.00
2 x Dove Deodorant $2/1 doubled/adjusted down=$7.98
1 x Visine Allergy $2/1 doubled/adjusted down=$3.99
1 x Oreo Cakesters $1/1 doubled=$2.00
1 x Duracell Batteries $2/1 doubled=$4.00

SubTotal  $54.07


$64.24 of regular retail value for $.81, just tax!  I paid ZERO for the actual merchandise. 8-))

Day 1 OOP total=$1.92
Day 1 merchandise total=$95.12

Oh Mr. Bluelight!  You have worked your way into the cockles of my heart again.

So, have you headed over to KMart yet this week to see if your store is doubling coupons?


Meal Plan Monday.....September 28th Edition....Throwing it Together

Last Week's Menu Post Mortum...

The last 3 meals of the week never happened.  After School activities & work commitments trumped cooking, so it was leftovers or grilled cheese sammies 2 nights instead of newly cooked meals. Sunday night we actually went out to eat for the first time in a long while for some Chinese food.  I won't be putting the dinners from last week we didn't have on this week's menu.  I have different plans for the Steak(see Wednesday below) and the other meals will go back into the Menu Pool.
I have had a hard time throwing this together(it's after 4pm on Monday already while I'm scrambling to whip this post & menu into shape).

Here's what I will be serving our family of 4 this Week....

MONDAY--Beef & Chicken Tacos(freezer/stockpile), Corn(freezer)
TUESDAY--Homemade Macaroni & Cheese(stockpile/freezer), Sauteed Swiss Chard(garden)
WEDNESDAY--Beef Bourguignon (freezer)Yes, I will be cooking all day!lol
THURSDAY--Salmon in Ginger Teriyaki Sauce(freezer), Crabcakes(freezer), Rice(stockpile), Squash Casserole(garden)
FRIDAY--Rigatoni w/Pasta Sauce(stockpile), Tossed Salad w/Vinaigrette Dressing & Gorgonzola Cheese
SUNDAY--Breakfast For Dinner-Corned Beef Hash(stockpile), Eggs(fridge), Biscuits(fridge)

Last week I spent a Whopping $123.35 in 3 trips to the grocery store! A lot of that was stock-ups on beef, sausage/kielbasa, chicken, olive oil & pasta noodles, not actual needs for the weekly menu.
This week's shopping list is a bit more than last week's actual list(without the stocking-up).  The main items are mushrooms, carrots, bread, eggs & gorgonzola cheese. $16 should cover the menu needs for the week.

Food Waste Report....a few cucumbers went bad and went directly into the compost pile.  Next year I need to plant less cukes or find a pickle recipe my family will

I'll be posting the recipe for the Beef Bourguignon sometime after I make it on Wednesday.  Check back to see how well I stuck to the recipe, what changes I made and how it turned out.

Check out ORGANIZING JUNKIE to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week!


Sunday at Rite-Aid Shakin' my Moneymaker!

This is a first!
It's Sunday & I have completed my shopping at Rite-Aid for the week already.

Lots of great Freebie Deals(the ones with full price Single Check Rebates)& also some are Moneymakers if you have coupons to use too!

I printed 2 $5 off $25 purchase IP coupons and headed to the store....things didn't go exactly as planned but I had back-up options too.

Here are the SCR Deals I am working this week....

Gillette Razor 86# $5.00 rebate.
Crest w/Scope Toothpaste #127 $2.69 rebate.
Oral B Advantage Artica Toothbrush #120 $2.69 rebate.
Aveeno Products #5  Buy 4, Get $7.00 rebate.
ProFoot assorted products  #6  Buy 3, Get $10.00 rebate.
Nivea Lip product #85  $2.00 rebate.
Single Check Rebates of $29.38.

Now the shopping....

Transaction #1

1 x Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $9.99 on sale $9.00
1 x Crest with Scope Toothpaste $3.79 on sale $2.69
1 x Oral B Advantage "Artica" $3.69 Toothbrush on sale $2.69
1 x Synovium Pain Relief Gel(Profoot) $7.99 on sale $5.00
2 x Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion(small tube) $3.49 on sale $2.79=$5.58
1 x Crest PM Night Rinse $4.29 on clearance 75%off $1.07
SubTotal  $26.03

Coupons Used
1 x $5/25 Rite-Aid Q=$5.00
1 x Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $4/1 from 9/27 paper=$4.00
1 x Crest with Scope Toothpaste $1/1 from Aug. paper=$1.00
1 x Oral B Advantage "Artica" $1/1 from 9/27 paper=$1.00
1 x Synovium Pain Relief Gel $2/1 IP Q=$2.00
2 x Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion $2/1 IP Q=$4.00
1 x Crest Pro-Health Rinse $1/1 from Aug. paper=$1.00
1 x Aveeno $3/1 Facial Rite-Aid AdPerks Q=$3.00
SubTotal  $21.00


**I had a second Aveeno $3 AdPerks Q but evidently I didn't give it to the cashier, so my total would have been $3 lower.  And I was sure the Q would beep because the items were less than $3 and I used a $2/1 Q AND that $3 AdPerks one, but no beeps!

Then I stopped back on my way home from Kmart and did....

Transaction #2

1 x Nivea Lip Creme $3.99 on sale $2.99
1 x Heel Cream Rescue Lotion(Profoot) $7.99 on sale $5.00
1 x Synovium Pain Relief Gel(Profoot) $7.99 on sale $5.00
2 x Aveeno Men's Shaving Gel $4.99  on sale $3.99=$7.98
1 x Rite-Aid Shopping Bag $.99
1 x Water Bottle $.99
1 x Lavoris Cinnamon Mouth Rinse $3.99 on clearance 75%off=$.99
4 x Mighty Dog canned Food $.99 on clearnace 50%off .49¢=$1.96
1 x Newspaper  $1.50 *Not Pictured*
SubTotal  $27.40

Coupons Used
1 x $5/25 Rite-Aid IP Q=$5.00
1 x Nivea Lip Creme $1/1 from Aug. paper=$1.00
1 x Heel Cream Rescue Lotion $1/1 Hangtag Q on item=$1.00
1 x Synovium Pain Relief Gel $2/1 IP Q=$2.00
2 x Aveeno Men's Shaving Gel $1/1 9/27 insert Q=$2.00
2 x Aveeno  $3/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Q=$6.00
1 x Rite-Aid Shopping Bag FREE ITEM Q=$.99(from Oral Care Booklet Offer)
1 x Water Bottle FREE ITEM Q=$.99(from Oral Care Booklet Offer)
SubTotal  $18.98

$27.40-$18.98= $8.42+.54¢tax=$8.96OOP

Minus Rebates of $29.38=$15.17 Moneymaker!
I get all this stuff(over $69 of regular retail) AND Rite-Aid is going to PAY ME $15.17 to take it.
That's crazy!

I like crazy.....

I had planned to get 2 Tylenol 8 Hr.(24 ct. on sale BOGO-$4.99 this week)in the second transaction to get me to the $25 threshold.  With 2 $2/1 Qs, 2 bottles would have cost me .99¢ OOP.  Instead I had to substitute a newspaper(would have bought that anyway), and the clearance mouth rinse & dog food.  I could have done $2 less but I forgot my calculator and didn't want to chance being under $25 total.

The key to such a large MM this week was finding the smaller/less expensive Aveeno products and using the $3/1 AdPerks AND the Manu. Qs on each product.  If I hadn't forgotten the 1 Q on the first transaction, I would have over a $18 MM instead.  Oh well....nobody is

My trip to KMart on Sunday will have to wait until next time. ;-)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rite-Aid 9/20-9/26 Finishing the Week's Transactions

I decided to do the Single Check Rebate Deal for the Nexxus products, so headed to Rite-Aid to do 2 Transactions.

Transaction #1
1 x Nexxus Dualiste Shampoo  $12.99
1 x Nexxus Shampoo  $5.99
2 x Rite-Aid Centra-Vite Vitamins $7.99 on sale BOGO=$7.99
Subtotal  $26.97

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $25 Rite-Aid purchase=$5.00
1 x $4/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Nexxus Dualiste Product=$4.00
1 x $3/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Nexxus Product =$3.00
1 x Rite-Aid Centr-Vite Vitamins FREE ITEM coupon=$7.99(from Oral Care Booklet Deal)
Coupons Total   $19.99


Then I did....

Transaction #2
1 x Nexxus Dualiste Shampoo  $12.99
1 x Nexxus Shampoo  $9.99
1 x Sugar-free Trident Gum pack  $1.29
1 x Rite-Aid Shopping Bag  $.99
Subtotal  $25.26

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $25 Rite-Aid purchase=$5.00
1 x $4/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Nexxus Dualiste Product=$4.00
1 x $3/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Nexxus Product =$3.00
1 x Rite-Aid Shopping Bag FREE ITEM coupon=$.99(from Oral Care Booklet Deal)
1 x Trident Gum FREE ITEM coupon=$1.49(from Oral Care Booklet Deal) Rang up .30 over retail when scanned
Coupons Total   $14.48


OOP total....$19.44(including tax)
#8 SCRebate qualified for....4 x $5WYB $10 Nexxus=$20 Check

Making all these items FREE plus a $.56 Moneymaker

Plus the $52.23 spent before coupons qualifies for the Gift of Savings Certificate.  I'll put these 2 receipts through under BIL's name and that will bring his total over the $100 mark, so that's a $20 Certificate too.

I'll update on Sunday my September monthly Rite-Aid spending/rebates total.


Shop-Rite Shopping 9/25/09....Free Shampoo & Facial Tissue + MORE

Shop-Rite had a great price on Ground Beef and Boneless Pork Chops this week so it was worth it for me to take the drive there.  They also had DeCecco Orricchette Pasta on sale for 3/$5.00.  Orricchette is very hard to find locally and it's quite pricey if you can find it or if you buy it online.  And there is NOTHING that goes with a Rustic Pork Ragu better than Orricchette. ;-)

Add in that they also had a Catalina Deal....Buy 2 Herbal Essence Shampoo &/or Conditioner for $2.49 ea. in one transaction and get a $3 OYNO Catalina Coupon.  Pair this with $1/1 Herbal Essence Coupons from the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago and after the first $3.00 spent, you roll the Catalina & 2 Coupons each transaction into a pile of FREE SHAMPOO!

Because of the Catalina Promo, I had to do lots of little transactions(I did 4 to get 6 free bottles of 'poo) but I've grouped it all into one for this post.  Except for the Cantaloupes, my refrigerated items aren't pictured.

8 x Herbal Essences Shampoo $2.99 on sale @$2.49=$19.92
2 x Barilla Tortellini $3.49 on sale @ $2.50=$5.00
4 x Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.49 on sale @.88=$3.52
3 x DeCecco Orrichette Pasta $1.99 on sale 3/$5=$5.00
2 x Pompeian Olive Oil $11.98 on sale @$5.99=$11.98
2 x Cantaloupe on sale @$.99=$1.98
1 x Chef Michael dog food @.99=$.99
2 x Skintimate Shave Cream @$1.49=$2.98
1 x Quattro Razor Cartridges $10.99 on sale @$5.49=$5.49
4 x Small Steps Facial Tissue $1.49 on sale @$.99=$3.97
1 x Shredded Wheat Cereal $1.79 on sale @.99=$.99
8 x Grands Biscuit Rolls $1.79 on sale @$1.24=$9.92  NOT PICTURED
4 x SR Cream Cheese $1.29 on sale @$.97=$3.88  NOT PICTURED
10.1 lbs. Ground Beef $1.99 on sale @$1.69=$17.07  NOT PICTURED
10 Boneless Pork Chops $7.35 on sale=$5.17  NOT PICTURED
1 x Smithfield Bacon $3.49 on sale=$2.50  NOT PICTURED
Regular Prices SubTotal     $141.88
After Sale Prices SubTotal   $100.36

Coupons Used
8 x $1/1 Essences Shampoo=$8.00
3 x $3.00 OYNO Qs=$9.00
2 x $1/1 Barilla Tortellini=$2.00
2 x $1/2 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta=$2.00
2 x $1/1 Pompeian Olive Oil IP=$2.00
1 x FREE Chef Michael =$.99
2 x $1/1 Skintimate Shave Cream=$2.00
1 x $4/1 Quattro Razor Cartridges=$4.00
4 x $1/1 Small Steps Item=$4.00
1 x .75¢/1 Shoprite Cat Q-Any Cereal=$.75
4 x $1/2 Grands Biscuit Rolls=$4.00

1 x $3/1 Smithfield Bacon IP=$2.50 (Adjusted down to $2.50)
Coupons Total   $41.24


$141.88 worth of food/toiletries for $61.13 is a Savings of 57%!
Plus I have a $3 OYNO Cat Coupon to spend next time.

I hadn't planned on buying any cereal but when the .75/1 Catalina Q popped out on the 1st transaction, I had to get a box of one of the cereals on sale for .99¢.  After the coupon the cereal cost me .24¢.
Free dog food, tissues, bacon, 6 free shampoo. 38¢ a box pasta and 1/2 price olive oil make me smile.
How about you?

Check out Money Saving Mom Super Saturday Savings to see what Great Deals other folks got this week too!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Fall!

Well I'm a little late wishing everyone a Happy Autumn.  Sorry about that.

Here are some photos I took last Fall of some trees in my yard.  I took them to use for studies for some paintings I wanted  to create.  Yes, my friends, I am an artist, a painter among other things....or use to be one.   Let me say that I am a much better painter than photographer!LOL

I just love the colors of Fall.  They invigorate me!  I can't wait until the trees are in their glory again this year.

Enjoy the photos!


Rite-Aid 9/20 thru 9/26 Deals What I Bought on Thursday.....

Finishing off the Diaper Deal....

2 x Huggies Diapers @$11=$22.00
2 x Wheat Thins on sale @.99¢=$1.98
1 x Water Bottle=.99¢
1 x Trident Sugar-Free=$1.29
Subtotal  $26.26

Coupons Used
1 x $5/$25 Rite-Aid Q=$5.00
2 x $2/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Q=$4.00
1 x $3/1 Huggies Q=$3.00
1 x $2/1 Huggies Q=$2.00
1 x FREE Water Bottle Q=.99¢(From Oral Care Booklet Offer)
1 x FREE Trident Q=$1.49(From Oral Care Booklet Offer)
Coupons Total  $16.48


$7.08 on Gift Card=$2.70OOP

I had 2 Wheat Thins IP Qs to use but they were for $1/1.  They beeped as the Wheat Thins were on sale for 99¢.  The cashier told me I couldn't use the Qs because they were for the big size boxes.
Um, NO!  The Qs had NO size limit on them.  She either didn't want to or didn't know or know how to adjust the Qs down manually.  This was at a Rite-Aid distant from my town that I had never been in before.
After I accessed the situation, I decided that it was a case of what Glenn Beck would call, "Arguing with Idiots", so I just didn't push it further and took my 2 Qs back.  My OOP would have been less than $1 but hey....some times it's worth your sanity & stress levels to just pay the $2 extra and get on with your life.  ;-))

So I'm OOP for the 2 Diaper Deal Transactions $2.80.  I'll be getting back $10(SCR#4),$6.99(SCR#23)& $1.00(SCR#90)=$17.99.

Total OOP for the month so far...$2.80
Total SCRebates due for the month so far...$33.99
Total Gift of Savings Certificate earned so far...$15.00($9.12 more to spend for the $20 Cert.)
Total CareGiver's Rebate due for 3 Diapers....$2.25
$51.24 gain-$2.80 loss=$48.44 PROFIT
Plus I have 3 jumbo packs of diapers to sell, so at least another $15 potential Profit!

I am considering purchasing $40 worth of Nexus products by Saturday night and submitting for the rebate under my BIL account.  Buy $10 in Nexus and you get SCRebate for $5.  You can do this rebate 4 times.  $40 of Nexxus=$20 Rebate.
Even though I don't have any Nexxus Qs, there are 2 RiteAid AdPerk Qs(a $3 & a $4 one).  Buy 4 products totally at least $40 in 2 transactions, use 2 of each AdPerks Qs($14), 2 Rite-Aid $5/25 Qs($10)and use some of the FREE ITEM Qs from my Oral Care Booklet to get my 2 transactions to $25 ea.
$50-approx.$36in Qs=approx. $14OOP with $20 Nexxus Rebates=$6Moneymaker?
I'll run the numbers on this deal some more  & see if it's worth doing.

I am so lovin' me some Rite-Aid this month!!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rite-Aid 9/20 thru 9/26 Deals What I Bought Today...

Here's my First Transaction for the week....

1 x Huggies Jumbo Pack of Diapers  on sale $11.00
1 x Proantinox  on sale $6.99
2 x Centra Vite Rite-Aid Vitamins on sale BOGO $7.99
2 x Reese's PB Cups @ 88¢=$1.76
SubTotal  $27.74

Coupons Used
1 x $5/$25 Purchase Rite-Aid Q=$5.00
1 x $3/1 Huggies IP Q=$3.00
1 x $2/1 Rite-Aid AdPerks Q=$2.00
1 x $3/1 Proantinox Rite-Aid AdPerks Q=$3.00
1 x FREE ITEM Rite-Aid Centra Vite Vitamins(from Oral Care Coupon Booklet SCR Offer)=$7.99
1 x BOGO Reese's PB Cups=$.88(was suppose to be a limit of .79 but the cashier rang up for .88 off)
Coupons Total  $21.87
No tax
$5.77 put on Gift Card=.10¢OOP

I'll get $6.99 for the Proantinox SCR Offer #23 and I have a start on the $10 rebate for SCR Offer #4 Huggies.  I just need to buy 2 more packs of diapers.
And I have spent $69.61 that qualifies for the Gift of Savings Program, so I have earned a $10 certificate and am halfway to the $15 one.  After my next transaction, I'll have less than $4 to spend to qualify for the $20 Gift of Savings Certificate, with about 3 weeks left to get to that $100 mark.

Everything went off without a hitch, except I picked up the DARK CHOCOLATE Reese's Cups.  Those I find out later aren't on sale BOGO, just the regular Reese's cups.....darnit!lol
It made my total .88¢ higher.
Gosh.....I don't know if I can handle

Transaction #2 for the week coming up tomorrow.
Stay tuned to this Bat Channel....


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

While You are in Rite-Aid this Week, Don't Forget Your Oral Care Coupons!

If you did the Rite-Aid Oral Care SCR Deal this summer, you will have received or will be receiving this booklet of coupons in the mail.

There are 4 coupons inside for FREE items.  Among those FREEBIE Coupons is this one....

This is good for a FREE Bottle of Rite-Aid brand Vitamins(130 count size).
If you have this coupon already, be sure to take it in THIS WEEK to your local Rite-Aid.
This week this size bottle of this Vitamin is on sale for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, so you'll get TWO FREE BOTTLES!!
Seriously, who can't use a couple of free bottles of a MultiVitamin?  If you can't I'm sure you can find someone who can....and if you can't, send them to ME!LOLOL

Oh, and a heads up on the Diaper/Pull-Ups Scenario I was going to do.  I got into the store tonight and realized after looking at the diapers/pull-ups that the size packages that qualify for the $2 SCRebate are NOT the same size packages that qualify for the Buy 3, Get $10 Back SCR deal....meaning there is NO Double Dip on the Diapers/Pull-Ups Deals.  I'd pass on the $2 SCR Deal in this case but still do the $10 SCR Deal if you have all the $5off$20 or $25 Purchase, the $2 off Huggies AdPerks Rite-Aid coupons and the IP $3 or $2 Huggies coupons.  You'll come out paying very little OOP after the $10 SCR plus your whole $33 purchase(before coupons are applied)counts toward the Gift of Savings Deal that goes a few more weeks.  If you purchase nothing but the 3 packs of diapers, you'll still qualify for an additional $5 Rebate through that GOS program.

And another thing....some blogs are hawking scenarios that involve buying Finish Dishwashing Gel/Tabs/Powder this week on sale for $2.99, use a coupon and qualify for a $1.50 SCR.  In this part of the world, the Finish is NOT on sale for $2.99, but the Cascade is.  Cascade however, does NOT qualify for a SCR deal so it is no longer part of my deal scenario.
I'll post what I ended up doing at Rite-Aid this week tomorrow, after I finish up my purchases for the week.


Weis to Get Some Freebies Before The Sale Ends Tonight

A quickie trip to Weis tonight to use some coupons before the sale ends this evening.
I broke it into 2 transactions.  Weis only doubles up to $1.00 on 4 of the same coupon.  I had 8 .50¢/1 coupons so I had to use 4 in each transaction.

2 x Chef Michaels @$3.99
On sale for $3.50=$7.00
8 x Barilla Piccollini Pasta @$1.50
On sale for $1.00=$8.00
8 x Barilla Whole Grain Pasta @$1.69
On sale for $1.00=$8.00
2 x Helavu Good Cheese @$2.89
On sale for $2.00=$4.00
3 x Smithfield Smoke Sausage @$3.99
On clearance for $1.99=$5.97
1 x 2% Milk Gallon=$2.95 **not pictured**
1 x Weis brand Applesauce cups=$1.67
2 x Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat @$4.49
On sale for $2.50=$5.00
2 x Package of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast(12lbs.)@$2.49lb.
On sale BOGO=$16.14(for 1 package)Free pkg. $14.04

SubTotal before Sales  $95.03
SubTotal after Sale prices   $58.73

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Chef Michael=$6.00
8 x .50/1 Barilla Piccollini doubled=$8.00
4 x $1/2 Barilla Whole Grain=$4.00
1 x $1/2 Helavu Good Cheese=$1.00
3 x .55/1 Smithfield Sausage doubled to $1=$3.00
2 x .55/1 Hillshire Farms doubled to $1=$2.00
2 x Weis $3 off Meat Instant Coupon=$6.00
Coupons Total   $30.00

$58.73+.42 tax=$59.15-$30=$29.15
Used  a $10 Weis/P&G Green Offer Rebate Check.
Just under 80% Savings!

I also had coupons for the Sun Crystals that would make them free but they were out of that size, so I got a raincheck.
The dog food cost me .50 a bag, the whole grain pasta cost .50 a box, the Smithfield sausage cost $1 a lb. and all 8 boxes of the Piccollini pasta were Free!
The BEST DEAL though was all that chicken breast--12lbs. total.  1 package was free(BOGO Deal)AND then each package had a $3 off instant store coupon, making the $16.14 package $10.14.  In the end, I got all 12lbs. for .84 & 1/2 cents a lb!  I have NEVER seen skinless/boneless chicken breast around here for that low.  I divided it up and have 6 chicken meals to pack into the freezer for later.
And that P&G Green Rebate check showed up today, just in time to let me get all these items for very cheap.

I'll be hitting Shop-Rite tomorrow if the weather isn't too dreadful here to restock my freezer with Ground Beef, as they have it at a great price this week.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meal Plan Monday....Sept. 21st Edition....Using up Stuff

Last Week's Menu Post Mortum......

Instead of buying Kielbasa, I had Italian Sausages Links in the freezer so we had those.  Polished off some more leftovers so we didn't have the Turkey Sloppy Joes or the homemade Corn Chowder.  Both will rollover into this week's menu.
I still have a fair amount of bread products from the Entenmann's Outlet buy on 9/13, so I'll be incorporating those to use it up.

Here's what I will be serving our family of 4 this Week...

MONDAY--Spaghetti & Meatballs(homemade meatballs), Salad
TUESDAY--Turkey Sloppy Joe's on Rolls(freezer/stockpile/pantry),fresh local Corn on the Cob
WEDNESDAY--Alfredo Noodles(stockpile)w/Chicken(freezer),Swiss Chard(garden)
THURSDAY--English Muffin Pizzas(use some bread up), Salad
FRIDAY--Macaroni & Cheese(homemade), steamed Broccoli
SATURDAY--Tuna fish Sub Sandwiches, homemade Clam & Corn Chowder
SUNDAY--Steak on the Grill, Squash Casserole(garden), HashBrowns on the Grill(homemade)
Dessert--Zucchini Bread(garden), Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Last week I spent $21.20 on food & pet food. 
This week's shopping list is light again..fresh corn, broccoli, salad greens, apples, milk, lunchmeat/cheese.  Maybe some more fruit. I'll probably spend more than last week since I'll be stocking up on a couple of items this week.

Food Waste Report....I ended up feeding some leftovers to the dogs.  I did have to throw out a piece of cheese this week that turned the corner to mostly mold.  Not happy about that but I wasn't about to eat

Check out Organizing Junkie's Website Here to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week!


Monday, September 21, 2009

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Today at Weis Markets

I had 2 more Chef Michael Qs to use before they expire today but I didn't feel like hauling to Target...too far, too crowded and our checkered history together factored in to my lack of  "Targeting" this Monday morning.

So, I dropped in at Weis instead.  They have the Chef Michael's 4.5lb. bags on sale for $3.50 until Wednesday.  That would make each bag .50¢ after Q.  Plus I needed a few other things like milk, fruit, lunchmeat for daughter, produce.
I wasn't in a rush so I took my time shopping and tried to find some good deals on the spot, as I had brought a few "might-do-me-some-good-at-Weis" Qs with me.
And boy, did I find some gems!
Here's what I got....

1 bag 4 fresh Egg Bagels  $2.35
1 1/2gal. skim milk   $1.44
1 bag lemons  $3.99
1 head lettuce  $1.69(this is the 1st lettuce I've bought in months thanks to our garden!)
2 bags salad greens @$3.49=$6.98
1.88lb. broccoli @$1.99lb=$3.74
5 ears local corn  $2.00
2 apples  $1.09
1 pkg. deli cheese $4.07
1 pkg. deli turkey  $4.44
1 Perdue Italian Bites chicken $4.99
3 Sun Crystals @$3.39=$10.17
4 1lb. Smithfield Smoke Sausage @$3.99=$15.96
1 Krispy Kraut sauerkraut pkg. $1.29(part of catalina deal)
4 Johnsonville Cheddar Brats @$4.99=$19.96(part of catalina deal)
1 Helavua Cheese block $2.49
Subtotal   $86.65

Coupons Used
2 bags salad greens BOGO Sale=$3.49
1.88lb. broccoli WEIS SALE=$2.09
1 pkg. deli turkey WEIS SALE=$.46
1 $2/1 Perdue Bites chicken=$2.00
3 x $1.40/1 Sun Crystals WEIS SALE=$4.20
3 x $2/1 Sun Crystals=$6.00
1 x Sauerkraut WEIS SALE=$.30
4 x Johnsonville Brats WEIS SALE on clearance $3 off=$12.00
4 x Smithfield Sausage WEIS SALE on clearance $2 off=$8.00
4 x .55/1 Smithfield Smoke Sausage doubled=$4.00
1 x Heluva Cheese WEIS SALE=$.49
1 x .55/1 Helavua Cheese  $.55

Coupon/Clearance/Sales Ad Total  $43.58

Just over a 50% Savings.
And that includes all that meat so this 50% off is pretty good in my book!

I had been wanting to pick up some Kielbasa/Smoked Sausage cheap for a few weeks now, so I had those Smithfield Qs with me.  My Weis just happened to have their Smithfield Smoked Sausage rings marked down to $1.99 a lb. package, so with my .55/1 Qs that doubled, I got each package for .99¢!
Weis only doubles up to 4 of the same Q so I'll have to go back tonight before they close with my other 3 .55/1 Qs and cross my fingers that they didn't sell all the $1.99 marked down Sausage.

The SUN CRYSTALS are on sale for $1.99 this week at WEIS.  There is a $2/1 Q in this past Sunday's coupon inserts so they are FREE after coupon.  The cashier scanned the Qs and they didn't adjust down .01 so you will get 1¢ overage on each box.

The BEST deal I got today was this.....

Weis has a Catalina Promo Deal going where if you buy $20 worth of certain items(tailgating items)you get a $7 OYNO Q.  Of course, the $20 refers to the REGULAR SHELF PRICE of the items, not the sale prices(if they happen to be on sale).  The Silver Floss fresh kraut I got and the Johnsonville Brats are on sale AND they qualify for this Cat Deal.  The Floss is reg. price of $1.29(on sale for .99) and the Brats are reg. price of $4.99(on sale for $2.99), so buy 4 Brats & a Kraut and you've hit the $20 threshold. I noticed that ALL the Cheddar Brats were marked down to $1.99 though in the meat case, as they are nearing the Sell By Date.
Now I KNEW from past experience at WEIS, that if I bought the marked down Brats, the register's computer would NOT recognize the Brats as qualifying for the Cat Deal because they slap on a NEW UPC on the marked down packages that the computer just reads as "meat", not as Johnsonville meat.
Thus, the register wouldn't generate an OYNO $7 Cat Q.

So I took a package and the ad with the Cat Deal in it to the CS counter, playing 'dumb' and inquired about whether I'd get my Cat Q if I bought these marked down Brats and other things equaling $20.
As I knew, they said no I wouldn't get a Cat Q so I pleaded my case that I ONLY want/eat the Cheddar Brats and ALL the Cheddar Brats are marked down so it's not FAIR that because I ONLY eat these type of Johnsonville Brats  that I can't get a Cat Q when I buy $20.  The manager was called over and I went throught this explanation again.  And you know what he did??

He ran(literally)back to the meat case, grabbed a non marked down J'ville Brats package, reprogrammed it in the computer to $1.99 and told the cashier to ring up this package 4 times(which would ring at $1.99 AND register as a J'ville purchase)but give me the 4 Cheddar Brat packages.
Cashier did and my $7 OYNO CAT Q spit out....YAY!!!
So I paid $8.95 for 4 J'ville Brat pkgs. and a pkg. of sauerkraut AND I got a $7 OYNO Cat.
$21.25 worth of food and a Q for $7 more food for $8.95.

Of course, I still had a problem with this transaction because of the Smithfield marked downs.  Since they had the 'generic meat' clearance UPC sticker on them, my Smithfield Qs wouldn't scan automatically and double to $1 off.  So the cashier had to manually put in each .55¢/1 Q for those.  She was new and didn't know how to double a manually put in Q, so I had to pay, then take 1 of the Qs and my receipt over to the CS desk and get a $1.80 refund for the doubled part of those 4 Qs.

And to top it all off......I Forgot the DOG FOOD!LOLOLOL
The one thing I came in for!

The Perdue Bites was suppose to be $2.99, not $4.99, so I have to go back tonight anyway for a price adjustment, so I'll have to do that, use the rest of my Sun Crystals Qs, get 3 more Smithfield Sausage for $.99 if still there and get the BLASTED Dog Food!lol
Or maybe I'll just not bother with the Perdue Bites because I can send for a rebate on that anyway.

What did you get a good deal on today?


Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Run to KMart and an Unexpected Good Deal

I had to run down to KMart for a lock for #2 son's locker at school.
I also have 2 $5 off food, consumables, beauty items coupons for KMart that expire in 3 days, so I took them to see what I could pick up in the food/consumables realm.

I brought my BOGO "Better than Ears" coupons from the Sunday inserts.  I figured I could pick up 4 packages(@$3.19ea.)for $1.77(with tax)OOP after using 2 BOGO Qs and my $5 off Q.
They were unfortunately out of BTEs packages....darn it!

But I found a better deal in the pet food aisle.
I brought my Chef Michael Qs along, as I was going to hit Target again this week AND I have Get a FREE bag of the 1.5lb. dry dog food q but I can't seem to find that size item on any store's shelves!  I thought I'd give KMart a try on that.
No 1.5lb. bags but here is what I did....


5 x 4.5lb. bag of Chef Michael Dry Dog Food @$3.99(cheaper than Target!)=$19.95
2 x Single can of Chef Michael Wet Dog Food@$.89(5 cents more than Target!)=$1.78
Subtotal  $21.73
Tax  $1.30

Coupons Used
5 x $3/1 Chef Michael Dry Dog Food bag=$15.00
1 x BOGO Chef Michael Dog Food can=$.89
1 x $5 off any Consumables at Kmart coupon=$5.00
Coupons Total  $20.89


All that dog food for $2.14 and $1.30 of that was tax.

Even better, the Single Cans were bonus 2 Can Packs, so for the price of 1 single can I got Four cans!
AND....under the flap on the packaging of each twin pack is a coupon for another FREE Can OR $1 off a bag of the dry food.

I can get 2 more twin can packs for FREE and then turn around and use the coupon under that packaging to buy 2 more until they run out of twin packs.

So grab your BOGO Chef Michael's single can Qs before they expire next week and go get some FREE canned dog food!!


Here's the Plan for next week at Rite-Aid....September 20th-26th


This is what I am planning for next week at Rite-Aid, September 20-26.

I'll do this in 2 transactions.

Before going to the store-

*Print out the following coupons from
1 x  Rite-Aid $5 off $25 purchase
3 x $2/1 Huggies Diapers(if you have access to 2 computers, if not, print out 2 and then find another Huggies coupon-peelie,in previous package,tearpad,etc. I have a $1/1 q from a Rite-Aid home mailer to use.)

*Go to the Rite-Aid site and view short videos on products to get coupons.  View/print-out the $3 Proantinox coupon, the $3 Clean & Clear coupon, 3 copies of the $2 Huggies coupon and the bonus $5 off $20 coupon.

*Clip these newspaper insert coupons:Finish .75¢, Reese's BOGO(or the .55¢off),Clean & Clear $1/1.
(If you haven't printed off the Clean & Clear q on their website, you can get a $2/1 q to use instead.)

Transaction #1

2 Huggies Diapers@$11=$22.00
1 Finish Dishwasher Powder@$2.99=$2.99
2 Reese's PB Cups@$.89(?)BOGO=$.89
Subtotal  $25.88

Hand over these Coupons....
$5/$25 coupon=$5
2x $2/1 Huggies coupons=$4
2x $2/1 Rite-Aid Huggies coupons=$4
1x .75¢ Finish coupon=.75¢
1x Reese's BOGO coupon=.89¢(or .55¢ q)
Coupons Total   $14.64

(If you use the .55¢Reese's q instead of the BOGO q, your OOP total will be .35¢ higher.)

 Transaction #2

1 Huggies Pull-Ups@$11=$11.00
1 Proantinox@$6.99=$6.99
1 Clean & Clear product@$4.50=$4.50

Subtotal  $22.49

Hand over these Coupons....
$5/$20 coupon=$5
1x $1/1 Huggies coupons=$1.00(Mine is $1, yours may be higher value)
1x $2/1 Rite-Aid Huggies coupons=$2.00
1x $3/1 Rite-Aid Proantinox coupon=$3.00
1x $1/1 Clean & Clear coupon=$1.00
1x $3/1 Rite-Aid Clean & Clear coupon=$3.00
Coupons Total   $15.00


GRAND TOTAL OOP this week....$18.73+tax

SCR Rebates you qualify for....
$6.99 Proantinox
$1.50 Finish
$10.00 Huggies
$2.00 Pullups

Rebate Total for this week.... $20.49

Plus I'll submit for a rebate through Caregiver's Marketplace for the Huggies products(3 x .75¢)for $2.25,  increasing my rebates by $22.74.

Spent $18.73, getting back $22.74.

Now this is one of those rare cases where I buy stuff purely to get more cash back(the diapers).

Yes, it's a fair amount of work(gathering coupons & shopping) for a $4.01 profit.

But even though I don't NEED diapers,  I now have 3 large packages of them to sell(at $5 a pkg. they should sell quickly).  That brings my profit to $19.01 and I've got all the rest of this stuff for free too!

Kind of makes it more worth the effort, huh? 8-))

And add these purchases of $48.37(before coupons) to my $25.92 purchase this week(so far) and I have 'spent' $74.29 toward a Gift Of Savings, so $5 more gives me a $10 Certificate.  Only $25.71 to go to the $20 Certificate. 

After tomorrow, I'll be $14.75 away from the $20 Certificate when I buy 3 more Johnson's & the Suave Lotion.  I plan on buying $16.68 worth of items the week of 9/27-10/3, which after coupons will cost me $7.68OOP and qualify me for not only the $20 Gift of Savings Certificate but $7.69 in October Single Check Rebates.

It's going to hard to breakdown spending vs. rebates for Sept. & Oct. separately as the Gift of Savings Certificate spans both the month's SCR periods.

Perhaps I'll have to wait and do a Two Month joint accounting of the Rite-Aid spending/rebates.

I don't know about you but even a geek like me is getting a headache from all this.lolol


Halfway Through the Month...So How's the Budget Doing?

We are officially halfway through September.....doesn't it seem like it's just flying??

I just went and added up my Food/Toiletries receipts for the month, as of Sept. 15th.  I've spent Out of Pocket a grand total of............

 And that includes 2 receipts for WAGS for August that got forgotten in a bag.

If you recall, I gave myself a ridiculously low budget for Sept. of $250.
Plus, I am expecting almost $200 in Rebates before Sept. is over to count against what is spent OOP.
2 Weeks left to go and I'd say my Budget is in REAL GOOD shape!
Even if I succumb and go Full Out Deal Hounding grocery shopping I should be ok. ;-)

So, how are YOU doing with your Food Budget this month?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to get a Desk Lamp for $1.97 & Other Shopping Deals Yesterday

So after reading about all the FREE DOG FOOD "I'm So Pretty I Fart Fairy Dust" has posted about, I got my rear end out of the house and went up to Target.

Target and I have some bad history together.  I'm not overly fond of the chain and my only local store hires cashiers and then doesn't train them well. 
I put all that aside(because of the visions of FREE DOG FOOD)and armed with my coupons and a copy of the coupon policy print-out I marched into Target yesterday morning.

Was happily picking products up, deposting them into my cart and putting the corresponding coupons into my pocket.
Palmolive Dish Soap @$1.49...check!
2 x Purell Sanitizer @$1.37....check!
Cinnabon Pastries @$2....check!
2 x Chef Michaels Dry Dog Food @$4.26....che.....hey!....WTH?
I had left an envie of coupons in the car, among them all the dog food coupons and the kashi coupons.
So, the dog food goes back on the shelf and I check out with my 4 other items.
 $6.23-$4 in coupons($1/1 for each item bought)=$2.23+.07¢ tax=$2.30OOP
Paid cash, forgetting to use my prepaid Visa from the Staples rebate-doh!- and out to the car for the rest of the coupons.

Back into the store--

more Palmolive Dish Soap @$1.49...check! ($1/1 Q)
more Purell Sanitizer @$1.37...check! ($1/1 Q x 2)
more Cinnabon Pastries  @$2...check! ($1/1 Q)
1 x Dawn Foam Dish Soap @$2.29...check! ($1.50/1 Q)
2 x Chef Michaels Can Food @.84....check! (Target BOGO Q + Manu. BOGO Q)
2 x Chef Michaels Dry Food @$4.26...check! (Target $1.50/1 Q + Manu. $3/1 Q x 2)
2 x Purina One Can Food @$1.29...check! (BOGO Q)
1 x Schick Quattro Cartridges @$8.99....check! (Target $4/1 Q + Manu. $4/1 Q)
2 x Kashi Baked Bars @$2.88...check! ($1.50/1 IP Q x 2)
3 x Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal @$2.88....check! ($1.50/1 Mailer Q x 3)
Coupons Used...$32.97

Actual total on the receipt was $8.85 with tax.

***This is part of why I hate Target.  The way they figure things is squirrely.  You can never decipher the register receipt and I am convinced that they have things keyed in so that you always end up paying MORE than you are suppose to.  IE: Squirrely=the dog food...1 bag they took off $1 for the Target $1.50 Q and the other bad they took off $1.00. even though both coupons were for $1.50 off.  One of the Manu Q for $3 they listed under the item on the receipt, the other $3 Q was way down on the bottom of the receipt & under the item up top they marked off $4.26 for the bag for a Manu. Q right under the item, so it looks like I paid $6.02 for the 2 bags and they took off $10.26 on that sale.
HUH?  OK, so this example they undercharged me, but usually I end up paying more according to their computations.
Then the 2 small cans of dog food(which I had 2 BOGO Qs for-a target & a Manu stacked-so it should have been free), it looks like they charged me for 1 can.  Nothing adds up correctly no matter how you try to decipher it.***

Anyway, back to our story....
I hand the stack of coupons to the cashier & prepared myself for battle....
but he just scanned them all, not a word when there were a target & manufacture's Q stacked, not a look when something beeped and needed to be adjusted, nada.
Target says my total came to $8.85.  Not being a mathematician with a PhD, I don't argue the point, as it's lower than it should

I handed over my $5 Gift Card from the Quaker Granola Bars deal of a few weeks back and got a new $5 Gift Card for the Kashi items bought.
Then I slid my Staples preloaded Debit Card from a rebate on paper bought in July and paid my balance of $3.85.

Zero out of pocket and a $5 GC to use next time.
Plus the Palmolive Dish Soap has a Try Me Free Rebate so I'll get $1.49 of what I spent back & if SIL hasn't already, I can send for a TMF Rebate for her too for the 1st receipt.

Then it was to CVS to get a prescription transferred so I could get a $25 Gift Card for the CRT offer I got a few weeks back on my receipt.
Had to roll some ECBs expiring on 9/17 while I was there....

3 x Reach 2 pack toothbrushes @$3.99=$11.97
4 x Candy Corn @.50¢=$2.00
1 x Colgate Toothpaste @$2.99
1 x Cottonelle TP @$5.99
1 x Poise Pantiliners @$2.49
1 x Viologie Shampoo Sample @$1.49
SubTotal  $26.93

Coupons Used
3 x $2/1 Reach 2 pack toothbrushes=$6.00
1 x $1/1 Colgate Toothpaste=$1.00
1 x $1/1 Cottonelle TP=$1.00
1 x CRT FREE Q Poise Pantiliners=$2.49
1 x CRT FREE Q Viologie Shampoo Sample=$1.49
Total  $11.98


ECBs Used
$10 for Survey
$2 for ?
$1.98 for Pencils
Total  $13.98

$14.95-$13.98=$.97+$.06 tax=1.03OOP put on old CVS Gift Card
Received $8ECBs, Used $13.98
Bleh. Lost $5.98 in ECBs buying TP & Candy Corn.  Fitting, no?lol

When I was walking from the back after paying for my prescription & getting my new $25 GC, I noticed some clearance items at the far end of the Halloween candy display.  The sign said 25% off and there was a gooseneck desk lamp sitting there.  As #2 son just moved into his brother's room, he now needs a desk lamp for the desk in there.  So I looked it over and couldn't find a price.  I hauled it upfront to the register and had the cashier price check it for me.  She said, "It's $3.74".
Huh??  You mean 3 DOLLARS and 74 CENTS...right?
"Yah, that's what I said."
"I'll take it!"
The lamp is not fancy but it looks sturdy and is just the thing he needs.
And for $3.97(with tax), you KNOW I'm all over that!!  8-))
Turns out, it's got one of those energy saving globe lightbulbs included and it's suppose to last for 9 Years. (And you'll realize an energy savings of $47 over that time according to the box.)
But what makes this desk lamp all the more sweet to me is the little sticker on the box.....

Yep, that's a MIR for $2.00.  My little lamp will end up costing me ZERO OOP & I'll get a $2 check for buying it.  I put the $3.97 on a Gift Card(.97¢ left on the old GC and $3 on the one I just got at the Pharmacy)& I'll get a check for $2 for the Rebate.

Then it was off to WAGS....
1 Murine Ear Care=$6.00
2 Big Roll TP@.50¢=$1.00
Subtotal  $7.00

Used $6 in RRs

Received a $6RR for the Murine

The reported Big Roll TP ringing up .50¢ BEFORE the In-Ad Q wasn't happening here.


Transaction #2

4 x Lindsay Olives @$2.00ea(when you buy 2)=$8.00
2 x Triaminic Nighttime Syrup @$5.00ea=$10.00
1 x Wags Cashews on sale $1.99
2 x GUM Tooth & Tongue pack @5.29=$10.58

SubTotal  $30.57

Coupons Used
4 x Wags AD Q Lindsay Olives@$.99ea.=$4.04
2 x Lindsay Olives $1/2=$2.00
2 x Triaminic Nighttime Syrup $1.50=$3.00
2 x Wags Booklet Triaminic Q@$2.00ea.=$4.00
2 x GUM Tooth & Tongue pack RAINCHECK-BOGO/RR Deal so Free=$10.58
Total  $23.62


Used $6 Murine RR

Received $10RR(2x$5)

So when the 2 $5RRs popped out I thought, Great!....the Nighttime Triaminic IS giving double RRs.

One was a Novartis generatedRR(the Triaminic)& the other was a Reckitt Benckiser RR.  Not sure what this means.

So I went back for some more Triaminic.
But they only had the Strips left in the Nighttime....

Transaction #3

2 x Triaminic NIghttime Strips @$5.00=$10.00

Coupons Used
2 x Triaminic Nighttime Syrup $1.50=$3.00
2 x Wags Booklet Triaminic Q@$2.00ea.=$4.00
Total  $7.00

$10-$7=$3.00OOP Put on Staples Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Received $5RR

Ok, so this time only 1 $5RR comes out.  Now I am really scratching my head!lol

The CAT machine made a little noise after the 1st RR appeared, a bad "I think I'll jam now & stop working" noise.  Now I had to figure out whether I needed to make a scene and have the machine looked at or just let it go.  As I'm not sure if the Triaminic was suppose to give 2 Cats from 2 different companies and I was so tired and had to pick up kids at school, I just let it go.

I NOT like me!lolol
So I'll have to settle for a $9 moneymaker instead of a $14 moneymaker on the Triaminic.

In the end, I 'spent' $21.10.

OOP cash spent was $4.25.  The rest was paid with assorted Gift Cards/Prepaid Visa.

I used $13.98 in ECBs/gained $8 for a total loss of $5.98ECBs.
I used $12 in RRs/gained $15 for a total gain of $$3RRs.
Will receive $3.49 in checks($1.49 & $2.00 for Palmolive & Lamp MIRs).
Got a new Target $5 Giftcard & have $22 left on my new CVS Giftcard as well.
And I got $161.62 worth of stuff.

Not a bad days work....


Monday, September 14, 2009

The Old Coupon Scramble & Rite-Aid Shopping Today

The Newspaper Insert gods have attempted to strike me down again!

You may have seen my post about my plan to get almost FREE Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Products at Rite-Aid this week HERE.

Well, my local newspapers(note, there are TWO! that monkeyed with my plan)had NO Johnson's coupons yesterday.

But even 2 major news publications can't keep Sluggy from accomplishing her mission!
I needed 10 coupons. I had 1 lone Peelie sitting on my desk.  As #2 son would say, "Sad Face."
So, I had to scramble around town for out-of-town papers. No Philly papers anywhere, at All!
I found the next best bet(the major city paper 1 hr. away)and yes, their coupon inserts had the coupon I needed. But I could only scare up 4 copies of that paper instead of buying my usual local papers.
Still 5 coupons short.
And I really didn't want to have to resort to eBay or a clipping service buy.

I went online to see if there were any IP Johnson's coupons I hadn't gotten my limit of or that had been reset. I finally found a couple of the multiple coupons(the $ off of 2 or 3 items ones)that I could print.

So with some hustling around, I got the tools needed for the job.
Geez, this shouldn't have to be so hard, yah think?

Let the Plundering Begin.....

They had the CankerMelts so I used the FREE ITEM Q and bought this...
7 x Assorted Johnson's Baby products on sale @$2.99=$20.93
1 x Canker Melts on sale @ $4.99=$4.99
Subtotal  $25.92
Coupons Used...
$5/$25 Rite-Aid purchase=$5.00
4 x $1/1 Peelies on Bottles=$4.00
1 x $3/3 IP Q=$3.00
1 x FREE ITEM Q for Canker Melts=$4.99

Coupon Total  $16.99

$25.92-$16.99=$8.93+ tax $1.02=$9.95 OOP
This was put on a Rite-Aid Gift Card earned from one of last month's SCR offers, so ZERO OOP.

I plan on buying 3 more Johnson's Baby products this week and submitting for Offer #43 to receive a $10 rebate.
The good news was that I found some bottles of Johnson's products with $1 off Peelies on them, so I didn't have to sweat having enough coupons after all!  Plus I found some bottles of the Baby Shampoo with bonus Baby Wash samples on them....bonus score!

In case your area didn't get the $1/1 Johnson's products coupon either, here are some bricks links to print the coupons online....

$1/1 Bubble Bath & Wash

$1/1 Baby Lotion

$1/1 Baby Shampoo

$2/2 Desitin or Johnson's Baby products

$3/3 Johnson's Baby products

$1/1 Baby Powder

$1/1 Head to Toe Wash

These links should work if you are running IE. If you are browsing in Firefox like me, you'll probably have to change the "wi" in the url to "wg" to get the links to work properly for you. You know what I mean.....when you click on the link and it just goes into 'PLEASE WAIT Hell' for hours and prints nothing.



Meal Plan Monday.....September 14th Edition Bread & Eating from the Stockpile Week

Last Week's Menu Post Mortum......

We had a spontaneous 'going out to eat' night last week the day the roofers were here.  They worked until dark and I just couldn't take another minute in this house with the noise AND cook dinner so we went out.  And we did leftovers another night, so the Fried Fish & the Italian Chicken didn't happen and will be moved to this week's menu.
I was happy that I could use up some meat odds n' ends on Sunday in the Chili. I had a small London Broil, a small chunk of ground turkey and ground beef.  None of which was big enough to make a full meal.  It was perfect to whip up some Chili.  I have some veggies in the freezer that aren't enough for enough servings for a meal, so once the weather gets a bit chillier, I'll be throwing those into a big pot of soup or stew to use them up.

I found some ears of local corn I had frozen last fall on Saturday.  Since we have fresh local corn now and I need to use these up, I'll be making Corn Chowder with the frozen ears this week.

This week I am still trying to move out some older frozen foods and stockpile boxed canned items.  But as of yesterday I have some new things to use up too.
Yes, I took son out yesterday and I found that those Evil people at ENTENMENN'S opened a Discount Bakery Outlet near my house, unbeknownst to me.

So I had to go in and scope it out.
And then I had to go and buy a bunch of day old rolls and treats.
So now I have hamburger rolls, steak rolls, english muffins & dinner rolls that need to be used before they expire.  I'll be working these bread products into my menu for this week.

Here's what I will be serving our family of 4 this Week...

MONDAY--Lasagna(leftover), Salad Greens(garden-still!), Garlic Bread(pantry)
TUESDAY--Kielbasa on Steak Rolls, Onions, fresh Corn on cob
WEDNESDAY--Burritos(freezer) w/leftover Chili with Cheese, Squash Casserole(garden/freezer)
THURSDAY--Marinated Italian Chicken(freezer/marinade in stockpile), Rice(stockpile), Veggie Melange(freezer)
FRIDAY--Fried Fish(freezer), French Fries(pantry), Green Beans(freezer)
SATURDAY--Turkey Sloppy Joe's on Rolls(freezer/stockpile/pantry), Squash Casserole(leftover from Wed.)
SUNDAY--Corn Chowder(freezer), Grilled Cheese or Leftovers
Dessert--Zucchini Bread, Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Last week I spent $62.37 on food & pet food.  Most of that was for lunch meats(that should last 2 weeks), a lot of milk, rye bread and fresh fruits....oh, and the Entenmenn's outlet bread products.  There was a little bit of stocking up on cranberry sauce.

This week's shopping list is light again....1 package of Kielbasa, fresh local corn on the cob and more fresh fruit.  I am sure I'll need milk this week too.  I'm figuring about $15 should cover it.  I'll have plenty of money leftover this week for stocking up if I find something we can use, that's on a great sale.

Food Waste Report....nothing thrown out last week. 8-))
There is some leftover BBQ Chicken legs that need eating and the dogs can't have that(because of the sauce).  I'll probably pick the meat off the bones and make myself a BBQ Chicken sandwich for lunch this week to use it up.

We did have to throw out some juice yesterday.  It was some new product I had bought on sale with a coupon this summer to try it.  It's called VitaminSense.  It was soooo NASTY!!!  It made me physically gag when I tried it and neither of the kids will drink it.
Just yuck.
I don't feel bad in the least for pouring it down the drainer.....well, I felt worse for wasting that $1.00 I spent on

Check out Organizing Junkie's Website Here to see what other Home Cooks are serving this week!


Friday, September 11, 2009

FREE STUFF next week at Rite-Aid 9/13-9/19

Here is what I am buying at Rite-Aid this upcoming week, September 13-19.

The Suave Lotion/Shampoo/Body Wash is on sale for $1.99.
Use a $1/1 Suave Lotion Coupon when you pay.  This coupon was from the 8/2 Red Plum Insert.
Pay .99¢.
Submit for the Single Check Rebate of $1.00 for the Lotion.
That makes the bottle of Lotion more than FREE!

* If you haven't used or printed your limit of $1/1 AJAX DISHWASHING LIQUID Coupons at yet, you can use them next week at Rite-Aid.  Ajax will be on sale for .99¢ a bottle so be sure and pick up your Free Ajax.  I won't be buying this because I used my printables already at KMart last week, but if I had the coupons, I'd buy it. 8-))

* Next week Johnson's Baby Care products are on sale $2.99 each.
Check out the scan of the ad below, in the upper right hand corner.
There will be a $1/1 Coupon this Sunday for Johnson's Baby products in the coupons inserts.
When you buy 10 Johnson's Baby products, you can submit for a $15 Rebate as part of the Rite-Aid Single Check Rebate program.

Here is the scenario I'm going to do.

First I'll print off the $5 off $25 Rite-Aid coupon available at
Then I'll clip 10 Johnson's coupons from the inserts, or supplement my insert coupon supply with IP Johnson's coupons from various places online.
I'll also bring my $1/1 Suave Lotion coupon.

1 Suave Lotion @$1.99
10 Johnson's Baby Care Products @$2.99
Subtotal  $31.89

Hand over the $5/$25 Coupon (-$5.00)
Subtotal  $26.89

Hand over 1 Suave $1/1 & 10 Johnson's $1/1 Coupons (-$11.00)
Subtotal  $15.89
Pay a total of  $16.84(including tax)

Submit for SCR #43 ($15.00) & #64($1.00).

In addition, this purchase will earn you a $5 Gift Certificate valid at Rite-Aid, as part of The Rite Aid Gift of Savings Program.  Rite-Aid had this deal last year too, but later in the year.  Purchases made between 9/13(this Sunday) and 10/17 can earn you up to $20 in Rite Aid gift cards.
  • Spend between $25 and $50 and receive a $5.00 Gift of Savings Certificate
  • Spend between $50.01 and $100 and receive a $10.00 Gift of Savings Certificate
  • Spend $100.01 or more and receive a $20.00 Gift of Savings Certificate 

So your Out of Pocket cost ends up being .84¢ AND you qualify for a $5 Rite-Aid Gift Card.
And you are only $18.12 away from qualifying for another $5 in Rite-Aid Gift Card in the Gift of Savings Program.  Be sure and get your purchases to $25 and use another $5/$25 Rite-Aid coupon too, to bring down your total OOP paid.

Like I've said before, you don't need to have a baby to use these Baby Care products.  The shampoo & 'baby' wash are gentle cleaning products for people with sensitive skin & scalps.  And the baby wash & lotions smell wonderful!

What are you planning on getting next week?