Saturday, December 21, 2013


Celebrating the Winter Solstice and getting rid of cardboard boxes from the garage that I emptied this morning, all in one fell swoop.....

Unfortunately I don't know any prayers, chants or incantations to recite while bonfiring it.



  1. I think I wet my pants when you funny

  2. Your fire would be soooo illegal in my town. But, it is festive. You could have sung the pagan carol. I have exbf start a fire in a metal, scrounged five-gallon bucket for burning papers I do not want to shred and watch it with a hose ready to put out the fire if it gets unruly.

  3. It's FIRE! Woo hoo! No sticks! Why didn't you tell me there'd be fire involved. I would've so drove there. And you even have snow and all. So jealous!


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