Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Scenes from a Christmas Eve

 No duck decapitations or waiters singing this year.........

     Fortifying myself before we left......two shots please!.......

 Hubs yelled when I made bunny ears on the brother in-law......geez, ruin a girl's fun howaboutit?!

With 4 you get eggroll?

The fortune from my cookie.....how very true!......

Christmas eve selfie....ho ho ho......

Well what do you know?  We got more snow this evening!

The lights are actually red, not pink. 
Yes, Sluggy's porch is LIT......shuddup Judy, Frances and Sonya Ann!

Off to proof my rolls and hit the sheets before Santa lands in PA.  I hope he has plenty of rock salt or Sleigh Insurance! ;-)



  1. I wasn't gonna say a thing...just wondering who is more lit you or the "supposed" red lights..hmmm red lights outside her house...never mind...lol

  2. Merry Christmas!!! I love your front porch. Red or pink!

    Your fortune was awesome!

  3. It's pink. We don't want this to turn into the Scut Farkus affair, now do we?


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