Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Shopping Win Using Free Gift Cards

I had an hour to kill between dr. appointments yesterday so I picked up a prescription I had transferred to the K-Mart pharmacy and made a quick $25(gift card)for doing this.  This is the 4th gift card I have earned in the last 2 months for transferring rxs to K-Mart.

Then I went shopping in the store for some Xmas worries, nobody in my family reads my


Everything I got was on sale, so this lot cost me $54.96 + .24¢ tax on the Abominable Snowman Ornie=$55.20
Regular Retail is $75.94 + .36¢ tax.
I used 2 of my Gift Cards earned from transferring rxs toward this purchase and spent $5.20 OOP and I saved $21.20 off of reg. retail.

Since I have a "Shop your way" rewards card for K-Mart, I came armed with a "Get 10,000 SYW pts. when you spend $50" Q I got in K-Mart last weekend, so I earned $10 in pts. for this transaction that were good for 48 hours(use 'em within 2 days or loose them).

My daughter is in dire need of new underthings so I went online this morning and bought all this. Unfortunately none of it was on sale but I still did well as you will see............

2x Hanes 6-Pack of Boyshorts  $9.99....................$19.98

3 x Joe Boxer 2-Pack of Bras $16.98 each.............$50.94

1 x Athletech 6-Pack No Show Women's Socks.....$5.99


This order qualified for free shipping to my daughter as it was over $59.00
I used a $5 off $45 purchase coupon code, bringing the total down to $71.91.
Then I used my $10 in SYW points earned yesterday, making the total $61.91.
I also applied my other $38.65 in SYW points already on my card, making the total now $23.26.
$2.16 in tax was applied to my order(because it was shipping to a state with sales tax on something I bought), making the total $25.42.
I then paid with the 3rd of 4 gift cards I got for transferring perscriptions, so my OOP(put on my credit card)was .42¢.
And I earned 615 more SYW points for this purchase.

In total I bought.....
6 men's undershirts
2 men's t-shirts
1 men's l/s shirt
1 pr. men's slippers
1 Xmas ornie
12 pair of women's panties
6 women's bras
6 pair of women's socks

And I spent $5.62 OOP.

Love it!



  1. Now, that is a deal! Good job!

  2. You are on fire!!!!! I feel as if dear daughter has been somewhat violated with you showing her drawers online.
    I have a bunch of $10 gift rewards from Victoria secret. I told Den he was getting me undies for Christmas. Since I ran out of cash(spoiler alert) I have cut way back. Anna will be getting some VS body spray in her stocking as well. I don't think that DJ will appreciate it but he might be getting some too. And it will be Dollar Tree candy for them as well. Money before love. LOL


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