Monday, December 2, 2013

Scenes From A Thanksgiving Day

When you see this flag flying at my house, you KNOW what day it is!

Here's the "crowd"  here at Chez Sluggy on Turkey Day.
My son had to work all day so it was just Hubs and I and the Brother in-law and the Nephew....

Notice the empty living room(except for the boxes of merchandise currently for sale on eBay)and the lack of curtains on the winders.

Thanksgiving dinner this year was served and "et" a folding camping table, with the kitchen chairs used for seating.
Hey, I know how to throw a high class shindig.  ;-)

The menu this year......
*Smoked Turkey
*Cornbread and Sausage Stuffing
*Green Bean Casserole
*Mashed Rutabagas
*Glazed Roasted Carrots
*Roasted Potatoes and Onions
*Crescent Rolls
*Cranberry Glop
*Au Jus and/or Gravy-pick your poison
*Pumpkin Pie (whipped cream optional)
*Mincemeat Pie
*White Zinfandel(Californian)

My plate before I dug in.
Ooops!  Forgot the cranberry "glop".

The badass huge Silverplated Stuffing Spoon(this is the handle with a turkey on the end).
I guess you are suppose to use this to dig the stuffing out of the bird if you "present" the turkey on a platter at the table.  We cut that sucker up before it gets to the table so I just plop this spoon in the bowl of stuffing.
And I use to threaten the kids when they were little, that I'd whop them with this spoon if they misbehaved at the table.  This thing is huge and heavy and you could leave a mark if you whacked someone in the head with this! lol


The brother in-law and nephew.

An awkward first "selfie".  Good lord!  I look like I'd been sucking on a lemon before I snapped this.
The pursed lips remind me of my daughter's first photo in the hospital....notice the resemblance in the lips? lolz

Next time, maybe I'll brush my hair before company comes over.
Or maybe not.....

So how was your Thanksgiving?




  1. I just want you to know , I'm new to your blog, and you are so funny. You remind me of.. Me! Check out my blog once in a while. Not as funny as yours but I'm trying and I'm new to blogging!
    My blog is
    Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Some people around here had Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving, and I thought it was ridiculous. Stores in the posh district have had lights on for three weeks. But, this weekend, many people have lights up and on. The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the day I decorated.

    I forgot to put cranberry sauce on my plate before I took the picture.

    When I try a selfie, usually have my mouth open, way too open. I think that is an adorable picture of the daughter. Those are pretty little lips.

  3. I had 18 for dinner. My sister worked shoulder to shoulder with me and we got it on the table within 30 min of the targeted time. I have done much worse time wise. We had beautiful weather ..... thank goodness because we only have room for al fresco dining!. My menu was very similar to yours ....but let's face it....80% of the nation eats the same thing on that day. Our meal went off without a hitch unless you count rolls that were slow to rise and pumpkin pie that was a little underdone. No one got sick! Except for my former husband who threw up before everyone even got to the table! He has tummy trouble ...Honest it wasn't caused by my food..

    Unfortunately we are having a family emergency so everyone left the day after ....As a result I bought way too much and had more food waste than I had anticipated. .We are already sick of leftovers. Anything that can't be frozen is out of here tomorrow!


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