Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not only is my Blog Boring, My 2010 GIVEAWAYS ARE BORING!

So I got this idea from Happy Mom of 5(check it out-her blog button is on my right sidebar).....and she in turn got the idea from someone else's blog(sorry, I can't recall whom or I would rep you).  I thought it was a neat idea.

I am going to host a Whole Year of Giveaways in 2010!

I'm calling it.....

And here is what you can win.....

And just WHAT IS THAT, I hear you ask??
It's the inside of a USPS Priority mail box of course!

It's empty just now.....
But it won't be when you win it!

Here's what I am going to do.

I am taking a Flat Rate mailing box.
And I will add prizes to it as the weeks go along and I'll post pictures of what I have added, when I add it.
And when it's full, I'll draw a name and one of my lucky readers wins whatever is in the box!

And just what are the prizes?
Glad you asked!

The prizes will be items I pick up in my couponing travels for free or almost free and/or samples I have requested from companies that I feel compelled to share with my readers.

These will NOT be company sponsored Giveaways!  No company will send me stuff to giveaway.
These boxes will be filled with items I have purchased myself.  Payment for the items and the postage is coming out of my pocket.  Ya see how much I must love y'all?lol

Now I have no clue how long it will take me to fill a box.  That will depend on how much/what deals I find and when.  We'll all get a handle on a timeline as we go along.

As soon as I ship off a Box to the Winner, I'll get another empty mailing box and start filling it and will continue doing this all year.

So what are the rules?
1.  You can enter 1 time per day.  I'll post that a New Box Giveaway is ready to start and then let the entering begin!
On the right side of my Blog, right at the top will be a LINK to the current Blog Post about the Giveaway  where you are to leave your entry/comment.

2.   Besides just saying, "Here's my entry" & leaving your email addy, you will have to post some kind of a comment in your entry.  Talk about an amazing deal you got that week, what a wonderful person you think I am(LOLOL), something that happened in your life, a goal you have or have attained, what your weather is like, a story or joke or a link to a website we might like.....just post Something!

3.  You MUST be a follower of my blog to enter AND when the Giveaway Winner is announced, you must STILL be a follower.  No following, entering and then unfollowing.  If the name I draw is not a follower,  then I will draw another winner.
If you don't know how to follow, just look on the right sidebar for where it says "followers" and there should be a FOLLOW BUTTON you can click on.  If you are still having problem, email me at and I'll try to help you sign up to follow the blog.

4.  Extra Weekly Entries for Bloggers.  There are 2 ways to get an extra weekly about my Giveaway and/or put my blog on your blogroll.
You can do both of these each week or only do one.  Each will give you 1 extra entry.  
If you blog about the Giveaway, leave an extra comment and the link/url to your blog post.
If you put me on your blog roll, leave an extra comment and the url to your blog.

5.  Since the box is being mailed Priority FlatRate mail, you must live where this can be mailed to.....meaning only people with US mailing addresses.  Sorry if you are in Canada or overseas but I would need a home equity loan to pay the postage outside the USA.

6.  When the Prize Box is full,  I'll post a LAST CHANCE Post with the last date/time to enter for the current Giveaway.  After the Giveaway is closed,  I will use Random Generator to pick the Winner of the Giveaway.  

7.  After the Prize Box has been awarded and sent, I'll post a new Giveaway Post when a new Prize Box is ready.  Please wait until the new Giveaway Post is up to enter.

8. I reserve the right to change or amend the rules or end the Giveaways at any time.   It's my Giveaway so I'm in charge. ;-) 

I think that covers everything that needs covering.

So look for the 1st Prize Box Giveaway to begin soon!



  1. I would love to win the box! I am waiting for spring break to go to is freezing here in Indiana!!


  2. I would have entered earlier, but I didnt see this post! Count me in, I'm already a follow, and I would never up follow you! (Do people really do that? Crazy) Anyways, hmm.. something to tell you, I just picked up some Free Gillette Body wash last week, and I contacted PopChips and they just sent me two coupons for a free Bag!!! Happy me!


  3. I am following and you are on my blogroll!

  4. Now don't disqualify me, I think I can enter again?!

  5. I'm a follower. I think this is such a neat idea! I just got 6 bags of Halloween candy for free today at my Rite Aid...I'm pretty happy.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  6. I follow and I got some great free halloween decorations at cvs this week ! bargainfun1 at yahoo


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