Thursday, December 19, 2013

Clueless & A "Last"

Does anyone using eBay EVER read the blasted listing information anymore?!

I woke up today to TWO BEST OFFERS on 2 items........probably desperate Christmas shoppers, right?
And this is after I spent a good chunk of yesterday adding in BIG LETTERS that I am NOT shipping out any items bought AFTER December 18th until January 2nd.
I am on vacation from now until after the 1st of 2014.

I guess these folks just missed that message at the beginning on each of those item listings, huh?

And in associated news......

This here is the last rent check for my storage unit that I mailed out earlier this week!
It pays me up through January 2014.  I doubt I can get it all emptied out before December ends so I paid for December and 1 more month.
And I enclosed a note telling them that I was ending my rental as of January 31st.
So there is no going back now! lolz

We are suppose to get warm weather here this weekend........talking about hitting 60 degrees in December!!! 
I'll be taking advantage of that warm spell to finish getting the garage organized so I can get the rest of what's in storage into it.
Then it's another load or two to Salvation Army before we bid adieu to 2013.....the crappiest year I can remember.




  1. Can you enlist the visiting kids and give them a cut of January rent, if you can get it back. Maybe they will work for money. Or not.

    1. No kids visiting here this year. Just the 17 yr old who is studying for his auditions. I need to go through the tubs still in storage so they couldn't help with that anyway.

    2. Your children are not coming home for Christmas? They learned to do laundry? justkidding. Sorting is difficult to do even with people helping, especially with people helping!

  2. 2010 was my crappiest year. 2013 came in at a close second. ugh!

  3. The first time I sold on Ebay, I can't honestly remember what the item was. Like $50 worth? $75? But anyway, I explicitly put NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. 20 minutes later, someone had bought it and wanted me to ship it to somewhere in India. The shipping was almost over half the item, so 4 weeks later, I had that transaction cancelled through the dispute resolution. It wasn't pretty. Now I am a lot more careful about putting all the terms in the top vs at the bottom.

    Also, wish there was a long weekend in there somewhere. I'd drive up there to help! (And free food, woot!). Maybe another time, haha.

    1. Maybe another time, huh? Is that a threat or a promise?! hehehe

  4. Tanner you and I should plan our trip for the same weekend and double team her :)

    2013 was a year I can not wait to put behind me. But since it's going up to 60 this weekend I am going to wash the car and get all the salt off and now that the garage is done I may even be able to park in it ..wooohoooo

    1. Gosh, park your car in your garage?? That's something I've NEVER been able to accomplish. First because the last house didn't HAVE A now without a storage unit for my crap I'll never be able to do that. lolol


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