Monday, December 9, 2013

For All of You with That Evil Machine.....

For all you Keurig machine Addicts Users(and yes, I am talking about you Sonya)......

Now I don't know if this is an eBook of recipes to make your own K-cups or recipes of things to add to your beverage after brewing it so have a look and let me know, won't you?

The link to get the eBook is HERE.



  1. I have been fighting the whole "K" thing for years now -- refusing to use anything except second hand percolators. I know I'm a dinosaur. Then again, I did finally break down and buy a smart phone. ... I would bet it is the latter and not the former. There are just some things designed to always cost you money. Smart Phones. Keurig Machines. Kids.

  2. ohhhh Sonya has one of these? hmmmm...what else does she have...spill..come on...

    1. I'm a frugal sinner. I hang my head in shame. It was a gift so I haven't completely gone over the edge. But still........
      I also have a smart phone. I think those are my only frugal sins. LOL

  3. We have a Keurig at work. Definitely keeps me going through these high stress times. It's just convenient for those that only have a cup once every so often and prefer something "richer" than instant coffee without having to brew 4 cups' worth.

  4. It is a book with recipes, things to add to the Kcup coffee once made. I have been given lots of the kcups. I use the chocolate ones by pouring the contents of the Kcups to a cup of boiling water. EXbf uses the contents of the kcups in his coffeemaker.

  5. The only Keurig I've seen are the ones still in boxes at the store! I have simple tastes I guess, just gimme a cup of Joe and I'm happy.

  6. You just had to OUT me, didn't you?
    Thanks for the linky love.


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