Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.....I Need a Drink!

Yes, we are stranded in a motel off an interstate today.
Like Sonya Ann we are having really miserable luck with cars lately.  Maybe she is causing this bad luck?  Ok, I need to think that because if it's not her, then this is all on me.

Anyway, in the midst of a jolly good time spending time with our #1 Son on the west coast of PA, the car decided to misbehave.  It was too bad to ignore and attempt to limp home and cross fingers that we didn't break down somewhere on the road on the way home.

So Hubs is 2 miles away sitting at a Firestone Car Repair Center with the chariot and I am stranded in a motel room by the interstate watching it snow outside......

How nice!
Wouldn't you want to spend your vacation in this way too? lolz

So keep our chariot in your prayers today that the work gets finished so we don't have to extend our stay and that the weather holds out so we can get home.

Fun, fun, fun!



  1. You know I'm always up for a good snow'ing. But I hope your car repairs aren't too bad and they can get you two back on the road soon enough! Stay warm.

  2. You've definitely got my prayers that your car gets fixed today!!! You'd rather be home New Years eve getting plastered anyway...
    Not some random hotel!

  3. You do know there is another storm heading our way right..and you know you always get slammed worse than we do! Praying your chariot is a quick, cheap fix. My youngest's car is in the shop today, something about a coil pack..lalallalalalalla I hate cars

  4. Do not I repeat do not send send your Carma (get it?) this way........

  5. Oh no! At least you have heat and TV and apparently Internet access! Last time I was stranded it was on a mountainside in a blizzard. Count your lucky stars. Of course, the hit on the pocketbook will suck.

    Peace <3

  6. I say go ahead and blame it on Sonya! Here is hoping you don't have to spend New Years there - safe travels

  7. Hey Now!!!!!! I can only curse 4 cars at a time and I have hit all 4. It's all on you.
    I hope that the car gods are better to you than to me.

  8. Shame on you, SonyaAnn, for cursing Sluggy's car.

    Sluggy, hope your car is repaired quickly and without too big of a bill.


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