Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I Did That was Frugal Last Week--Addendum

And here is something I forgot to list as a frugal accomplishment last week.

On Monday afternoon, the evening of which we were going to K-Mart to pick up our almost half price recliners, I saw a FREE PHOTOS Coupon Code for Walgreens that was only valid that day on their website.

I quick went online to the Walgreens site, uploaded a digital photo and put in the coupon code and voila!.....I got 25 free 4x6 photos.
Picked them up before we went to K-Mart that evening as there's a Wags less than a mile away from the Big can I count combining 2 errands into one trip too as a frugal accomplishment? lolz

And now I have lovely photos to enclose in most of the Christmas cards I am sending out.

But while I was walking through Wags to get to the Photo counter I saw a display of DUCK DYNASTY items.
Uh oh......
How I ever lived without a DD Garden Gnome to this point in my life is beyond me!
At least I wasn't tempted by an Uncle Si Chia Pet....



  1. LOL! I know JUST the person to give that Uncle Si Chia pet to!!!

  2. Last night, I saw Duck Dynasty sugar cookies. They even make DD stove eye covers! Yes, I did manage to resist! Oh, how about DD nail polish and the little stick on camo nails?

  3. You've just reminded me - one of the last items left on my holiday check list - order our Christmas cards!

  4. I love that Chia pet. I've never had one before but I'm tempted. I should look for a Chia pet on a post-Christmas sale. Good job on the pics.

  5. Hahaha! Awesome Chia Uncle Si :)

  6. I got nothing. What is Duck Dynasty???

  7. A garden gnome of DD... I think my co-worker may appreciate that. Actually, I think I've just found my white elephant gift for work. Maybe.


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