Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not Shopping Today

Remember my This Week On the Dining Table Post earlier this week?
The one where I said I was going to spend as little as possible this week on food/toiletries because I spent so much last week?

Well, so far so good.
I've spent OOP .65¢ all week, and that was at Rite-Aid.
I haven't made one trip to the grocery store this week, not even to pick up the loss leaders I wanted to get.

Go me! lol
If I keep this up I'll be able to come in under the food budget for December.

Of course it helps that I had lots of food here already going into this week.
Then #2 Son's car died yesterday so I am stranded until further notice without a car so I can't run to the store.

Tonight we'll have that discounted roaster I picked up at Wegman's last week.  I cooked it up last week so I just have to heat it up and throw together some sides.

Tomorrow is leftover meatloaf and a green veggie.
Saturday?....who knows.  Depends on what is going on that day and how I am feeling.  But we don't have to buy any food if we don't want to, that's for sure! ;-)



  1. Wow, $0.65 spending! You're going all out! Hope they can fix the car soon. Having limited number of vehicles really sucks.

  2. I had to just say no when I saw dark brown sugar on sale. Since I don't use much these days, I may have enough to last forever. If only Dove were on sale, I would buy it by the cartful!

    Are you saying you are good because you cannot get to the store?

  3. Denise ....I need to ask our friend a question .....Hey Linda .....Is that Dove soap or Dove chocolate? LOL

  4. $0.65 spent is IMPRESSIVE!!


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