Friday, January 3, 2014

Net Worth Report/Changes....2013 to 2014

I started doing a monthly Net Worth statement in January 2013.
So on the heels of reporting in on my 2013 $20K Savings Challenge here is the change in our Net Worth from Jan. 2013 to Jan. 2014.......

This includes all the monies I get my hands on and don't spend(net income, dividends, interest, side income, tax refunds, etc.)during the year, plus all the retirement monies.  I don't include the house value(since we couldn't liquidate it and need to live SOMEWHERE)and the value of the stock we own(a tiny little amount), nor do I include the College Account monies(since that's technically not "our" money but the kids' money....even though it "was" our money to begin with lolz).

Anyway, our Net Worth from January 2013 to 2014 went up $62,734.61.

Most of that up tick is due to increases in the retirement monies because we spent $23,611.66 on emergencies(house improvements, repairs and supplies, car expenses) and vacation spending/travel last year from the $28,907.08 I saved in 2012, so we are only "up" $5,295.42 in the monies I control for 2013 from 2012.

I hope that last bit made some sense. ;-)

$62K is good but not great at this point in our journey to retirement.....but it's still better than a poke in the eye, right?



  1. You're doing great, especially if you're not factoring in your residence! Not sure what the cost of living is like where you live, but that makes such a huge difference with the long-term planning. Good luck!

  2. COL not as bad as where you are by far! lol
    Now we just have to decide where to move to in retirement.....and it has to be low COL and not tax our pension/retirement $ into oblivion.

    If I count the house value(and I undervalue it to be safe)we crossed over into the Millionaire's Club Net Worth back in Jan. of 2013. We'll never get to 6 Mil like you plan on but we'll be ok. 8-)))

  3. That's a great increase in 2013 and up $5k on the money you control is very much on the right side :)


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