Monday, December 9, 2013

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Egads!  Can Christmas be only 16 Days Away?!" Edition.......

It's already the 9th of December and I have yet to catch any Christmas movies or specials on the television.
How did that happen?! 8-))

 On to the Meal Planning.
Here is what was planned last week--
Sunday--Stuffed Shells, Salad
Monday--Leftovers-Whatever you can find night and Roasted Asparagus
Tuesday--Leftover Stuffed Shells
Wednesday--Fried Chicken, Coleslaw, Green Beans, leftover stuffing
Thursday--Eating Out
Friday--Leftover Chili and Burritos
Saturday--no clue yet, maybe use a free Pizza coupon I have

Well we ate everything listed, but not on the days planned.   Except there was no pizza bought on Saturday, as I had gotten a big package of ground beef at Wegman's so we had hamburgers and used up some veggie side dishes that evening.

As for the food spending last week....
There were 4 trips to the stores and I spent $94.92(including my Rite-Aid trips-$10.87)on $285.76 worth of groceries/toiletries at 4 different stores.  Add that to the $34.68 I carried over from Nov.(when I closed out the books on that month and did some more grocery shopping on Nov. 30th)and we are at $129.60 spent on $356.25 worth of groceries/toiletries for December so far.
23 days left in the month and $179.40 left in the food budget.

I am still hopeful I can pull off a $300 food month.  I don't plan on spending but $20 this week on a few loss leaders to use in the next 2 weeks.  That would leave us with about $150 left for the second half of the month's food shopping.

Leftovers going into this week--Shells, Coleslaw and some Fried Chicken.  I also have that whole roasting chicken I bought on Thursday and cooked up, plus a large package of ground beef also bought at Wegman's last Thursday to do something with this week.  Maine Source had a weekend special of yellow and green squash for .89¢ lb. so I bought 3+/- lbs. of each. and 2 doz. eggs.  I also picked up more asparagus as it was still on sale Saturday at Weis.

Here's this week's meal plan---

Sunday--used leftover Fried Chicken to make Lemon Pepper Chicken w/Zuke, Rice
Monday--finish the Leftovers Stuffed Shells, Salad
Tuesday--Dinner out w/a gift certificate(free)
Wednesday--Meatloaf, Squash Casserole, Asparagus
Thursday--Roasted Chicken(maybe w/BBQ sauce), steamed Broccoli, roasted Sweet Potatoes
Friday--Leftovers Medley
Saturday--No Clue yet-options of leftovers, lasagna from freezer or pizza take-out(w/gift cert.)

What I need to purchase for this menu?......a couple of sweet potatoes.  Add that to the loss leaders I'll pick up later this week if the weather makes it able for me to get to the store.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Hi there!

    I'm new to your blog. Sent here by a fellow blogger. I'm interested in "couponing" for household/hygiene items for myself (single household). Not as interested in food items, I shop at Aldi and watch sales for those things. However, I'm torn between Walgreens vs CVS. *No rite-aid near me. Have you tried the Walgreens rewards program? Pros/cons to both? I'm 26, so senior programs aren't of interest. And I fill most prescriptions via a mail service.

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)


    P.S. My (bew) blog is: (prior blog deleted for personal reasons).

  2. Welcome TLC!
    Over the years I've played all 3 of the major drugstore chains' games. In the end, I find them all about the same in terms of how much you can save if you really try. So I like to stick to 1 and not try to do the deals at 2 or 3 of them.
    I haven't really shopped Wags since they instituted their new loyalty card program a couple of years ago(or has it been longer?).
    I do Rite-Aid because it's the only one in my tiny town and there are lots more of them close by. Sometimes I'll do CVS but I haven't in over a year right now. When I WAS doing Wags and CVS on a semi-regular basis, I found that CVS gave me lower out of pocket costs and had more of the sort of things I was buying for cheap or free after the deals.
    But that's just me.... 8-)

    Your best bet is to check in with the sites that focus on CVS or Erica at I heart CVS and I heart Wags and slickdeals dotnet forums for those chains. I'd also find and put a local or three deal bloggers in my favorites to check out local clearance finds at the chain of your choice.
    Another good place to find discount toiletries, once the weather is good, is to scope out your local flea markets and craigslist for "stockpile sales"--that's an extreme couponer's yard sale to sell off some of their hoard of toiletries.
    Good luck! and feel free to ask if you have questions for me.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I added you to my blogroll :)

  3. No food related comment here, because you just depressed the heck out of me. In 10 days I've got to start taking all these decorations DOWN that i recently put UP. *grumble*

    1. lotta joy,
      Why will you take down Christmas decorations on the 19th of December?

  4. Slugmama,
    I sent tlc here for the best advice on non-food deals. I have Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens in a tight little knot in this small town. CVS and Walgreen's are next door and RA is across the street. And, at the other end of town, two miles away and on the same street is another RA and Walgreen's within a block. We have drugstores running out our ears.

    I have found that in our small pharmacies that are mostly medicine oriented, there are good deals to be had. I never go in looking for deals, but the cards are cheap, and there are sale racks of items I use.

  5. We call them "fend nights" as in fend for yourself for dinner. It's good for the kids, makes them tough to scavenge for food.

  6. The only Christmas movie I can say I've sat through is Mickey Mouse's (the old version, none of the newer stuff), and Charlie Brown's. I lack the patience and focus to sit through movies.

    As far as food... let's just say I'm in survival mode where food is really just a detriment until next Tuesday!


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