Friday, December 27, 2013

The End is Here!

No, not for this blog silly!
The end of the Great Purge of 2013!!

This is the last load I can drop at Salvation Army for 2013......

                Ty Beanie Buddies
           An entire outgrown teen's wardrobe(the stuff still in great shape)

   Another, now empty storage bin

     More Beanies!

And my old guilty pleasure, Beanie cards.......more addictive than playing the

   A stack of fabric no one on Etsy wants and I can't use.

It's great to be rid of so much unnecessary stuff.  Not that I got all of it banished from Chez Sluggy but we made a discernible BIG dent.

Now I get to sit down with a pile of donation sheets for 2013 and add this all up.....YIKES!
If you don't hear from me for a week or two, don't worry, I'm just buried in paperwork.  8-)

Then it's onward to the dreaded FAFSA x 2.  Sorry I had to mention that one......



  1. When I see new Beanie Babies, I see contents of Christmas Child boxes. But, they are probably not tax deductible that way. If anyone fills out FAFSA online, there is one caveat. If a person has anyone loss of income or thinks any kind of adjustment needs to be made to take into account a special circumstance that was different than the last one or is newly filling one out, going directly to a school or to someone with an "override button," more money might be available. Online is nice, but going to a person might work better. Now, in our town there is an agency that does this so you don't need to travel to the school to get this done.

    Sluggy, I doubt this applies to you since you have not had a death or loss/reduction of income this year. I just like to get this stuff out.

  2. I'm getting ready to do FAFSA too. Last year my son got a nice grant for community college. Then also go another award that he didn't follow up on but that was if he transferred to university. I'm hoping it shows back up, but not sure. Great job getting rid of all those beanies. Someone will be thrilled to find them.

  3. That was some great declutter porn!

    I didn't mind doing the FAFSA when Sam was in college. Not that I miss doing it, but I didn't mind.


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