Monday, December 23, 2013

Sluggy's Nativity Scene

We dug out the ceramic Nativity scene my mother made back in the 1970's this year and set it up earlier this month.
We have a few different sets but this year we used my mom's.

Here is 2013's display, in all it's glory.........

                     Click on picture to embiggen

You may notice, when you look at it close up, that we have a few unconventional additions.
If you ever had little kids you will understand.
When the kids were little, you never knew from one day to the next who would make an appearance in the Nativity tableau compliments of the kids' toy box.

So we have continued and embellished the traditional.

After all, who am I to say that Batman and Pound Puppies didn't come to Bethlehem that night many years ago?



  1. The first thing that caught my eye was the Power Ranger and then I was like, "Hey wait a minute....isn't that Batman and....?"

  2. The story has been embellished before, so who is to say that Batman was not there. I just found a bag of Pound Puppy and baby Pound Puppy clothing...sigh. Is he cold?

    Cute! My first thought was "there sure are lots of figures there, more than usual."

  3. We have spongebob, a bionicle, a mini barbie, and I think a pikachu in ours right now. But we never knew who would show up in our(which looks a lot like yours and I made it in ceramic class in 1989). The kids still put an assortment of stuff in

  4. Holy Donkey Batman! I love it!

  5. I love it! I think letting the kids embellish your Christmas displays makes them interesting and memorable. And glad you carry on the tradition.

    Why wouldn't Batman have been there? He IS a superhero after all!

  6. You made me laugh!!! I had a neighbor that couldn't find baby Jesus one year and put an army man in the manger. Her very Christian husband hit the ceiling. Everyone else laughed.

  7. Woot. You have the three magic kings. Cool stuff. My parents have the same exact set we've had every Christmas as far as we can remember. It's old and dust and some have broken and been repatched with glue. Havent seen it this year.

  8. I love it. I have a thing for nativities. We have five and my daughter put them all out together on the coffee table. Five any Jesuses, five Marys, 15 wise men...aaargh.

  9. I think encouraging children to personalize the manger is great policy :) They are showing interest in the story!

  10. At Disneyland ....during the Christmas season, there is a hidden ELVIS in the Small World attraction.

    I thrift shopped up a cool Mexican Nativity this year and when I finally got around to setting it up I discovered that we were missing the baby Jesus. I just moved the wise men farther away and decided that the birth hadn't happened yet.. I need to get myself an army man!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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