Monday, December 2, 2013

"IT" Has Begun!

Was is "IT" you may ask?
It's the Christmas Season, of course!

On one of my four bazillion trips up to Rite-Aid this past weekend I noticed that by Saturday evening a large majority of homes I passed on the roads already had their Christmas lights hung and turned on.

Is everyone an overachiever around here except me?!?

And speaking of overachievers......

As of Saturday's mail delivery we have received our 1st Christmas card of the season.

Who woulda thunk it, that Sonya Ann would be such an early mailer!?
Dare I call her a "premature mailer"?

I guess it would be REALLY bad form to mention that she spelled our name wrong, huh?  ;-)

So it's Dec. 2nd and I will now show y'all the entirety of my Christmas decorating efforts so far......Get ready for it.......

I put the Christmas vinyl tablecloth on the kitchen table.

Am I beat now....I might need to go lay down......



  1. My tree is up! My Moravian star is hung! It's all good! I like December and the Christmas season. I do no shopping, so I don't get all caught up in that mess, and I am waiting on my Christmas cards to show up so I can mail them out. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!! YAY!!!

    Peace <3

  2. You are way behind LOL! We've decorated, lights up outside and tree started to get decorated last night...but the last set of lights only half worked, so now I have a tree with half the lights and no decorations. I think I lost my steam!

  3. So if I don't put up a tree this year does that mean I am behind? I mean I really have to go find a table cloth? Does it have to be plastic? Can it have a few holes in it?

  4. My parents decorated Thanksgiving day. I don't think you're late at all. Just in time. I'm not a fan of Christmas in October.

  5. OMG! I know what you mean about all the Christmas decor. Too soon! Too soon!

    Oh wait, we are getting our tree this weekend. LOL!


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