Friday, December 27, 2013

Is It Saturday Yet?!?

I got my errands run today.

First off, eye doctor appointments for #2 Son and I before the year ends.


I am still half blind as the doc had to dilate my pupils this time.......gak!
#2 Son had to drive us home.

What do you think of these beauties?

$200 VOGUE frames.....Verrrry Purple with rhinestones running down the side arms.

Very attractive, especially with that mad scientist hair I had going on today......

Forgot to take a pic of the frames I DID get, so y'all have to wait until next year to see them.
Yes, I am a big tease.....

After spending $137 OOP on 2 sets of lenses and frames(we gots real good vision benies!), we went next door to Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)to look for this.....

Found 3 canisters(I am addicted!)and #2 Son talked me into buying a few other things too for him with some leftover Xmas money.

I didn't buy these however.....

Miniature Mr. Potato Heads.
Soccer Spud and Dancing Tater for $6.99.......really?! lolz

And yes, they were actually selling a box of rocks in the toy aisle.....

Read what is included in the box.....
6 Paints
They don't mention there are rocks in the box, but the box does say Makes 10 "Projects".
"Projects" is code!
Believe me, there are 10 rocks in that box.
I pulled out my back picking it up and shook it.
Trust me.

I wonder how much extra you pay for buying a box of rocks with 6 paint pots inside, instead of just buying 6 paint pots and going outside and finding your own rocks?

I think anyone who buys this doesn't need the rocks since they can just shake a few out of their head.  ;-)

Next stop was Sallie's to drop off that last load of 2013 I posted pics of earlier this morning.
And as Monty Python would say, "And there was much rejoicing in the land.....rah!".

Then some Wendy's to sustain #2 Son so he had the strength enough to drive me home.

But there was a stop at the gas station to fill my car's tank and a stop at the Credit Union to fill my wallet before we pulled into the driveway. 8-)

Then a solo trip to Rite-Aid to spend those expiring +Up Rewards.

Used 5 rain checks(free cashews, free "Dream Sheets", .59¢ facial tissue, $4.37 toilet paper-after Qs and rain check-and FREE baby shampoo-after Qs/rain check), bag of Rolos and candles were 50% off, big candy bars about .40¢ each after Qs/sale, 4 bottles of spices for the pantry came out to .75¢ each and the Finesse was $1 a bottle after +Ups received.

All in, I spent $1.64 OOP(including tax)after using my $36.98 in +Up Rewards and Qs.
I received $5 in +Up Rewards back(2 x $2 wyb2 Finesse, $1 wyb2 J&J shampoo-even though the shampoo was FREE after rain check/Qs. 8-))

I put a small dry rubbed pork roast in the crockpot for #2 Son to eat off of the next few days(pulled pork sammies!) and the dog has been fed.

After I post this I am going to take a nap and do a little clear cutting(zzzzzzzzzzzzz)because I got up before 6 am. this morning.

So what did YOU get done today??




  1. Hahaha! LOVE the rock kit! Someone is genius! ;) The ones who buy it, not so much. lol!

  2. 1--fought my way through Walmart to get the milk I really need and pads I really need.
    2--forgot to use coupons on reduced to half price Ziploc bags, on toothpaste to get it free, and on French's French fried onions...grrr
    3--dropped of coupons for a friend who uses them for the food bank items like shampoo and mostly non-food items.
    4--sorted food items to give to three friends.
    5--sat while exbf pumped gas in my car.
    6--emptied more of dishwasher
    7--scrambled eggs for my breakfast
    8--went to Dollar General for Dawn (no coupon) aarrgh
    9--made pbj sandwiches for lunch...yes, it is hard
    10--got together things salvage and exbf will take
    11--I am thinking about dinner...more hard work, the thinking, I mean

    I have to finish dishwasher unloading, go to wm late to be able to use coupons on items I bought, load dishwasher, wash dishes by hand, take a look around for more to go to salvage yard before he leaves.

    I am already exhausted!

  3. Got to love what they sell these days...LOL...

    As for me, I've been to Walmart, home to bring kids home, back to Walmart for an eye appt, Kroger, home and now resting, while Ben is napping.

  4. I did NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!!! Well, I did upload the pics from the trip to the computer and start working on them. Now I'm drinking WINE!

    Peace <3

  5. I worked until my brain hurt. 90% done with open enrollment. It's always something in HR... 10 rocks, eh? Do they have names?

  6. I have avoided going to any stores because of the after Christmas madness. I stayed home yesterday, but I plan to go out today to a really good estate sale. Hoping to find some collectibles to resell.
    Can't wait to see your new glasses!

  7. I adore flipz! :-) I hung out with friends, went for a walk on the beach, & talked to M about our goals for 2014. Oh, & went to the neighbors for pizza. It was a great day. I also finished a book, which is pretty much unheard of. It was the only day on my *vacation* where I did zero work, so that's always a plus! :-)

  8. I worked...not very hard. But I managed to get a LOT done since there were so few people in the office to interrupt me.

    I am going to the eye doctor the first Saturday in January. Had to wait for new benefit year since my last exam was in February.

  9. Fun frames! Looking forward to seeing the actual ones. I've worn glasses ever since 5th grade. Love the plastic frames without nose-pieces, will NEVER go back to "traditional" glasses. Shoot, I rarely even wear my contacts, everyone says I look better with glasses.

  10. I think you were smexy with those frames!!!
    Seems like you got a lot done! It seems that my list is never ending anymore.


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