Sunday, December 1, 2013

Last of the Rite-Aid Bacchanal

 Went back last night to finish spending down some +Up Rewards on both my card and brother in-law's card.....

 *Not pictures is an 8 roll pack of Paper Towels in each photo.*

I found another online Q for $1/1 Ghirardelli so I got another 2 bags free after the purchase generated the bonus 2 x $1 +Ups for each bag.
Pay $6, use $2 in Qs, Get $4 in +Ups back and I paid with +Ups so free. 8-)

My out of pocket cash outlays for these transactions was .34¢(.05 tax)and .53¢(.03 tax).

I've got $40.98 in +Ups combined from both cards left.

This week at Rite-Aid I only plan on buying a couple of Axe gift sets(which will spend down $5.98 for 2), unless something else pops up that is an irresistible deal.  8-)
I am hoping for better weekly deals next week to finish spending/rolling these +Ups.

After the grocery shopping orgy that November turned out to be,(yes, I just finished running the numbers for the food budget spending for November and it ain't pretty!), I'll be scaling back food spending in December.....but this won't include Rite-Aid shopping if I can get what I want/need there for almost free.

How are the deals at the drug store you frequent?



  1. Great now I really need chocolate. I may have to get a fb just so I can get some coupons! I have to get back on the rite aid horse though..I mean its chocolate

    1. I have a love/hate relationship with F/B. Love the Q and offers, hate just about everything else. lol

  2. I have $29 to spent at Rite Aid in the next couple of weeks but I never got back there for chocolate because the baby is pretty sick :( Oh well, maybe, there will be another good deal in two weeks.

    1. Sorry you missed the chocolate....
      I'll do a post on possible deals for next week so look for it. This week's ad is not very promising.

  3. Okay, what are you going to do with all of your rewards? I have just over $40, I think, & this week's ad (started today) stunk. I couldn't find anything I wanted. I ended up wandering the aisles, & left with two packs of gum. ;-) Anything on the horizon that looks promising?

    1. The only thing I am planning on doing this week is Axe gift sets are $9.99, stack the $3 IPQ and the $2 AdPerks Q to get them for $4.99 each and receive a $2 +Up for each, making them $2.99.
      The ad is pretty dreadful otherwise.

      The week of 12/8 isn't much better, except the $50 Home Improvement gift cards are back to giving $10 +Ups and there is a spend $25/Get $5+Ups on the Old Navy/Gap/Nana Repub. cards(limit 2).
      The body sprays(including Axe) are Buy2/Get $2+Ups and they are BOGO50%, so would be about $6.50 for 2, add in Qs floating around the internet plus a new AdPerk Q for $1 and a $3/2 Load2Card and it's practically free. I'm also trying to match up AdPerksQs/Load2Cards and IPQs to sales for Tresemme, Dove and Purex in the next 2 weeks. There is a $5/1 Venus L2C Q and it's $6.99 next week and giving $2+Ups so free as well.
      I'll post after I get a chance to figure it all out.
      But yes, you are right that this week is a bunch of dismal deals. 8-(


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