Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This Week on The Dining Table

The "Did you eat your Black Eyed Peas for New Year's so you can have luck this year?" Edition .....

Shame on me for buying ready to prepare peas and not soaking mine from dry peas!
My Southern ancestors are spinning in their graves I am sure. ;-)
I did a simple sauté of onions and bacon with bacon grease, add the peas to heat til hot, and serve preparation.

Around here they do pork something with kraut since it's heavily Polish-descent population.
But we hold to our Southern roots in this house.....

What is your family New Year's food tradition?

On to the Meal Planning.
Here is what was planned last week--

Sunday--Eating Out on Vacation
Monday--Eating Out as Son's apartment
Tuesday--Whatever we found in the fridge when we got home
Wednesday--Chicken Parmesan, BEPs
Friday--Lamb Chops
Saturday--Pork Chops

Everything as planned(or not so planned)until Thursday, when we had pulled pork sammies with coleslaw from the pork #2 Son didn't eat while we were away.  Then Friday was Beef Stew using leftover rib roast from Christmas and Saturday was Kielbasa Sandwiches with California Medley Veggies(kielbasa, rolls and veg was already here).
As for the food spending last week....
There was 2 trips to the grocery store & 1 trip to Rite-Aid and I spent a grand total of $73.53(including my Rite-Aid trip at $.69)on $157.70 worth of groceries/toiletries at 3 different stores.  I am going to strive for another $300 or less grocery month for January.  At this much spent, I am on track to accomplish this, crossing fingers. ;-)

Leftovers going into this week--Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Beef Stew, Lula Rolls, Roasted Cauliflower, Corn Casserole.

Here is this week's meal plan---

Sunday--Lamb Chops(have), leftover Roasted Cauliflower, leftover Corn Casserole
Monday--Leftover Pulled Pork Sammies, Coleslaw
Tuesday--Leftover Beef Stew, Biscuits
Wednesday--Mushroom(have) Parmesan, Green Salad, Pasta(have)
Thursday--Clam(have) Chowder, Cod(have), Sugar Snap Peas(have)
Friday--Pork Enchiladas(using leftover pulled pork), Green Beans(have)
Saturday--Pork Chops(have), Red Apple Kraut, Stuffing(have)

What I need to purchase for this menu?....... Potatoes, Mozzarella Cheese, Tortillas, Red Cabbage, Grape Tomatoes and Salad Greens.  Other items needed(not for dinners)are lunchmeat and bread and maybe milk. 

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?




  1. My head was spinning as I read about and saw the can of black eyed peas! Then, I realized that was either my sinuses or the chocolate I have been eating that was making my head spin.

    Since I cannot get out because of the ice, I will eat what is here--finishing the ham, and blacked peas, baking a turkey, baking sweet potatoes, and what ever is in the freezer, floor (sweet potatoes in boxes.), turnip greens, and carrots.

  2. I honestly have no idea. I ran out of leftovers yesterday, so I moved a packet of B/S chicken breasts from the freezer to the fridge. I would hate to submit to stirfry with them (I SO get tired of stirfries...), but we'll see what I come up with between now and 6pm! I am working this weekend, so whatever I cook should be enough for the remainder of the week and parts of next week.


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