Monday, November 18, 2019

This Week on the Dining Table

The "WTF?!?" Edition................

This is a shot from the frozen foods section at my Weis(PMITA)Markets.
I really want to meet the marketing genius who decided to call Chicken Feet, Chicken "PAWS".
Bears have paws, cats have paws, rabbits have paws.
Chickens do not.

Moving On....
Onward to the meal planning!

This is what was planned--
1. Sunday--Fend For Yourself
2. Monday--BBQ on rolls, Cole Slaw
3. Tuesday--Beef Pie
4. Wednesday--Salmon, Asparagus, Rice
5. Thursday--Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry
6. Friday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Salad
7. Saturday--Leftovers

And this is what actually happened--
1. Sunday--Fend For Yourself
2. Monday--BBQ on rolls, Cole Slaw
3. Tuesday--Beef Pie
4. Wednesday--Salmon, Asparagus, Mushroom Risotto
5. Thursday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Salad
6. Friday--Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry, Rice
7. Saturday--Chicken Parm, Salad(I had leftover Sauteed Cabbage and Chicken)

Last week saw 6 nights of home cooked dinners, 1  nights of leftovers/ffy, and 0 nights of Eating Out/Take-Out.

What got put into the freezer last week.....
*  2 meals worth of Salmon
*  2 bags of Ground Beef(1 lb. each)
*  4 bags of Barbecue Pork
*  2 bags of Butternut Squash Ravioli

What got taken out of the freezer and used.....
*  2 bags of Barbecue Pork
* 1 London Broil
* 2 packages of Breaded Chicken

A trip to the Bread Outlet, Malacari's produce market, Aldi's and Price Chopper brought the current weekly spending to $110.09 and my November spending on food to $302.06 for this month.

My savings percentage last week was 49.44%(without Rite-Aid trips)and November's monthly savings total comes in at 43.26%(w/out R-A).

A bit of food waste this week--the last tomato from the garden.  It got buried on the kitchen island counter and went bad before I found it this weekend. 8-(

I have 12 more food shopping/spending days in November.

Leftovers going into this week......Fried Chicken, Beef Pie, BBQ, Beef Stroganoff, Beef stir-fry, Rice, Chicken Parm, Asparagus, Mushroom Risotto.

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Leftover Beef Pie
2. Monday--Spaghetti and Meatballs, Salad
3. Tuesday--Hot Dog on Roll w/Chili, Beans, Squash and Onions
4. Wednesday--Something Chicken, Veggie TBD
5. Thursday--Assorted Leftovers
6. Friday--Beef Stew
7. Saturday--Chinese Take-Out

As always this menu is subject to change or rearranging depending on what leftovers get eaten or not and what I am feeling like cooking(or not). lolz

What needs buying for this menu? Nothing that I can think of.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week? 


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Using My Assets on Grocery Shopping & Thanksgiving Shopping

As I have said before I have various gift cards to deploy from now until the end of 2019 to get my grocery spending lower.

$12 HeartGuard prepaid card
$15 P&G prepaid Visa
$15 in free Target gift cards
$261.23 in reduced price Target gift cards
$25 Shursave gift card
$89.69 in Ocean State Job Lot free gift cards
That's $159.69 in free and $261.23 in discount chits.

So on Friday I went to Weis to do a few deals and pick up Turkey day essentials.
Here is what I bought..............

2 x Pepperidge Farm stuffing
4 x Swanson broth/stock
4 x Campbell's soup
5 x Weis canned veggies
2 x Hanover Charro Beans
1 x Weis pie crusts
2 x Domino golden sugar bags
1 x Weis paper plates
8.5 lbs. sweet potatoes

Total before sales/coupons/instant savings........$51.65
Total after sales/couopon/instant savings..........$19.03
I deployed THE $12 Heart Guard prepaid card so my OOP was only $7.03

Nice. 8-)))

The PF/Swanson/Campbell's(2 of the soups only)was "Spend $15/Get $5 Off" Deal so $7 after sales/Qs/Instant Sav.  The other 2 soups were .60¢ can after sale/Q.
The Weis veggies were .47¢ per can if you bought 5.  The Hanover beans were on clearance for .75¢ each.  The sugar was .49¢ per bag after sale/Qs.  The paper plates were the freebie item and the sweet taters were finally down to .49¢ per lb. so I stocked up on those.

I see that Target is going to have their "Spend $50 on Food/Beverage, Get a $10 Gift Card" Deal on Nov. 23 and 24th(Sat. and Sun. of next week)only.  There is also a $5 gift card when you buy $20 Frito-Lay/Pepsi products deal that you can stack with the $50/$10 Deal(if you use that sort of thing)to make your Target chits go a little further.

I peered down into the black hole of the chest freezer last weekend and found that I have 2 hotel turkey breasts in it's depths.  So those will be served for Turkey Day along with the usual sides instead of a whole turkey.  I also have a whole eye of round in the freezer so the meat for Xmas dinner is accounted for and I don't need to buy a fancy cut of beef or a ham for that meal.

I will be getting a free turkey(which will take up the space of those 2 turkey breasts)at Weis as I have over 400 points now.  I haven't bought $400 worth of stuff during the time frame that counts but I have done a feedback survey once a week which gives me 100 points each time so 3 surveys and the limited Wes shopping got me to the freebie. ;-)

The sweet potatoes, some stock, some soup, stuffing and pie crusts from this shopping trip were for Thanksgiving(ok, not ALL those sweet potatoes lol)so the only "needs" on the Turkey day list now are celery and rutabagas.  I'll pick those up closer to Turkey Day.

How's your Turkey Day shopping going?


Friday, November 15, 2019

Frugal Friday...........the November 15th Edition

Here's what frugal wins we had this past week at Chez Sluggy.............

*  I got 2 more bottles of Gold Bond lotion this week using BC and gift card cred(no actual money spent), which earned me $3.10 in Ibotta cash rebate and a $10 Rite-Aid gift card as well.

See my Rite-Aid posts for more details. ;-)

*  I got the Weis Freebie last Friday...........

I snagged the last bottle of it on the shelf. Now and again  Ex-College Boy will go buy Fruit Punch at the store for himself so I got the Freebie this week for him.

*  I also got a couple of Zataran's boxed bean/rice mixes at Weis that day.  They were 50% off on clearance......

But they rang up full price so it was off to the Customer Service desk for a refund.........

* On Thursday I had a semi-annual dental check-up.  No cavities meant just a cleaning so nothing paid out of pocket.
Plus I got a goody bag of samples............

*  I found half a cooked chicken breast and a leg pushed to the back of the fridge earlier this week.  It was still good so I used the leg meat & part of the breast to add to Chester's dinner a couple of nights after his surgery to get him to eat again.  The rest of the breast got made into Chicken Salad(I had an abundance of grapes bought at Aldi this past week for .99¢ lb. and an open bag of pecans so salad was a no-brainer.)for a couple of lunches here.
Keeping food waste at bay once more is a win!

*  I found money!

This shiny dime was laying under the self-checkout as I walked out of the Weis(PMITA)Markets last Friday.

This penny was found in an aisle in Weis on Saturday when I went there to attend their Open House(food tastings).

This dime was found in an aisle in Rite-Aid on Saturday when I went to use the rest of my Tresemme coupons.

I found this penny at Price Chopper as we walked into the door on Sunday.

And this dime also at Price Chopper on the way out of the store by the registers.

And the 2 pennies in this photo were found in two different locations in Rite-Aid by the pharmacy and the quarter was by the register up front so .27¢ richer when I left Rite-Aid on Tuesday.

A trip to Rite-Aid to return something after my dentist appointment netted me this .35¢, a quarter AND a dime on the floor at the register.

Weekly total..........94¢
A very good week for change!

*  I went to Weis on Saturday around noon for their product Open House.  In order to convince you to buy their products for the holidays(and to order pre-made goodies like bakery stuff and deli platters)they had samples set out all over the store with food items.  Cold Shrimp, Hummus and chips, apple cider, clementine oranges, 4 kinds of "gourmet" cookies, 2 kinds of cake/pie, smoked sausage, Jarlsberg cheese, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese were the stores offerings.  I left not needing to eat lunch! lolz

*  One day for lunch I got a 2 Subs for $11.99 text code from Subway so Hubs took my phone up to get lunch there and he used a gift card to pay.  Making the gift card go just a little bit further with a coupon code is a win in my book.

* Cash earned this week(refunds and/or rebates)came to $22.32 ($16.17 at Rite-Aid, $2.60 at Weis, $3.55 at Ibotta).

*  Kohl's sent me a 30% off Q and a $10 off anything promo chit this past week.  Not needing anything I went with Hubs up to Kohl's so he could find a pair of shoes for wearing out in the "poop field" with the doggies.  He wanted something that would be easy to slip on and off.  He won't buy shoes online(he has to try them on first-his rule!)and the only thing we could find in the store that met his criteria were these..........

A pair of Crocs.  He likes Crocs and has 2 pair but they both have ventilation holes in them so not so great to wear in the Winter with snow and ice.
It was the only pair of these particular color/style and they were miraculously in his size......and on clearance!!
So they were, after % off and $10 free chit, $13.99 OOP.
And even better, they sorta match the Crocs I bought at the shoe outlet in Rehoboth, Delaware last month..........

That's about it from here......

What frugal wins did y'all have last week?
Tell us all about it!


Thursday, November 14, 2019

And the November Giveaway is OPEN!

And just like that, Sluggy's Boring Blog Box Giveaway for November is open.
This makes 18 giveaways I've held in 2019 so far.

Here's what you can win if you are selected this month.........

Plus I couldn't get all the candy in the shot so this too..........

1 x Colgate toothpaste
1 x Suave shampoo
1 x Make-up Remover pads
1 x Foundation creme
1 x Revlon lipstick
2 x nail polish
1 x Cover Girl blush palette
1 x Cover Girl eye shadow palette
1 x Rimmel mascara
1 x Cover girl mascara
1 x Nivea lip balm(cherry)
4 x e.l.f. cosmetic brushes(4 different types)
20 x Hershey layer bars
15 x Snickers minis
19 x Lindt assorted truffles
20 x puffball Peppermints
27 x Dove milk w/almond chocolates

That's a whole lot of make-up and choccies!!

Close up shots of the goodies..........

It will all be around $60 worth of regular retail goodies(depending on where you shop for this sort of thing).

* This November Giveaway Box of goodies is open to any and all readers, non-winners yet and previous winners.

There is a limit of ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PER DAY for this Giveaway.  Come back every day and enter though!

In order to enter you must comment with stuff like---Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Do you have a tradition menu on Turkey day and what does it consist of?  Cranberry-whole berry or "glop"?  Have you ever gone out for Turkey day instead of having a home cooked meal and what did you think of that?  If you've gone out for Turkey day what was the most unusual place you went to have Thanksgiving dinner?  Do you have any recipes handed down in the family that must be prepared for Thanksgiving?  What time do you usually sit down to dinner on Thanksgiving?  Do you decorate for Thanksgiving and what does that consist of?  Do you watch football games and/or parades on Thanksgiving?  Do you do the cooking and if not, who does?  Do you put out the Christmas stuff before or after Thanksgiving or do you what until December?  Do you "do" Black Friday shopping and why?  Is your Turkey day affair a large one or intimate?  What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Stuff like that.

I'll leave this giveaway open until Saturday, November 23rd at 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. On November 24th, Sunday, I'll draw the winning entry.

*Please note these rules*
I'll post the name/ID of the winner on this blog on  and that person has 48 hours from the time stamp on that post to contact me privately via email(my email addy is listed on my "About Me" page, as well as on my side bar).

If I am not contacted via email, I'll attempt to contact the winner via the email they supplied with their entry(or gave me to add to the Giveaway Data Base)and if that email is not responded to within another 48 hours I'll pick another winner.

Disclaimer--This giveaway is open to those with mailing addresses within the US only.  As the cost of postage to foreign countries has gotten too high I am sorry to say I can no longer afford to mail boxes outside the US.  These giveaways are not sponsored by any companies.  I pay for it all(the cost of items given away and the postage to mail it all)out of my own pocket.


Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you in your comment.

If you're not a registered Blogger User with your contact information on your User page, please put your email addy in your comment or email me your email addy privately when you leave a comment so I can get a hold of you. If your Blogger associated user profile is a GOOGLE one make sure your email info is linked to your profile.

If I can't contact you then you can't win.  I am still having to disqualify entries due to this issue and I sure don't like doing that.  Thanks!

So let's get this Turkey of a NOVEMBER Giveaway started.  Good Luck to everyone!!!


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

More Rite-Aid Hijinks on Tuesday

In between staying warm, dealing with the snow and nursing Chester(the poor guy had his nuts removed on Monday)I found time to run up to Rite-Aid for this...............

2 x $8.63 at 20% wellness discount=$17.26-$4/2 ManQ=$13.26+.80¢ tax=$14.06
$13.58 paid in BC and .48¢ put on my free R-A gift card.
I earned back $10 in BC for the Winter Skin Deal on this card.

I also earned $3.10 cash back at Ibotta for buying these 2 bottles(2 x $1.50 for the Gold Bond and .10¢ for buying any item).

Plus this purchase put me over $50 spend on "Beauty" products so I got my third one of these.......

A $10 Rite-Aid gift card.

To recap--

What I've spent in Bonus Cash since 27th October sales flyer(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)     
What I've spent in Gift Card since 27th October sales flyer(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
Total Spent.........$86.94

What I've earned in Bonus Cash since 27th October(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
What I've earned in Gift Card since 27th October(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
$45.00(3 x R-A, 1 x P&G Prepaid Visa)
What I've earned in SavingStar cash rebates since 27th October(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
$23.00($3 Robitussin, $5 Gold Bond, $15 P&G items)
What I've earned in Ibotta cash rebates since 27th October(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
What I've earned in Cash at R-A since 27th October(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
$5.96($2 PostQ, $3.96 Refund)
What I've earned in Catalinas(not used yet)since 27th October(doing the P&G R-A Deal through today)
Total Earned.......$123.56

And I have all these products in my stockpile now
8 x Crest/Oral-B items
9 x Pantene items
4 x Olay items
1 x Robitussin item
4 x Gold Bond items
14 x Tresemme items

Between all cash, gift cards, BC and store chits I am up $36.62 at this point getting ready to head into R-A black Friday sales.  And most of my earnings is in R-A gift cards and cash instead of Bonus Cash which means I don't have to worry about expiring BC.
I also have almost $100 in free R-A gift card left as well as all 6 of the $10 "Beauty" gift cards I earned in 2018 to spend.

I control 4 Wellness accounts so technically I "could" earned as many as 8 "Beauty" Gift Cards with my "spending" before November 30th(if I buy certain items).  But I doubt I will try for that many as it is too much work mentally on Sluggy's old brain. ;-)

So that's what I've been up to lately.

Sluggy math & money nerd

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Rite-Aid Hijinks on Saturday

So I went back to R-A on Saturday and used the rest of my Tresemme Qs..........

After stacked Qs/Catalina I spent .50¢ in BC on one card and .53¢ in BC on another card(conditioners are subject to sales tax in PA but shampoo is not).
So I have $10 more in spending toward the Beauty Reward gift card on two different cards.

I also returned the 2 tubes of Foot Scrub I bought on Wednesday........

It gave me $10.94 back in BC and $3.96 back in cash due to the coupons that were used..........

I also returned an item bought a while back I had been meaning to return and I got cash back for that item instead of BC back.............

I think if your receipt is beyond a certain time limit they give you cash?  Neither the cashier or I know and I would have been happy with BC back on the card instead.
Whatever.  I'll tuck this $11.99 aside to use at R-A if need be.

I still need to purchase 2 bottles of Gold Bond to finish that $10 BC "Winter" Deal and that purchase will put me over $50 Beauty items spent and earn me a $10 gift card on a third card and I now have enough BC back on that card to cover that purchase.

More later as the Beauty Reward Gift Card drama unfolds.........


Monday, November 11, 2019

This Week on the Dining Table

The "The End of Smoking Season" Edition................

Generally I have to do any meat smoking before the cold weather sets in because my little smoker can't maintain temperatures in the wind and cold.  An unplanned smoking session took place on Sunday as the weather hit 50F and I found some unexpected pork meat deals on Friday(see below) this did happened.

Moving On....
Onward to the meal planning!

This is what was planned--
1. Sunday--Rigatoni w/Sausage in Sauce
2. Monday--Pecan Chicken, Roasted Carrots and Taters
3. Tuesday--?(We are working the polls until 8+pm)
4. Wednesday--Chicken Parm w/Spaghetti, Salad
5. Thursday--Haluski(Cabbage, Noodles, Onions and Bacon)
6. Friday--No clue yet(maybe soup or chowder and cornbread as it's going to be frigid)
7. Saturday--No clue yet

And this is what actually happened--
1. Sunday--Rigatoni w/Sausage in Sauce
2. Monday--Pecan Chicken, Roasted Carrots and Taters
3. Tuesday--A Salad from McDonald's while working the polls
4. Wednesday--Apple Sausage, Sauteed Cabbage w/Onions
5. Thursday--Breakfast for Dinner(Pancakes, Bacon)
6. Friday--Fried Chicken, Au Gratin Taters, Sugar Snap Peas
7. Saturday--Chinese Take-Out

Last week saw 5 nights of home cooked dinners,  0 nights of leftovers/ffy, and 2 nights of Eating Out/Take-Out.

What got put into the freezer last week.....
*  1 London Broil
*  Most of the Ground Beef
* 1.5 lb. Pork Tenderloin
*  2 large bags Mini Cheese Raviolis

What got taken out of the freezer and used.....
* 1 pack Italian Sausage
* 1 pack Apple Sausage
* 1 bag Sugar Snap

Two trips to Weis brought the current weekly spending to $72.92 and my November spending on food to $191.97 for this month.  I didn't plan on spending so much this past week but........I found discount sticker meats(chicken quarters and a pork tenderloin), London Broils were BOGOF(plus I had a $1.50/1 WeisQ), Ground Beef was $1.99 lb.(never that low here)and there were two Pork Butts with $3 off stickers on them.  $44.11 of that $72.92 spent was just meat. (Total should have been $70.32 but 2 items didn't ring up 50% off on clearance and I had to get a cash refund for that which went into my refund envie).
28.5 lbs. of meat for $44.11 ain't bad though.

My savings percentage last week was 41.63%(without Rite-Aid trips)and November's monthly savings total comes in at 38.98%(w/out R-A).

I have 19 more food shopping/spending days in November.

Leftovers going into this week......Fried Chicken, Sugar Snap Peas, Au Gratin Taters, Apple Sausage, Cabbage, Pasta Sauce w/Sausage/Beef but no Pasta for it.
None of the leftovers are enough for a full meal item so Hubs will most likely eat all this for lunches.

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Fend For Yourself
2. Monday--BBQ on rolls, Cole Slaw
3. Tuesday--Beef Pie
4. Wednesday--Salmon, Asparagus, Rice
5. Thursday--Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry
6. Friday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Salad
7. Saturday--Leftovers

As always this menu is subject to change or rearranging depending on what leftovers get eaten or not and what I am feeling like cooking(or not). lolz

What needs buying for this menu?  Salmon, Asparagus, Rolls, Snow Peas, Mushrooms.  Will hit the grocery store/produce market later today for these things.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week? 


Sunday, November 10, 2019

The To-Do List.......October Update

Let's take a look at how the October To-Do List turned out.........

* Pay Bills  DONE  Always the top of the list, always my priority.

* Read 1,2 Books  PASS  I didn't get the 2nd book finished before October was over(and traveling got in the way of getting #2 finished)so I get a Pass.

I read this book..........

"Letters to America" by Tom Blair

An interesting and highly readable book.  Mr. Blair has written a collection of stories about everyday Americans, from the 1600's immigrants to Virginia, to the 1990's which was the actual authors life story.(None of the other stories are of real people, but anonymous ictitious  people who lived through certain times and struggles in our country's history.)
Some of the stories didn't seem fully fleshed out (the young girl who worked in a sewing factory at the turn of the 20th century and the Jewish youth with an Uncle named Mordecai)and some just went on and on and on(you can tell that Mr. Blair is an aircraft/aeronautics and WWII fan).
Could have been better but the good parts were excellent and worth the read.

* Purge Inserts and Q Envie  DONE  If I don't do this one it makes like difficult as far as shopping goes so I do it monthly.

* Hold Giveaway  DONE

* Mail Giveaway  DONE  Mailed and received

* Make Tomato Sauce for Freezer  DONE  Well I made the sauce but I didn't freeze it.  We used it up in October.

* House Train Puppy  IN PROGRESS  Still working on this one.  A bit of a setback due to Dixie going into heat.  Not fun.

* List Items on eBay  DONE  I got about 5 more items listed and 3 items sold n October.  Nothing to write home about but I'll take it.

* Put Garden to Bed  DONE  Hubs did this mostly while I was in Ocean City.

* Work on Christmas Gifts  IN PROGRESS  I got Kim, her Sissie's, my brother and sister in-law's gifts wrapped and packed up.  Everything was delivered to the recipients in October.  I've got the rest of the folks I buy for to wrap up but that can wait until after Thanksgiving.

* Pack for Oct. Trip  DONE  I packed it all up and filled my car.

* Go on Oct. Trip  DONE  

Craziness in OC

And warehouse stores in VA

* Have FUN!  DONE  Fun was had and merriment ensued............
It was a good month.

Onward and upward to November!


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Rite-Aid Hijinx This Week

Other than the Robitussin I bought on Wednesday I also bought this on Wellness Wednesday.........

There was a $3/1 WWQ that was specific to Gold Bond lotion-either the Diabetics or the Foot Scrub.
I paired $1.50/1 ManuQs with each bottle, so besides the 20% off for being Gold status I got $18 off with the stacked Qs, paying $10.94 in BC for all.

Gold Bond is part of a "Spend $30/Get $10 BC Winter Monthly Deal" too except we found out that the Foot Scrub does NOT qualify for that Offer after we rang it up.
So I am returning those 2 tubes later today.

The Diabetic variety does qualify for the deal plus qualifies toward the "Spend $50/Get $10 GC Beauty Deal" and I had a $1.50 Gold Bond Ibotta rebate in my account that I sent for(limit 2 per receipt so I got $3 cash back as well).
After the return I will be down $8.26 in BC(not counting the $3 at Ibotta)for the 2 bottles I kept.

After my BC I spent on the Foot Scrub gets put back on my account and the $1.50 Ibotta Gold Bond rebate reappears in my account there, I'll rebuy a different variety of Gold Bond that I have a ManQ for.
An update will follow once I finish off this deal.

On Friday I took the handful of Tresemme ManQs provided to me by "the kindness of strangers(like Blanche Du Bois, yes?)" and bought this..........

I tried to buy 4 in the first transaction but the $3/2 RA In-AdQ wouldn't let me use 2 of them in the same transaction.
The $2.50 wyb3 Tresemme Catalina Q shot out of the Catalina machine after she rang up the third bottle so even though the cashier cancelled the transaction she let me keep the Q. ;-)
Then we proceeded to ring up 2 bottles in a transaction and it went like this............

2 x Tresemme on sale=$10.00
I handed over 2 x $2.50/1 Tresemme ManQ and 1 x $3/2 Tresemme In-AdQ so $8 off, paying $2 in BC on the first transaction.
I couldn't use that $2.50 CatalinaQ because it was more than my total(and I didn't think to add something that was .50¢ to the transaction to use it. ugh).

After that transaction the $1.50 wyb2 Tresemme CatalinaQ spit out of the machine.

So used one of those for all the following 2 bottle transactions along with the ManuQs and the In-AdQ making each total 50¢ in BC(and earning another $1.50 CatalinaQ each time).
Only the CatalinaQ beeped because I forgot to hand that over before the other Qs and/or it had no product to attach to(4 Qs but only 2 items)and I didn't just buy a cheap filler item. But the cashier had a way to work around the beeping CatQ.

But a different cashier screwed something up on the third transaction(and then screwed it up again) and had to cancel and redo that transaction(twice)but $1.50 CatalinaQs still spit out both times she redid it and she handed them to me.  So I left the store with 3 bonus CatalinaQs...............

Total spent in Bonus Cash was--
#1 Tran  $2.00
#2 Tran  .50¢
#3 Tran  .50¢
#4 Tran  .50¢
#5 Tran  .50¢

$4 in Bonus Cash spent on 10 bottles of Tresemme.
And then the Beauty Reward printed on that last transaction since I "spent" $50 before Qs and I got this............

The $10 Rite-Aid Beauty Reward Gift Card.
I now have 2 of these between two of my accounts.

So we spent $4 in BC and earned $10 in gift card back on Friday.
And I have $5.50 in Catalinas to spent too in the next 2 weeks.

When I go in today to return the Foot Scrub I have 4 more Tresemme ManuQ to use as well. 8-)

I also got a "Spend $70/Get $7 off your next transation" Q on one of those transactions too so I have to figure out how best to deploy that once the Black Friday Deals get here. ;-)

Have you done any drugstore shopping lately?


Friday, November 8, 2019

Frugal Friday....the November 8th Edition

Here's what passed for frugal this past week in my world........

* Hubs and I used a coupon when we went out to lunch last Friday.

$5 off our lunch?
Yes please!

* I got a freebie in the mail last week..........

Saturday's mail brought a free notepad and return address labels to entice me to donate to St. Jude's Hospital.  Good timing as we were running low on address labels.

* I used a 15% everything in the store Q Ollie's sent me a week ago and forgot to show the food/HBA/toiletries stuff I bought last week..........

1 lb. of cashews, 2 boxes of instant au gratin taters, 2 cans of tomatoes and a box of pasta noodles.
Prices were already low/discount but take another 15% off and now it's "Sluggy Cheap" at $8.88 for everything in the picture. ;-)

* I found money!

Hubs and I went out to lunch and I found a nickel in Bob Evans.

Then I found 2 quarters in the coin return of the newspaper box outside of Bob Evans.

After lunch we stopped in Dollar Tree for a few things and I found these two pennies on the floor, one by the register and one beyond the register as I was leaving.

.57¢ in one day.....sweet!

Then I found a penny at Rite-Aid on Wellness Wednesday.............

.58¢ total for the week and for the win!

* I got the Weis freebie last Friday.........

A roll of paper towels.  With Dixie puppy around we can always use this item. lolz

*  I picked up two clearance items at Weis on Friday as well......
.79¢ a box.  Add some of that clearance canned chicken I picked up a couple of months ago and you've got a quick and cheap few meals. 8-)

* Speaking of Wellness Wednesday I got these for free........

The Robitussin was $5.99 on sale this past week.  There was a WWQ for $2 off which I paired with a $1/1 IPQ on the manufacturer's website(Unfortunately we no longer received RMN Q inserts in our Sunday paper here because there was an insert $3/1 Q. 8-((( ).
So $2.99 out the door paid for with BC.
Then I received a $3 SavingStar rebate so a .01¢ moneymaker when all was said and done.
The L'Oreal samples were also given out on WW at my store.

*  I worked the polls on Tuesday.  It kept me out of the stores and spending $$ AND I earned a whole $125.  Even better that "pay" is TAX-FREE! 8-)

*  I received coupons in the mail from both Rite-Aid and Weis(PMITA)Markets this week.  The Rite-Aid mailer also had a $4 when you spend $20 Q in it.
The Weis mailer had personalized Q and this too............

A reminder to clip the digital Q for a large Stouffer's party size lasagna(making it .99¢ OOP)that was in our account.  I would have found the Q eventually anyway but still.  It's been duly clipped now and ready to use before when it expires on Nov 28th.

That's about it from here.  I haven't been back to the grocery store since last Friday so I am off to
get a few things today.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Tell us all about them!