Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blessed Be the Light

Wishing all my Pagan friends a Blessed Yule today!

And may the Winter Solstice be the beginning of a renewed year of light in your life.
We can all use more light and goodness in our lives.


And added for reader Meg B. an Ian Anderson Solstice song....

Here's a recipe I fancy for a Yule Wassail.

Recipe for Yule Wassail
3 red apples
3 oz brown sugar
2 pints brown ale, apple cider, or hard cider
1/2 pint dry sherry or dry white wine
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ginger strips or lemon peel
Core and heat apples with brown sugar and some of the ale or cider in an oven for 30 minutes. Put in large pan and add rest of spices and lemon peel, simmer on stove top of 5 minutes. Add most of the alcohol at the last minute so it heats up but does not evaporate. Burgundy and brandy can be substituted to the ale and sherry. White sugar and halved oranges may also be added to taste. Makes enough for eight. Wassail!



  1. I never knew there were Pagan Yule Carols. The message is much more positive than most religious carols. Well, there is no sadness or exclusion.

  2. Here's to more light and goodness! Happy winter solstice! It's 71 degrees and very humid here this morning in Alabama. I have to keep reminding myself not to open the windows lest my floors will sweat again. :-/

  3. Happy solstice! It's only lighter days ahead!

  4. My favorite Solstice song: "Ting Out Solstice Bells" by Jethro Tull. Love the entire Christmas Album, actually.

  5. I'm not Pagan, but I do belong to a spiritual group of individuals. We were going to have a party today, but it got cancelled due to ice/snow on the way.


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