Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday at Rite-Aid....I'm a Big Spender!

Total out of pocket was .13¢ at Rite-Aid yesterday......

2 x R-A Candy bags on sale/rain check .99¢ each=$1.98
2 x Quaker Oatmeal cups on sale/rain check=FREE
2 x Jack Link's Jerky Dippers on sale/rain check=FREE
2 x R-A facial tissue rain check .59¢ each=$1.18
1 x Snickers 6 pack bars on sale=.97¢

I used a Facebook R-A Q for the Snickers 6 pack=$1.00  You have to like Rite-Aid on Facebook, then Go HERE and print it.  Of course since the Snickers are on sale for .97¢ and the Q is for $1 off, you'll have to buy something else to cover that .03¢.  8-)


I paid with my $3 in +Up Rewards that were expiring on Christmas day and paid .13¢ OOP.

I'll be back on Thursday since I have $30+ in +Ups expiring on the 27th.  I hope to pick up some candles on Christmas clearance then.

I also used an Exclusive Deals F/B Q(no longer available)for $3 off a $25 Kohl's gift card to pick up a discounted gift card in a different transaction that I am not including in my drugstore shopping.  I did some Kohl's shopping for Christmas this season and have $20 in Kohl's cash to spend the week after Christmas so this gift card will either be spent in conjunction with that K cash or saved until a killer sale comes along sometime next year and #2 Son needs new duds.


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  1. I had a Q that was expiring on the 31st for a free razor and at CVS if you spent $25 you got a $10 Q. I didn't have any CVS bucks but it only cost $13 for both. And trust me we needed them. Still not as good as you but the effort was there.


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