Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picking Time #2....Some Variety Finally!

Go soon as we decide to hit the road on a vacation, our garden starts producing!
Why didn't we think to tell it that we were leaving it weeks ago!!lol

We harvested our 1st whopper of a tomato about a week ago.
Here it is....
Purty, huh?
Now look at it again, with the object beside it to show the scale.....
And no, it is NOT suppose to be a cherry
It's an Early Girl or some such nonsense.

This BEHEMOTH added another 2 ounces to our production total.

Moving on-
Here are some goodies we picked yesterday....

4 yellow summer squash
3 tomatoes(around the size of the last one/off of the same set of plants)
1 Italian roasting pepper(or so the nursery guy called it)
1 small light green pepper(the stem broke off the plant and it was either take it now or let it rot)

All together this crop and the behemoth were 3lb. 7oz.

Since I'm leaving shortly, I'll cook up the squash today and throw everything else into the freezer and deal with it when I get back.
Some of the cauliflower needs picking soon as well as some green beans & pickling cukes.  I've got someone to pick things while I am away so nothing will go to waste.
No zucchini here....waiting on the female blooms still.

Garden Harvest Weight Total to date....15 lb. 5.4 oz.

What's new in your garden?


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping & Decluttering & Donating....Oh My!

We had a busy Tuesday here.
First off I had to go have blood drawn.  The nurse couldn't find my vein so I got stuck in both arms...ugh.

Then I finally hauled this off to the local Food Bank....
7 x Feminine Pads
4 x Kids Soap
14 x Cat Treats *Not pictured
1 x Cat Litter *Not pictured
12 x Hot Sauce
2 x Pasta Noodles
2 x Pasta Sauce
4 x Peanut Butter
10 x Canned Peas
2 x Canned Pasta
3 x Barbecue Sauce *Not pictured

Donation Total....61 Items
Plus I gave them a check for $100 per my JUNE FOOD STAMP CHALLENGE pledge.

Yearly Food Bank Donation Total....227 + $100

I didn't get a chance to lay it all out nice on the table this time before it went into the car but here is what Hubs hauled up to Salvation Army....

And more on the backseat....
9 Cube World Toys
3 packs Halloween Make-up
2 Lamps
1 Set of 4 Glass Goblets
2 Boyds Glass Xmas Ornaments
2 Boxes of Beanie Baby Cards
1 Book on Tape/Audio Book
2 Matted Art Prints
1 Homer Simpson Talking Cookie Jar
1 Small Soldiers Animated Bank

5 Halloween Costumes
Metal Folding Plant Shelf
Gettysburg Army Men Set
Baseball Glove
Dog Dish
10 Theater Books
Fisher Price Pirate Ship and Accessories
8 Stuffed Animals
10 Mark Twain Books

Total Items for this Donation....62

April Total....96
May Total....72
June Total....45
July Total....107
Yearly Total to Date....320 Items.

Yearly Total for all Donations(Salvation Army & Food Bank) so far.....547 items + $100

#2 son had a sleepover last night so I had to hit the grocery store for 'necessities' like chips, pepperoni for the pizzas I made them, milk, popcorn, to the tune of $12.20.  Add in the bag of healthy chips I wanted to try(I did have a coupon) and the bag of dog food for $1.99(again, with a the bill came to $16.42.

And a trip to Rite-Aid, probably the only one for this week's sales since we have packing and stuff to do before we leave for vacation.

2 x StayFree Pads on sale $3.00=$6.00
2 x Nivea Men's Body Wash on sale $1.99=$3.98
1 x Olay Total Effects Body Wash w/20% discount=$3.99
1 x Ivory Soap 4 pack w/20% discount=$2.63
1 x Colgate Total Toothpaste on sale $3 but 20% discount greater=$2.95
1 x Reach Dental Floss on sale=$.99
1 x Reach Toothbrush on sale $3.99 but 20% discount greater=$3.59

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $20 Purchase AdPerks(my only one! sniff)=$5.00
1 x BOGO StayFree ManuQ=$3.00
1 x $1/1 StayFree ManuQ(from some magazine I had)=$1.00
1 x $4/2 Nivea Body Wash IPQ=$4.00*
I x $4/1 Olay Total Effects ManuQ=$4.00
1 x Buy One OlayTF/Get One Ivory Product free ManuQ=$3.00**
1 x $1/1 Colgate Toothpaste ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $1/1 Reach Floss or Toothbrush IPQ=$1.00*
1 x $1/1 Reach Toothbrush ManuQ=$1.00
Coupon Total....$23.00

$24.13-$23.00=$1.13 OOP put on free Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO out of pocket

I qualified for SCR#80 $2.99(Reach Toothbrush)=$2.99
The Reach Toothbrush, Colgate Paste and Reach Floss also qualify toward SCR #556, so I have $7.53 toward the $15 needed to earn a $5 Rite-Aid Gift Card.

I also earned +UPs in the amount of $8 for this transaction....2 x $1(Nivea), $1(Reach Tbrush), $3(Colgate), $2(J&J-StayFree).
Yes, each Nivea Body Wash triggered a separate +UP in the same transaction.

*Both the Nivea and the Reach IPQs beeped as the amount of the item was 1 cent below the coupon value. The cashier had to manually imput them into the register.
**The cashier insisted on marking the Ivory Soap Q for $3.00, even though I told her twice the soap only rang up $2.63 because of my Wellness discount.  Well you can't say I didn't

So $1.13 on gift card/oop and getting back $2.99 in rebates and $8 more in +UPs to spend.
It's a fine way to start the new SCR period for August.


Number of Transactions......1
Total Spent....$1.13--all put on free Gift Cards/Certificates 
Value of Items purchased....$37.21
SCR qualified for....$2.99 in cash and $0 in Gift Cards
Other Cash....$0
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0
+Up Rewards earned=$8.00

Total 'Spent'...$1.13(on gift cards)
Total Cash I'm getting Back=$2.99
Total Gift Cards I'm getting=$0
+Up Rewards left to spend=$24.00(including the $9 that didn't print last week)

Today, Wednesday, is more packing, cleaning the car EGADS!, gardening and making lists for the trip, for the kids chores and last minute checklists, cooking, cleaning, laundry and then a dip in the pool & probably a nap since nobody got much sleep here last night...hmmm, I wonder if 3 teenage boys tromping around until 3am had anything to do with that.....ya think??lol

So what do you have up on deck today?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

For Donna....As Promised!

A few weeks ago I won a blog contest over at Donna Freedman's blog, Surviving and Thriving.
Part of my win included a cute little alien critter that says various alien-like phrases when you whack him on the head.  I sort of like that whacking on the head thing, but I digress.

I had asked Donna to autograph the Alien before she sent him packing to PA.  I have a small collection of autographs, both photos and objects.  The signatures range from famous people to the even better type of people, those I consider my friends. ;-)
I promised Donna that if she signed old green butted Alien dude I would put her/him right next to my Bruce Willis.  It's only appropriate because Donna and Bruce are fellow Jerseyites and they are both "hot" babes.

Well my Alien dude arrived late last week-Thanks Donna!-but alas, without a signature as his alien form proved to be 'unsignable'.
But he arrived holding a card attesting to his unsignability, handwritten and autographed by Ms. Freedman.  That is good enough for me and my collection!

So without further ado........Donna meet Bruce....Bruce, Donna.....

May you dwell together happily for many years to come in my dining room hutch.

Be sure to check out Donna's frugality/personal finance blog.  She's one smart tough cookie!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Another 2010 BORING BLOG BOX of FUN GIVEAWAY is OPEN! Box #3

This is the 3rd Sluggy's BORING BLOG BOX GIVEAWAY for 2010!

It's time again for a Boring Giveaway.
I run a Boring Blog here so why not giveaway boring stuff, right?

Just to recap, I put things in the box(mostly what I have gotten for free or almost free)each week and when the box is filled we draw a winner from all the entries received.  The stuff can range from HBA, food, toys, collectibles, home decor or books.  Someday if enough people click on enough ads and this blog makes some cold hard cash, I may add a gift card, so get to clicking already!!lol

For all you Primping Princesses, here is what went into the Box today.....

1. 1 Dove Skin Vitalizer-it vibrates!lol
2. 2 Skin Vitalizer Pad Refills
3. N.Y.C. Cherry Lip Gloss

If this is your first time, please go read all the rules for these Giveaways on THIS POST.

Please NOTE--You MUST be a follower to enter the Giveaway.  If you aren't one, just click on the "Follow" button on the right hand side of my blog to become a follower---->


I entry per person on this POST.

When I post again about this BORING BLOG BOX GIVEAWAY, entries on this Post will be CLOSED and you can post on the New Giveaway Post and enter again.  I hope this isn't too confusing. ;-)

Here are the ways to get UP TO 2 EXTRA entries PER POST.....

1. Put my blog on your blog's Blogroll.  Leave an extra comment for this entry on THIS POST only with the URL of your blog. If I'm already on your Blogroll, say so in an extra comment.
2.  Blog about this Giveaway on your blog or on a Message Board.  Leave an extra comment for this entry on THIS POST only with a link to your blog post or the message on the board.

You can do each of these 2 things once per post, so that's a total of up to 3 entries per person per post.
(*Sorry M & daily entries this time because of the vacation.*)

Again, you can enter on this post until I put another Giveaway Post up and then you need to enter on the NEWER Post. 
FYI if you are new generally takes 4 weeks to fill the box, so there will be 4 posts(give or take)about this Giveaway where you can enter to win up to 3 times.

Any questions?  Just email me at

Oh yah, I pay for all the stuff in this giveaway and nobody(business or person) gives me stuff or pays me to hold them or promote their products.  I even pay the shipping just because I loves ya'll and....and.....that's how I roll!  ;-)

Happy Entering!! 


Lots of Rite-Aid Stuff from Last Week....And FINAL JULY SCR Period NUMBERS

I made 6 trips to Rite-Aid between 7/21 & 7/24 that I didn't post about yet.....*I hang my head in shame....for 6 trips or is it for not posting about it yet?lol*

 I had lots of $5 off $20 AdPerks Qs that were expiring on the 24th.  I also discovered a good deal using 2 of the Olay Qs from the P&G insert that is expiring on the 31st....the $4/1 Olay Total Effects and the Buy an Olay Total Effects Body Wash/Get an Ivory Product FREE(up to $3).

By using my 20% wellness discount at Rite-Aid, I could get the Total Effects Body Wash for between $4.23-$3.99(depending on which Rite-Aid I went to).  The Ivory Soap 4 packs were between $2.79 & $2.63 as well so I could get those free with the 2nd Q.  Meaning for every pair of items I bought I either paid .23¢ for both or got both free(again, depending on which store I went to).

2 x Olay Total Effects w/20% discount=$8.46
2 x Ivory Soap packs w/20% discount=$5.58
2 x Burger King Snacks on sale BOGO=$2.19
2 x TwinLabs Energy Drinks on sale BOGO1/2=$2.98
2 x Mounds Candy Bars on sale .50¢=$1.00

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $20 AdPerks Q=$5.00
2 x $4/1 Olay TE ManuQ=$8.00
2 x BOGO Ivory ManuQ=$5.58
1 x $1/2 Burger King Snacks IPQ=$1.00
1 x .50/2 Mounds Bars AdPerks Q=$.50
Coupon Total....$20.08

$20.21-$20.08=$.13 OOP put on free Rite-Aid gift card so ZERO out of pocket

There was a $5 +Up reward on TwinLabs supplements last week & the energy drinks qualified so I got a $5 +UP Reward for every 2 products I bought.  The drinks cost $2.98 and gave back a $5 +UPs so I was ahead $2.02 for every pair of drinks(1 pair per transaction).

Next up we have....
2 x Olay Total Effects
2 x Ivory Soap 4 packs
2 x TwinLabs Energy Drinks
1 x Oral B Toothbrush on sale=$2.99
1 x Cover Girl Mascara on sale=$6.99 *The variety I tried to buy that qualified for the rebate didn't ring up on sale so I had to get this one...poop!

Coupons totaled...$24.26 including $5 in +Up Rewards I redeemed.
I spent $1.94 OOP put on a free Rite-Aid gift card so ZERO out of pocket.
I earned $7.50 in +UPs($5 for energy drinks, $1.50 for toothbrush).

The following day I did this....
1 x Visine Red Eye w/20% discount=$5.83
2 x Color Burst Lipsticks 40% off=$10.78($5.39 ea.)
1 x Motrin PM w/20% discount=$5.03
Coupons totaled...$20.00(including a $5/$20 and a $5 +UPs redeemed)
$1.64 OOP put on Gift Card so ZERO out of pocket

I earned $7 in +Ups but only the Revlon Lipstick one printed($4).
I have a full price rebate form for the Visine so after submitting for that I'll receive $5.83 back.

I realized during the week that the 8 pack Duracell, of which the stores did NOT have but had bonus 10 packs instead were NOT qualifying for the Duracell $10 SCR.  So instead of having $20+ spent in batteries I only had $4.99 at this point, with the rebate period ending on Saturday.  So we struck out on Saturday to do 3 transactions and get enough battery credits to qualify for the rebate.

Hubs did this transaction....

2 x Duracell 20+5 packs on sale $10=$20.00
2 x Almond Joy Bars on sale.50=$1.00

Coupons totaled.....$15.50(included a $5 off $20, a .50/2 candy bar AdPerks Q, a $1/1 Duracell Peelie and $9 in +UPs.
I spent $5.83 OOP put on that trusty old free Rite-Aid gift card so ZERO OOP.
I qualified for $10 Duracell SCR.

Then I did this transaction....
1 Zegerid=$10.00
2 Garnier Face Scrub=$10.38($5.19 ea. w/20% discount)
1 Nut Mix on sale=$3.99
1 Lypsyl w/20% discount=$2.39

1 $5 off $25 wellness Adperks Q=$5.00
1 $3/1 Zegerid AdPerks Q=$3.00
1 $3/1 Zegerid In-Ad Q=$3.00
1 $3/1 Zegerid IPQ from manu. website=$3.00
2 $5/1 Garnier Face stuff In-Ad Q=$10.00
1 $2/1 Garnier Face stuff ADPerks Q=$2.00
Coupon Total...$26.00

$26.76-$26.00=$.76OOP put on gift card so ZERO out of pocket
I earned $10 in +UPs but only the Garnier printed($3).
There is a TRY ME FREE rebate on the Lypsyl so I'll submit that one for the BIL for a $2.39 rebate.

And last but not least.....

1 Olay Total Effects w/20% discount=$3.99
1 Ivory Soap 4pack w/20% discount=$2.63
2 Garnier Shampoo on sale=$6.00
1 TwinLabs Energy Drinks on sale=$2.98
1 St Ives Face Wash on sale=$3.49
1 Liquid Plumr on sale=$3.49
1 Cover Girl Mascara on sale=$6.99
2 Coke 6packs(for our trip)=$6.00 **Not Pictured

Coupons Used
1 $5 off $25 wellness AdPerks Q=$5.00
1 $4/1 Olay TE ManuQ=$4.00
1 BOGO Ivory Product=$4.99**
2 $1/1 Garnier IPQ(manu website)=$2.00
2 $1/1 Garnier hair product AdPerks Q=$2.00
1 $2/1 St. Ives face product=$2.00
1 $1/2 Cokes In-Ad Q=$1.00
$4.50 in +Ups used($3Garnier & $1.50 OralB)=$4.50
Coupon Total....$25.49

$35.57-$25.49=$10.08+$.29tax=$10.37OOP put on free Rite-Aid gift card so ZERO out of pocket
I earned $7 in +UPs($1 Garnier, $1 Liquid Plumr, $5 Energy Drinks).

**My total should have been higher, as it looks like the cashier took off the full price of the Olay product($4.99)instead of the Ivory product($2.63).  So I got a serendipitous $2.36 extra off my purchases this time.
In addition.....I've spent over $30 in Olay/Pantene/Cover Girl/Secret, Venus products so I can send for the $10 off $30 rebate that runs until the end of Sept. HERE.

Totals for these 4 days....
Number of Transactions....6
Value of items purchased...$203.05
Money Spent.....$19.67--all put on Gift Cards so $0.00 out of pocket
+Ups Earned....$32.50($10 of it didn't print)
SCR qualified for...$2.00-Cover Girl(since I already added in the $10 Duracell earlier this week)
Other rebates....$18.22


Number of Transactions......18
Total Spent....$28.58--all put on free Gift Cards/Certificates 
Value of Items purchased....$669.87
SCR qualified for....$35.98 in cash and $30 in Gift Cards & 1 pack of diapers
Other Cash....$29.27(I put the $3.40 refund here.)
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0
+Up Rewards earned=$61.50

Total 'Spent'...$28.58(on gift cards)
Total Cash I'm getting Back=$65.25
Total Gift Cards I'm getting=$30.00
+Up Rewards left to spend=$16.00(including the $9 that didn't print)


Monday Afternoon Drinks and Sit Down

It's been a busy morning here at Chez Sluggy.

It's time for a brief sit down before tackling some more chores around the grab a drink and a chair.

Hubs is home from work on vacation so we are trying to get some things calls, tying up loose ends of things, like dealing with the govt. bureaucracy in regards to his mother, dealing with the high school Young Scholars Program(seniors who take college courses while in high school), and finding a missing shoe for #1 son.  Just 1 shoe is missing and we can't seem to locate it.  He's suppose to attend a wedding next weekend out near camp and Hubs is dropping off his dress clothes when he goes to pick up daughter on Thursday.  I guess I'll have to get involved in this Search & Rescue Mission shortly.....
Men will give up 4 seconds after looking for something and ask the woman in their lives where something is that's misplaced.  Why do all men think that a uterus is an internal tracking system?!?

Because the humidity broke finally, #2 son and I went to storage this morning and dug through boxes and I've come up with more donation items for Salvation Army.  I also found some more boxes of toys for eBay come September.

I also discovered that I do indeed need to do the Flea Market one more time.
This will happen after the kids go back to school in September, after Labor Day Weekend when the weather is a bit cooler.  Hubs says Sept. and don't wait until Oct. like last year because we froze our butts off then.
Even though lugging everything there is a hassle I'd much rather do that than set up in the garage and have to sit there all day waiting for people to come and buy stuff.  It goes much faster at the flea market...sell for 4 hours and bug out by noon!

The big news is that we are leaving Friday for a vacation...yay!!  I REAL vacation this year.  I can't wait!!
The trip was sort of last minute scrambling to put together but we found a place to stay plus we'll be staying with friends for part of it too.  The 1st part of the trip we are staying in an RV so I need to get bed linens, cooking items(pots, dishes, utensils, etc.)as well as coolers and food packed(thank you stockpile!lol).  First I need to empty my car out from this morning and take a load up to the food bank too.

With all that needs doing I don't know how I'm going to fit in a trip to Rite-Aid this week!lolol

I've got a ZEVIA soft drink review and giveaway on deck but with leaving town, that will be put on hold onto I return since I won't have internet while I'm away. 

But stay tuned later today for a new BORING BLOG BOX GIVEAWAY to start....woohoo!  I can start that one now and just hope Marilyn & Frances don't crash Blogger's system while I am away...lolol ;-)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Holiday Spending Has Commenced!

Last Sunday, when I was at Big Lots buying food and canning jars with my 20% off coupon, I also began my Christmas gift buying.

First off let me say that we don't do a lot of commercially bought gifting at the Holidays.  I am on my 4th year as a member of The Compact Group(check them out on Yahoo Groups), so I don't do indiscriminate 'stuff buying' as a rule.  Not even at thrift stores or yard sales either.  I figure I spent the first 45 yrs. of my life acquiring 'things', so I'll spent the bulk of my time during the next 45 yrs. getting rid of stuff or using up the stuff I already have.

That's not to say that I don't buy things but it's only after a long and thoughtful process of figuring out it's really REALLY needed or wanted.

So anyway, since our kids are past the 'toy' stage, we don't buy much stuff anymore at the Holidays.  Being teens they do constantly want more expensive things but we keep the amount we spend on them turned down a few notches on the expense knob and generally they receive a few articles of clothing(which THRILL them to no!), and either gift cards, cash or 1 big ticket item.  So for the kids, I only usually buy/acquire 10 or so gift items total each Christmas.  Hubs and I only exchange a token gift or two since there is not much we need that we don't have already and if there is something we really really want, we can just go out and buy it ourselves.
We have few relatives outside of our immediate family and we generally give food items to them.  All of our friends live distances away so we send Christmas cards only if we get the energy and time.

That leaves the stocking stuffers.   I enjoy hunting around for the stocking gifts.  I don't care to just do generic stocking gifts(everyone gets the same thing kind of gifts-like a cheese log, socks, and candy canes).  I try to tailor the stuffers to the recipient.
Our stockings do have some 'traditional for us' gift requirements.
Everyone gets either socks or undies in their stocking.
Everyone gets a couple of personal hygiene items(shampoo, deodorant, make-up for the gals, combs, toothbrush, etc.)
Everyone gets a candy treat.
The rest of the space in the stockings I try to fill with interesting items I find throughout the year.  Mostly I try to find useful items but sometimes I do buy something totally wasteful, cheap and fun...gasp!

Here is what I picked up last Sunday for Christmas....

3 pack of Hot Sauce, 3 pack of Socks, 3 pack of Undies.  Guess which one my sons are NOT getting?lol
With the low price at Big Lots and my discount I spent a grand total of $9.60.

So I only have 2 more socks/undies gifts to acquire now for the stockings.(1 for #1 son and 1 for Hubs).

As for the personal hygiene stuffer items.....I have that MORE than covered with all my Rite-Aid free goodies!
I'll wait until closer to the Holidays to pick up their candy items(unless I see something uber cool before then that will store well).
So my stocking stuffers list is down to 2 socks/undies gifts, 3 candy/treat gifts and then the 4-8  'special' wacky gifts.

I'll be working on a list this week, of possible items to pick up in the coming months, to finish off what I need to gather for the Holiday gifting.  I'll keep my eyes peeled and try to pick up meaning items on sale/clearance/ for cheap.  Everything goes into a designated box hidden in the house so that when December rolls around I can find it all.  There is nothing worse than buying throughout the year for the Holidays and then NOT being able to FIND IT when you need it! 
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt as they say....

I always hope to be finished or at least have all my purchases planned out by Dec. 1.(Some gift cards I wait until then to purchase but I've decided on which/what by Dec. 1.) 
That leaves me free from shopping stress in December so I can do other things during the Holiday Season besides fight someone in Macy's over who's going to buy that ugly sweater in our paws.

I usually spend around $850 total for the Holidays.  That includes $200 per kid, $50 for spouse and $200 for all other items(cards, baking, meal, decorating, etc.)  If I do mail gifts of food, this amount doesn't include postage/shipping.  This amount also doesn't include what Hubs spends on me....he is the loose canon in this
Now our family does spend about on par with what they say the typical American family spends at the Holidays.  Let me say that we don't buy 'stuff' for our kids all year round like many parents do.  No xboxes are purchases just because someone here whines that they are bored or such and I don't lay out big money for name branded jeans, shoes, 'fill in the blank', etc.  Birthday presents are modest so Christmas is the ONE TIME in the year our kids get the neat stuff.

And since we have no debt at all, we can afford to spend this amount.
And since we budget for this expense all year($16.35 a week put away), we have the CASH and don't put any purchases on CREDIT!

And if you need to use credit for the Holidays, perhaps you should step back and consider what a bad idea that is before you pull out the Visa card again.....
Don't put your financial life in jeopardy for gifts that no one will remember a year from now and you'll still be paying for in 10 years!
Make this a CASH ONLY CHRISTMAS!  You will be so glad you did.....

Since my family doesn't read my blog, I'll post here in the coming months what I buy and keep a running tab on what I've spent.
2010 Christmas Spending Total....$9.60

Here is an interesting article on Skipping the Holidays Expenses HERE.  Let me know what you think about it.

Have you started your Holiday spending yet?  
Do you have family stocking traditions?
Do you have a budgeted amount for it or do you just buy and buy?
Do you put your Holidays on credit cards?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Around the Yard

For all my friends out there roasting in this awfully hot day, here is a photo you might appreciate about now......

I know *I* feel MUCH cooler about you?! ;-)

Oh, what a difference 6 months makes, huh?lol

I spent the morning running around to Rite-Aids trying to use up my $5 off $20 coupons that are expiring tonight.  And 2 of my +Ups didn't print so I'll be calling Corp. Customer Service on Monday since I don't feel like hanging on the phone today in this heat.

Then to the grocery store to stock #2 son up on chicken nuggets.....well, I wanted chicken strips but they were out and a raincheck wouldn't help since the coupons expire nuggets it was...and he's rather have nuggets despite the awful way they are made....double ugh....but at least he's happy.
No marked down meats today since I went so early but that's ok since I am still fairly stocked up.  That's not to say that I didn't buy anything because my receipt says I spent $37.84!  The nuggets ended up being $3 a bag after sale and coupons but I also bought iceberg lettuce at full retail(ugh), milk, a can of crabmeat on sale and blocks of cheese on sale 1/2 price.

Then home to make an early dinner and feed any stray teens hanging around as well.  And a long leisurely float in the pool while avoiding the teens as they jump in and sling boogie boards around.
Then some watering of the garden plants and some quick photos of same....

Remember the photo of my volunteer tomato plants from June?...

Here they are now.....
And they have lots of blooms too now!
Unless we suffer some catastrophe between now and harvest time, we will be needing tons of butternut squash recipes.  The butternut vines are taking over the beds and the yard now!  Here is our largest so far....

This one is about 6 inches long now and on a vine that climbed over the netting we have strung up for fencing.  Here are two of the vines that have escaped from the garden bed....
Here's a teeny tiny squash on one of them....

Here's a shot of something I planted that the nursery guy said was an Italian Roasting Pepper....
You can't really tell from this photo but they grow upside down with the bottom toward the sky and as they get bigger they turn their bottoms toward the ground.  There is one upside down, one halfway down and the largest one is now growing right side up.  Now did that make any sense or has the heat fried what is left of my brain today?lol

Here is a cuke rainforest....

They have run amok!!!  I am scared to even look in there because I just know there is a cucumber the size of Cleveland lurking within, ready to eat us!

And here is one of the cauliflower heads.....

There are now one on each of the 6 plants, ranging from golf ball sized to water balloon sized?.....what would you say comes after softball sized?....all I could think about is a water balloon.lolol

I have seen 2 'friends' in the garden so far(not counting the Japanese beetles that just arrived or the white moth things munching on the leaves)--a nice big garter snake & a baby bunny that's been hanging around.  Though I haven't seen more than 1 at a time I can lay money that where there is 1 baby bunny, there are more brothers and   I've been trying to get a pic of said bunny(or is it bunnies?)but she/he is too fast or I am too slow with the camera.  I'll keep trying though.

Oh and remember my poor lemon magnolia tree that bloomed and then we got a hard frost back in April?....all the blooms and leaves turned brown, curled up and fell off......

Well, you'll be happy to know that she recovered from her springtime trauma & is looking quite glorious now.....

So how is your garden doing this week? 


Win Free Stuff!

Ok, now that my Title got your attention.....go on over to Lisa B's Blog-EASY FRUGAL LIVING-and enter her CSN giveaway.
The link is HERE.

Annie Jones is still on a quest to win a Gift Certificate from CSN to purchase a Sundial.
Me?....I have my eye on a few things but can't make up my mind yet.

Lisa B's Giveaway ends Sunday night(July 25th)so get a move on and go on over and enter!


Friday, July 23, 2010

MIA.....I'm so Glad I'm Back!

This has been me for the past 36 hours.
Stuck like a dog up a without an internet connection.....Oh my Gawd!

I just got back online this evening.  I've been going cold turkey since yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.
Did anyone miss me?
I sure missed ALL OF YA'LL!


I'm wading through my 150+ emails and catching up on all the blogs I read.....this should keep me busy through the weekend!lolol

We spent the first 24 hours trying to diagnose the problem....would have been quicker if our ISP didn't keep putting us on hold for hours and hours...grrrrrr!!!
The culprit this time turned out to be the wireless router.  This is the 3rd one we have "offed" in as many years!  And the last one was supposed to be the best one out there...ugh!
I am soooo tired of buying these things.

I spent the last day and a half cleaning stuff(bedroom), organizing stuff(garage & storage), taking some photos, rubbing dog bellies, running off to Rite-Aid, taking #2 son to assorted music practices/lessons and trying not to melt from the heat....oh, and cursing the computer, the ISP, the cable company, Bill Gates, and anybody else who got caught in my crosshairs.

Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to be brutal here so I'll have plenty of time to sit on the computer in the a/c'ed room and write blog posts while I'm not submerged in the pool or avoiding cooking.  I think I'll make hubs cook something outside on the grill since the deck will be scorching hot at that time of day. 

Hubs started his vacation from work this evening so he'll be around 24/7 for the next couple of weeks.  He has promised to clean his piece of the garage this weekend. 
Can I say I ain't holding my breath?lol

I've got a couple of trips to Rite-Aid and to the grocery store planned Saturday in the morning before it gets too warm to be in the car.  

Sunday I'm hitting Staples first thing for a FREE BACKPACK(after Easy Rebate/Rewards).  I get my ink there so instead of paying cash for it, when the reward comes in I'll use that to pay.  I would be spending money there anyway on the ink, so might as well get the free backpack instead of spending money on one some place else, right?

Other than that we don't have any plans.  Just keeping cool and puttering around the garden some.

What does everyone else have planned for the weekend?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anti-Coupon Article + Bloggers=Much Ado About Nothing!

Ok folks.....there is a little nondescript article that popped up on Yahoo!Finance on Monday.  It is located HERE
Within 48 hours it went VIRAL all over Coupon/Frugal Blogland. 
All the Coupon Divas(big and small) and a fair number of the Frugalista Bloggers have posted about their outrage at this article & saying the author of said article is just so misinformed!

And all I can sit here and do is laugh.....laugh at the article and laugh at the fact that all these bloggers have their knickers in such a twist over this thing!
I don't know but it seems like everyone has taken this piece of writing as a personal affront to their philosophy and their whole way of life!
And many bloggers have posted rebuttals to this article.

Let's all lighten up, ok?
It's just one person's view.
And actually, it's NOT her view.
She's a hack writer....someone who writes online articles to make $$.  To pay her bills. 
If you do some research on her, you'll soon find that she's also written articles PRO coupons and such as well as her CON coupons stuff.

She writes whatever they want to pay her to write on.
This gives her 'opinion' NO WEIGHT on these matters in my book.
She'll go whichever way the wind is blowing the Cash!

WHO CARES what she thinks!, not thinks because we can't tell what she 'thinks'...who cares what she writes about is more accurate.
This article is not even worth the fuss and certainly not worth the bandwidth it's taking up.

Hey!....if you use coupons, you KNOW it's a good thing.
So stop with the knee-jerk reactions and trying to justify what you do to the world-at-large.
Be at peace with yourself and IGNORE this will be going away soon enough.



Ok, we had 69 valid entries for the Cheerios "Do What You Love" Giveaway.
I plugged in the parameters at Random.Org and it spit out number 49.

And the 49th entry belongs to.....

Kristie Kay's Blog said...
I am following you.

SonyaAnn's Funk has moved East...

I've got a bit of a funk going here.
We've been having issues with one of our beagles, Peanut.
He's also my eBay auction Mascot in all my listings there if you've ever perused them.
He's also one of the doggies in my Blogger and Facebook photos....

(Cherry on the left, Peanut on the right)

Anyway, he's been having urination issues in the house.  This from the dog that NEVER went in the house before! 
But he's getting old so you figure it's a medical problem. 
But he's also the Alpha dog here, has always been stubborn and getting "crotchety old man syndrome" so it could be a behavioral issue.

So we took him to the vet a couple months ago just to be sure if it was medical or behavioral.
The vet put him on antibiotics since the urine test showed he had an infection.
And then we did a second course of antibiotics since the first course didn't knock out the infection.
The third test showed he still had the infection.....and he was still peeing in the house.
At this point the vet wanted to rule out kidney stones or a tumor in the bladder.

So last week Peanut, the biggest Alpha male WIMP DOG you ever saw had to be sedated so they could x-ray him and do some tests.  This is the dog that 'stress sheds' as soon as you put him on the exam table at the vet's.  The hair literally falls off of him like dry needles off an old Christmas tree....
He is such a

And we got to the bottom of his issue.
It's cancerous tumors of the bladder.
And surgery is Not an option because it's not just 1 or 2 little tumors.....there are more tumors than you can count on both hands spread throughout the bladder lining.

So he is on some medications to slow the growths down but it's just a matter of time for him.
I can deal with the daily accidents as long as he is still eating & I know he is not in pain.

We found out the prognosis on my oldest son's birthday....and Peanut is his dog.
I just hope he hangs on until #1 son gets home from his summer job....


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Goody....a Coupon in the Mail!

I hope you read the above title with a heavy dose of sarcasm in your mind.
I did receive this big glossy note with a coupon on it in yesterday's mail.....
It's a $2 off Q for a newish Nature Made natural sleep aid called...."SLEEP".  Rite-Aid went to all the trouble & expense to send out this cool fancy coupon that I should take to their stores to go buy this product.
One little teeny tiny itsy bitsy problem though....
Well I'll give you a hint since my camera sucks at taking clear close-up shots.....
The coupon expiration date is July 15th.
Yesterday was July 19th.
And this mailer came ALL THE WAY from Harrisburg PA.....under 100 miles away!
Imagine if it went across country!

All that wasted money to send me an already expired coupon.....
Thanks Rite-Aid for thinking of me!!! 8-(


Good Deal on Blink Tears at Rite-Aid

Ok...if you can find the Blink Tears container with the 25 single-use vials at your Rite-Aid and if it has a $4 Peelie on it, and if this is a product you use or can use, for gosh sakes buy it!

Because there is a $5 SCR on it(#28)this month.
So after you pay the $10.99 price, use the coupon and get the rebate back, it will cost you $1.99.
Even better....if you have a 10% Wellness discount, it will cost you $.89.
And if you have a 20% Wellness discount, it will be better than free...$8.79-$4/1Q=$4.79 and you get $5 Rebate back!


#2 & #3 Rite-Aid Trip this Week... Crazy Coupon Lady Drama!

So it was back to Rite-Aid Monday evening as I had to stop and gas up the SluggyMobile anyway.

1 x Zegerid on sale=$10.00
1 x Rembrandt Toothpaste w/Wellness Discount=$6.63
1 x Duracell Batteries(10 pack-8 pack w/bonus 2) w/Wellness Discount=$7.19

**Ok, first off I didn't realize that the 8pack batteries w/the 2 bonus batteries wasn't going to ring up like the 8 packs advertised on sale for $4.99.  I didn't realize until after I gave the cashier all my coupons and paid the balance with my gift card.
It was suppose to be a SubTotal of $21.62, and I had a total of $21.00 in Qs to use, for a balance of $.62 to put on a gift card.
So when my balance was higher after handing over the Qs I added a Wellness/+Up I had, but the balance still seemed 'off'.

Used Coupons....
1 x $5 off $20 AdPerks Q=$5.00
1 x $3/1 Zegerid IPManuQ(from website)=$3.00
1 x $3/1 Zegerid In-Ad Q=$3.00
1 x $3/1 Zegerid AdPerks Q=$3.00
1 x $3/1 Rembrandt ManuQ=$3.00
1 x $3/1 Rembrandt AdPerks Q=$3.00
1 x $1/1 Duracell ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $1 +Up Reward=$2.00
Coupon Total...$23.00

$23.82-$23.00=$.82 OOP.

I did notice that I didn't get a $1 +Up Reward for the battery purchase before leaving the store, so I brought it to their attention.  That's when we all noticed that the batteries hadn't rung up for $4.99.
***So if your store has the Bonus packs of 10 batteries and not the regular 8 Packs, they will NOT trigger the +Up Reward!!***
I told the evening Manager that I wanted the pack that got the +Up so she went over and couldn't find any and then remembered that the warehouse had only shipped them the bonus 10 packs so there were no packs in the store that gave you the +Ups.

I wasn't too happy at that point.....and you have to keep crazy couponing customers who carry scissors in their purses happy so she said she'd let me return the $7.19 batteries and then re-ring them for the sale price of $4.99-the $1 +Up which it wouldn't give me, paying $3.99 and not getting the $1 +Up.  That was the same difference to me so I said ok!
So I got a price adjustment of $3.40 BACK in Cash(diff. between $7.19 & $3.99 w/tax) and kept my 10 pack batteries.

Sooooo, I went into the store and gave them .82¢ off my gift card and left with $3.40 in cash and 3 items.
Yes, it all makes sense because of the extra couponage I was able to use when I was charged $7.19 for the batteries but walking out with cash instead of my coupons back sounds soooooo awesome!lolol

This morning was the dreaded Orthodontist appointment for #2 son.  Afterwards, I drug him over to my other fav. Rite-Aid to do my 3rd shop for the week.

2 x Finesse Shampoo on sale $2.50=$5.00
2 x Garnier Shampoo on sale $3.00=$6.00
1 x Rembrandt Toothpaste($7.99)w/Wellness discount=$6.39
1 x Duracell Batteries 8pack on sale=$4.99
1 x Starbucks drink(to placate #2 son)$2.69 w/Wellness discount=$2.15

OK, so this store didn't have any reg. 8 packs of batteries as well, only the 10 bonus packs.
Ugh....more battery drama!  Why can't I buy stuff without drama attached?lol

PLUS they had the batteries sale signage up on the battery hooks($4.99 + gives $1 +Up Reward).  And I waited for her to ring the batteries up and they again, rang up $7.19--reg. price with my Wellness discount price, not $4.99.
Soooo I brought the price problem to her attention before I handed over my coupons, and she called over the manager for a consult.  And there was no drama this time and I didn't need to put on my Crazy Coupon Lady face, as the Manager right away said to give them to me for $3.99(the price -the $1 +Up it should have generated).
So my transaction looked like this instead.....

2 x Finesse Shampoo on sale $2.50=$5.00
2 x Garnier Shampoo on sale $3.00=$6.00
1 x Rembrandt Toothpaste($7.99)w/Wellness discount=$6.39
1 x Duracell Batteries 10/8 pack=$3.99
1 x Starbucks drink(to placate #2 son)$2.69 w/Wellness discount=$2.15

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $20 AdPerks Q=$5.00
1 x $1/1 Finesse Shampoo ManuQ=$1.00
2 x $1/1 Garnier Shampoo IPQ from Garnier website=$2.00
2 x $1/1 Garnier AdPerks Q=$2.00
1 x $2/1 Rembrandt Toothpaste ManuQ=$2.00
1 x $3/1 Rembrandt AdPerks Q=$3.00
1 x $1/1 Peelie Q Duracell Batteries=$1.00
1 x $7 +Ups Reward=$7.00
Coupon Total....$23.00

$23.53-$23.00=$.53OOP put on free Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO out of pocket
SCR qualified for...$10(Duracell), $1(Finesse)=$10.00
+Ups earned....$1(Finesse),$1(Garnier)=$2.00

These 2 Trips....
Total Spent...$1.35 put on Gift Card?....or $3.40 profit? decide!lol
Value of Items purchased...$66.50
SCRs earned....$10(Duracell complete)
+Ups earned....$7.00(Zegerid), $1(Garnier), $1(Finesse)

In other news......
I can't find a space in any Rite-Aid for the Smooth Move Tea.  Where do they hide it in your Rite-Aid?
And I just noticed that the Corned Beef Hash is on sale again too.....#2 son's favorite! I'll check my Qs and see if I can come up with 1 more trip to Rite-Aid for cheap and free!! ;-)


Number of Transactions......12
Total Spent....$8.91--all put on free Gift Cards/Certificates 
Value of Items purchased....$466.82
SCR qualified for....$33.98 in cash and $30 in Gift Cards & free diapers
Other Cash....$11.05(I put the $3.40 refund here.)
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0
+Up Rewards earned=$27.00

Total 'Spent'...$8.38(on gift cards)
Total Cash I'm getting Back=$45.03
Total Gift Cards I'm getting=$30.00
+Up Rewards left to spend=$5.00


Monday, July 19, 2010

"THAT" Place....A bit of Food Shopping

I had to take #2 son for marching practice shoes and we ended up at Walmart.
Monday afternoon is not as bad as the weekend at

I still had some $2/1 Pamper Wipes Qs expiring the end of the month to use.
#2 son found his cheap shoes and I found a few things too....
3 x Pampers Wipes $1.97=$5.91
2 x Tostitos $2.48=$4.96--lowest price I've seen around here for tortilla chips
1 x Jimmy Dean breakfast Sausage 2lb roll on clearance=$4.00

Coupons Used
3 x $2/1 Pampers Wipes adjusted down=$5.91
Coupon Total...$5.91


The sausage roll was on clearance, down from $5.98.  At $2 a lb., not a bad deal since the 1lb. rolls go for almost $4 here anyway.  I may have DH pick up some more tomorrow on the way home.

July Food Spending to Date....$159.86.


#1 Rite-Aid Trip this Week....Here Comes that Crazy Coupon Lady!

I stopped by Rite-Aid when I took #2 son out for marching shoes this afternoon, since it was on the way and I had all my Qs

I would have been in and out quickly since I had planned what I was getting but the line at the register was 9 people long!  It was around 1pm and the only cashier was the Manager-the one who I intimidate.
I're thinking no way I intimidate her.  We had an 'incident' once and I have waaaay overcompensated for it by being overly nice/profusely apologetic if it's my bad/kind/accommodating/jovial/etc. every time I deal with her.  I'm like a manic/depressive on a manic high with her...happy and friendly but a touch on the border of lunatic.  I bet she thinks I am crazy and she doesn't want to be the one I go off on.....and it helps to know that they all know I carry a pair of scissors in my purse at all time.  lol

She also knows that I KNOW what I am doing and I am not shy about speaking up if things go badly and she KNOWS I am a regular caller to Corp. Customer Service.  I think all of that just makes her flustered any time she has to wait on me.  Hey, it sure beats being harrassed and snarled at by the employees, right?! lolol

Well, as expected the transaction flew off the tracks right away......I grabbed the wrong diapers, she forgot to scan the $5 off $20 first and had to redo the whole thing, then I came up short and she couldn't use a coupon so had to give me back a different coupon because the one she used but should have given back to me was a serialized AdPerks and was now "dead".....oh, it was bunches of all kinds of fun!!!
But we got through it and came out aok on the other side....and I never stopped smiling...once!   ;-)

1 x Huggies on sale=$8.99
1 x 20 ct. Motrin PM($6.29)w/Wellness discount=$5.03
1 x Duracell Batteries 8 pk. on sale=$4.99
1 x Apricots on sale=$1.99

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $20 AdPerks Q=$5.00
1 x $1.50/1 Huggies ManuQ=$1.50
1 x $3/1 Mortin PM In-AdQ=$3.00
1 x $1/1 Motrin PM AdPerksQ=$1.00
1 x FREE Huggies Diapers SCR Q=$8.99
1 x $1 +Ups Reward from Tresemme=$1.00
Coupon Total....$20.49

$21.00-$20.49=$.51 OOP put on free Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO Out of Pocket

+Up Rewards earned....$2 MotrinPM, $2 Huggies, $1 Duracell=$5.00
$4.99 toward the SCR #10($10 Duracell)for BIL.

The batteries had a $1 Peelie that I got back since it would have put me over, so I'll use that next time.
And yes, she was just fine with using a $1.50 off Huggies ManuQ  & using my FREE Diapers Q too but she wouldn't let me stack a ManuQ, Adperks Q & a In-Ad Q on the Motrin PM.  Go figure....

I'll go back tonight for another round of goodies. 8-))

This Trip....
Total Spent...$.51 put on Gift Card
Value of Items purchased...$31.26
SCRs earned....$0(working on Duracell one)
+Ups earned....$5.00


Number of Transactions......10
Total Spent....$7.56--all put on free Gift Cards/Certificates 
Value of Items purchased....$400.32
SCR qualified for....$22.98 in cash and $30 in Gift Cards & free diapers
Other Cash....$7.65
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0
+Up Rewards earned=$18.00

Total Cash I'm getting Back=$29.63
Total Gift Cards I'm getting=$30
+Up Rewards left to spend=$5.00


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rite-Aid on Thursday 7/15/10 & What to Buy This Week for FREE!

I had a $20 Allergy Rewards Gift Certificate that was expiring on 7/15, so I HAD to head out to Rite-Aid this past Thursday or lose it.
Perish THAT thought!lol
There wasn't much I wanted but the Planters nuts were on sale so here is what I bought....

5 x assorted Planters Nuts(l like the Nut*rition with the cashews/almonds/macadamias) $3.99=$19.95
2 x Hershey's 8 pack of mini bars on sale BOGO=$1.99
2 x Sobe $1.49, $1.19 with 20% wellness discount=$2.38 *Not Pictured
2 x Almond Joy Candy Bar on sale $.50=$1.00 *Not Pictured
1 x Magnifying Glass w/20% off Wellness Discount=$6.39 *Not Pictured
1 x Lypsyl Lip Balm w/20% off Wellness Discount=$2.39

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $25 Purchase RedPlum IPQ=$5.00
2 x $1/1 Hershey's 8 Pack AdPerks Q=$2.00
1 x Sobe BOGO IPQ=$1.19
1 x $.50/2 Almond Joy Bars AdPerks Q=$.50
Coupon Total....$8.69

I used the $20 Allergy Rewards Gift Certificate....

Then I used $5 in +Up Reward Qs....
$5.41-$5.00=$.41 OOP put on Rite-Aid Gift Card so ZERO Out of Pocket

I earned $1 +Up Rewards for the Planters Nuts.
The Lypsyl had a TRY ME FREE sticker on it, so I can send for a $2.39 rebate for what I paid after my Wellness discount.

And the Magnifying Glass was included in my order at the behest of #2 son and his friend who are paying me back, so I'll be $6.39 back as well.  It's the least they can do since I bought them each a Sobe drink and a candy bar(that's why they aren't pictured above).lol

This Trip....
Total Spent...$.41 put on Gift Card
Value of Items purchased...$49.66
SCRs earned....$1(Lypsyl)


Number of Transactions......9
Total Spent....$7.05--all put on free Gift Cards/Certificates 
Value of Items purchased....$369.06
SCR qualified for....$22.98 in cash and $30 in Gift Cards & free diapers
Other Cash....$7.65
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0
+Up Rewards earned=$13.00

Total Cash I'm getting Back=$29.63
Total Gift Cards I'm getting=$30
+Up Rewards left to spend=$1.00

As for Rite-Aid this week.....
There is not much I need that is a good deal but there are quite a few freebie or almost freebie opportunities this week.

The Duracell Batteries are a good buy if you use batteries.
8 count packs are $4.99 and if you can find the ones with $1 Peelies on them(or have the $1/1 Qs from the last P&G insert) AND there is a $10 SCR when you buy $20 worth of more, so do this....
Buy 5 packs for $24.95 and a very cheap filler item to put you over the $25 mark(like a candy bar on sale this week for .50¢). Total $25.45.
Then use 5 of the $1/1 Peelies, 1 of the $5 off $25 purchase Qs=$10.00 off.
$25.45-$10=$15.45 plus tax if applicable in your state.

Submit for SCR #10 for $10.
After the rebate you will have paid $5.45 for 40 batteries and a candy bar.

There are also 3 "regular" full purchase price SCRs available this week that will keep you "moving along", if you know what I a hemorrhoid med, what with all that sitting you'll be
#14 CryoSTAT
#17 Colon aide
#18 Ducolax Balance
#23 Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea

The Motrin PM is a good deal as well.  20ct. avg. $5.99 a bottle.
There is a $3 in-ad Q, which makes this $2.99 a bottle.
Stack a Manu. Q from today's paper $1/1 and pay $1.99, or stack the older Manu. Q that is $3/1 and get it free.  You also will get $2 in +Up Rewards for buying this product.
And if you have earned a Wellness discount your price starts at either $5.39 or $4.79 before coupons so even if you don't have both the $3/1 ManuQ & the in-Ad $3/1 Q, you still will do well here.

Finesse is a great deal this week.  It's on sale for $2.50 and if you buy 2 in a single purchase you get a $1 +Up Reward.  There is also a $1 SCR on the purchase of 1 bottle this month.  In addition, there is a rebate offer for Finesse in the 5/16SS coupon insert(up to $3).
So buy 2 Finesse for $5.
Used 2 of the $1/1 ManuQs, makes it $3.00
Get a $1 +Up Reward.
Submit for the SCR for $1.
Then mail in for the Finesse Rebate for $2.50.
After rebates you will get paid $.50 to buy 2 bottles & get a $1 +Up Reward to use!
As Adam Sandler might say, "Not too shabby!"

Then there is the Zegerid OTC.  With your wellness card it is $10 for a 14ct.
Use the In-Ad Q $3/1 and you pay $7.00.
Go watch the AdPerks video fo Zegerid and you can get another $3/1 Q there to stack.
Use both $3 Qs and you pay $4.00.
Go to the Zegerid OTC Website to get a $3/1 Q.
Stack all 3 Qs and pay $1.00!
And then you get a $7 +Up Reward back!!

Of course all these deals will be even sweeter if you combine them into 1 big transaction and can use a $5 off $20 or $5 off $25 Purchase Q as well.

Here's a scenario to try....
1 x Zegerid OTC=$10.00
1 x Motrin PM=$5.99
2 x Finesse Shampoo=$5.00

Coupons to Use
1 x $5/$20=$5.00
1 x Zegerid $3/1 ManuQ
1 x Zegerid $3/1 In-Ad Q
1 x Zegerid $3/1 AdPerks Q
1 x Motrin $1/1 ManuQ
1 x Motrin $3/ In-Ad Q
2 x Finesse $1/1 ManuQ
Coupon Total....$19.00

$20.99-$19.00=$1.99 + tax OOP.
Receive $10 in +Up Rewards($7 Zegerid,$2 Motrin PM, $1 Finesse).

Then buy 5 packs of Duracell batteries & the candy bar filler...use 5 x $1/1 Peelies, a $5 off $25 Q and the $10 in +Up Rewards to pay.
$25.45-$10 in Qs-$10 in +Ups=$5.45 + tax OOP.
Receive $1 in +Ups.
Submit for SCR#115(Finesse)& #10(Duracell) and receive $10 back.
Submit for Finesse Rebate from manufacturer and receive $2.50 back.

OOP total before rebates...$7.44 + tax.
Cash back for rebates....$12.50.
Profit of $5.06 plus $1 in +Ups and you got 1 Zegerid, 2 Finesse, 1 Motrin PM, 1 Candy Bar and 5 packs of Batteries for free!

One last thing.....don't forget that there are TWO MORE FREE $25 Gift Card when you transfer a Prescription to Rite-Aid Coupons in this week's R-A sales flyer!  They are good until July 31st so plenty of time to find an rx to transfer.  (Forget it though in NY or NJ(if you are under 60) as state law prohibits it.)
I found an older arthritis rx I needed to refill that I had at Kmart pharmacy and took it up to transfer on Thursday when I did my shopping at Rite-Aid.  $25 more in free credit to get stuff at Rite-Aid....woohoo!


Friday, July 16, 2010

It's All I Can Stands, I Can't Stands No More!

The other day #2 son came downstairs at the crack of noon and asked me what was for dinner.  He's not one to wait until the last minute to find out vital information like that, ya know?!

When I told him I was yet again, making dinner from scratch, he got a look on his face and asked me if we could ride up to Burger King so he could get some burgers for dinner instead.

When I nixed this idea, a dark cloud descended over him and his long face got even longer.
Sensing this was more than the usual teen-hormone surge I am use to at home, I pressed him as to his response to me. 
I thought my no to the burger plan was just the last straw on a day that was difficult for him emotionally or something. wasn't that.
He finally opened up and the truth came tumbling out.

He has had enough!
Enough of all the nourishing home cooking.
For the last 18+ months I've been cooking from scratch(or something approaching it)and he is FED UP with eating healthily so much!

The poor thing.....I've cut down on his junk food to a point that he is longing for that fat, sodium, sugar, chemical laden stuff from the House of Ronald and the King, and the Bell of Taco & the Hut of Pizzas.
He misses the tasty poison and I am a bad, bad mom for denying him his minimum daily requirement of crap.

The horror.....the anguish......the Woe is Me!

Yah, I can live with it.....and so can he.  ;-)


July Food Shopping....15 Days Down

In order to make pickles with my pickling cukes I got at the farm on Sunday I needed to get some vinegar and mustard seeds at the grocery store.

 I picked up...
1 gallon of white vinegar on sale for $1.99
1 jar of mustard seeds for $2.19
1 package of ground beef on sale for $3.73
2 bags of frozen veggies on sale for $2($1 each)
1 gallon of milk for $3.32
3 frozen lasagna on sale B1G2free so $3.59 for 3
2 bags of chips on BOGO sale for $3.78

Total was $20.60.
Retail Value of $34.75.
Saved $14.15.
40.72% saved.

So $12.55 at the farm and stand & $20.60 on Tuesday.

July Food Spending to Date....$150.90

How is your food budget holding up for July?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Picking Time!

I actually got myself and #2 son up and out in the yard while it was still relatively cool this morning(relatively=82 degrees + 90% humidity).

So we picked collards......and picked......and picked......and get the idea.
We made some space in the bed so that the winter squash has room now and the marigolds can see the light of day.  There are still shoots coming off & more growing out of the collard plants, as we just 'thinned the herd' and didn't pull up the plants.

Then we moved on to the leaf lettuce......this photo is about a week old so imagine even MORE

And here is what we picked....
We don't use any pesticides here(except for the soapy/garlic water spray)so my collard leaves may not be pretty but they are organic and healthy, bug holes and all!lol

I'm going to attempt to keep track of what we get out of the garden this year so I'll be keeping a running tally on the blog here.

1st Collards harvest(a couple weeks ago)was 13oz.-it was only 8 leaves.
Today's Collards harvest was 9lb. 15.8oz!
The leaf lettuce today weighed in at 1lb. 1.6oz.

Garden Harvest Weight Total to date....11 lb. 14.4 oz.


DeCluttering and Donating....#1 Trip for JULY

We just keep chugging away with decluttering and donating here at Chez Sluggy.
Here is what left my house this week.....

2 Postcard Books
1 Hello Kitty Puppet
1 Mens T-Shirt
2 Power Rangers Bop Bags
1 Trinket Box
1 Kid’s Toiletry Set
1 Star Trek Trading Cards Box
5 Chess Books
1 Hand Vac
1 Vintage Photo
1 Pfaltzgraff Cookie Jar
2 Kiddie Puzzles
1 Kid’s Hooded jacket
3 Boy’s Shorts
2 Pillowcases
1 Bath Towel
1 Glasses Case

And these.....

18 Cherished Teddies Figurines
  (Thelma, 2 x Wally, Sheep/Donkey, Japan, Tiny Ted-Bear, Jeffrey, Angela, Grace, Ted,
   Winnie, Ryan, Ronnie, Suzanne, Mitch, Lindsey & Lyndon, Penny Chandler & Boots,
   Strawberry Lane Accessories)

Total Items for this Donation....45

April Total....96
May Total....72
June Total....45
July Total....45
Yearly Total to Date....258 Items.

Yearly Food Bank Donation Total....78

Yearly Total for all Donations so far.....336

In other news......I am working on a food stockpile donation as well but that's not going to happen until the heatwave breaks and I can stand to be in the garage for longer than 5 minutes.  I've got the JFSC check ready to go for that as well.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is It Christmas in July?.....Sort of....

I am a bad bad mommy I guess.
I am 2 days late in wishing my oldest son a Happy Birthday.
Plus the most recent photo I have of him is from

He's 19 yrs. old now so I guess he survived growing up with an inept old mom in spite of himself.

Happy Birthday Matt!!

And don't do anything I wouldn't, maybe just go with the Happy Birthday part on second thought....  ;-)
See you next month!

Sluggy aka MOM

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CHEERIOS "Love What You Do" Giveaway!

First off let me say, we are not a big cold cereal family.  My kids are teens now and really don't care much for those sugar-coated cereals they use to beg me to buy for them in their younger days.

We have become a family of FLAVORFUL CEREAL Lovers instead.  Flavorful meaning NOT filled with sugar so you can actually taste the grains that make up the cereal. We do like to eat oat cereals, both cold and hot types.

One of our favorite cereals is Cheerios. They taste good plus Oats are good for you, so it's a win/win in my book.
#1 son and I adore the Multi-Grain variety of Cheerios.  Hubs prefers the classic Regular Cheerios, the Daughter likes the Cheerios with the Yogurt Bursts and #2 son will eat whatever variety is in the house, as long as I have plenty of ice cold milk to drown it in. lol

So when MyBlogSpark offered me the opportunity to review Cheerios and tell my readers about a FAN-tastic Contest, I was all like, "sign me up!"  ;-)
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