Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Week on The Dining Table

The "Thanksgiving is over so who even wants to think about Food?!" Edition.......

Since I never even got around to posting the Weekly Menu last week or the "How we did sticking to the previous week's menu" discussion, let's just start fresh this week, ok?

 Here is what I remember from last week's menu/meals that we ate--
Sunday--Leftovers of some kind
Monday--Homemade Steak Chili, Baked Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas
Tuesday--Corned Beef, Cabbage
Wednesday--Leftovers(Sloppy Joes, Corned Beef, Chili or "whatever you can find"
Thursday--Turkey, Stuffing, et al
Friday--Taco Bell
Saturday--Turkey Day Leftovers

As for food spending last week....
There were 2 trips to the store and I spent $24.35 on $87.81 worth of groceries at 2 different stores-the local grocer and a run for bread products for the month to the Bakery Outlet.  I did the numbers on Saturday and I have spent $182.78 OVER my $400 November food budget.  (Actually I spent MORE than that since I made two quick small grocery store runs Saturday evening before the stores closed as there were some good deals ending.  I've marked those trips down for Dec. spending as I had already closed out the Nov. spending in the book.)
Wow.....just wow......nothing else to say......

Leftovers going into this week--leftover rutabagas, glop, stuffing(no turkey tho!lol), roasted potatoes, corned beef, cabbage, chili.

Here's this week's meal plan---

Sunday--Stuffed Shells, Salad
Monday--Leftovers-Whatever you can find night and Roasted Asparagus
Tuesday--Leftover Stuffed Shells
Wednesday--Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, Green Beans, leftover stuffing
Thursday--Eating Out
Friday--Leftover Chili and Burritos
Saturday--no clue yet, maybe use a free Pizza coupon I have

Looks like this is the week Sluggy won't be cooking.....go me! lolz
I cooked a pot of sauce Sunday and made the stuffed shells so except for picking up fried chicken(not cooking it)and Burritos I have no cooking duties other than reheating leftovers.
Works for me to get a break in the kitchen. ;-)

What I need to purchase for this menu?......the Fried Chicken(it's a Wed. special at the grocery store, 8 pce. for $5)and Burritos on special this week.  I have a $10 Catalina to use at Weis this week so it will pay for the chicken on Wed. and part of the Burritos.

I got the asparagus already Sat. evening.(on one of those trips I am counting in Dec.'s spending)so very little should be spent this week on food/toiletries.  I am thinking $10-$20 and that much only if I find some instant meat markdowns on Wed. when I go to get the Chicken and Burritos I am buying.

After November's food overrun, I really want to keep December's food expenditures low.
I'll be posting my Nov. food spending totals in the next day or two.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I always try to have a bunch of frozen heals before we go into the Thanksgiving madness. That way I get a break after all the Thanksgiving cooking I did plus I overspend buying all the Thanksgiving food. So it helps in a bunch of ways. Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder how many times I can line up the word Thanksgiving in one comment.

  2. Bahaha. No idea. I am thinking omelets. Do they go well with vegetables? I should have bought some bread or crackers. Or sweet Thai chilli sauce. Love that stuff with omelets!


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