Friday, December 6, 2013

My Weekly Rite-Aid Trip

Well IF the Load2Card Qs had come off like they did the last couple of weeks, this lot would have cost me $2.57 instead of the $10.57 I paid.  Yes, I had $8 in Load2Card coupons on my card that refused to budge off of it!
Ya hear that Rite-Aid??!!

 I forgot to put the Distilled Water I bought into the second photo for the order on the brother in-law's card.......

You will notice that somebody around here likes Peppermint Patties..... 8-)

As things went, the Pantene cost me $1 a bottle, the Tresemme(the more expensive fancy bottles)cost me .49¢ each, the Soft Scrub with my Freebie Coupon cost me $1.10 for both bottles(the freebie Q only paid up to a certain amount), the Axe body sprays were $1 each and the gift set cost me $2.98 after the +Up Rewards that I got back for these transactions.

The candy is a good deal.....big bags of mint patties or peanut butter cups on sale for $3.99 and give a $3 +Ups, so if you have +Ups to roll, these come out to .99¢ a bag.  Your store is probably out by this point in the week so get a RAIN CHECK for them(limit 2 deals)!

Retail value of this lot?

I need to go back and get some gift cards since they are giving +Ups and they are for places we spend during the year anyway.
And I need some PowerAde(.57¢ each this week)too for Hubs.

So what good deals did you get at Rite-Aid or some other drugstore this week?


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  1. I get so confused when you do this, I keep waving, but with my burnt eyelash I can't see you very well.


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