Monday, December 30, 2013

Moms + Beer=Questionable Behavior

I am one gal who is all about having a good time, but let me just say that if you are 2 years old, it is cute if you stand up on a table in a restaurant and dance but it's so wrong to do this if you are 40-ish mom and your 10 year old-ish kids are with you........

Great role modeling lady!  I hope your daughter doesn't end up a pole dancing stripper....not that there is anything wrong with being one......8-)))

Hey! I've made some questionable life choices in my 50+ years, but that one?  Never.  But then again, I'd probably be buying them a new sturdier table.......




  1. And, later on she will bemoan their questionable or inappropriate behavior and wonder where they got that mindset. I would have had to stop on the way to the bathroom and ask with a smile what was the occasion.

  2. Ooh, that's gonna leave a scar. A mental one. ;-)

  3. Haha! I'll admit to dancing on a few tables before I had kids but never in a restaurant. Usually more along the lines of a picnic table, coffee table.

  4. Sad, but I've seen that plenty of times... it terrifies me. Especially since at work, our tables are for glasses, not for _____ (fill in the blanks). And they are not the sturdiest things ever. I don't think any occasion deserves that kind of celebration. Or expense... financial and emotional.

  5. Darn I was hoping that you were dancing on a table. Would have been great to show Den the pictures!!!!!

  6. I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, but I never danced on a least not that I remember.

    Well, at least not in front of kids.


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