Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013 at Chez Sluggy

Christmas morning before we had to chisel #2 Son out of bed at the crack of 10.....

#2 Son missed  breakfast of scrambled eggs, Smithfield salt-cured ham(sliced ever so thin)and Great Aunt Lula's Rolls.....

Presents waiting to be opened.....
Max the dog says, "Get that boy out of bed already, willya?!?!".

Seems like all our ornaments anymore are "kiddie" themed.....sock money, peace bear, Lamb Chop, Dudley the Dragon, Power Rangers, Pokémon, Big Bird......

Doing my Carol Merrill impersonation.....if you are under 40, Google the name.....



He lives........well, after his morning coffee.....

Opening gifties of smelly stuff......

From my brother and his wife.....

Santa left us an old beagle under our tree.....just what we wanted......

Hubs Secret Santa gifties.......I think these books are going to lead to more expenses, but hopefully, with yummy results!

Hey! It isn't Christmas without sox and undies.....

#2 Son opens his "big" gift(a new $$$ amp), plugs in his bass and cranks up the volume.....thankfully the windows didn't crack!......

Note to self--next time you give a gift like this, be sure to wear earplugs when you come downstairs....

There are never any pictures of me opening up presents.......must be because I am the only one who takes photos.

Can you believe the beagle slept through that?!?  Now I KNOW she is deaf....

The second batch of rolls waiting to go into the oven..... they can turn out like this.....Hey! Who stole 3 rolls?!

After presents and while food was cooking I set about setting the table.  We are still using that folding camping table for the dining room table, but no excuse not to put out the Christmas dishes and good table linens, right?
So I found a gold tapestry table cloth that was the proper length to cover it and pulled out some coordinating cloth napkins.
But for gosh sakes, look at the size of the TAGS on them!

Couldn't hide them when I tried to fold the napkins either......they kept flapping out.....

Snip, snip, say, "Goodbye Martha!".  If you want to come to dinner here, you have to be an unobtrusive guest.....

What an egomaniacal witch she is to have to have a tag that large on a napkin!
I can see a tablecloth(the tag on the table covering was the same size),but a skimpy 12" x 12" piece of fabric too?
Heck, I could probably seam these together and make another napkin! lolz

Forgot to photograph the dinner(too busy eating it), but here is one of the desserts, a Trifle.
Except I don't own a trifle bowl.....oh well, it still tasted fine.

It was a cheap dessert since it used up some items I got cheaply that needed using.....a chocolate Entenmann's cake from the bakery outlet($1), 2 packs of instant vanilla pudding($2), half a container of leftover Cool Whip from Thanksgiving(.44¢), a few squirts of aerosol whipped cream(.50¢)and a bag of frozen strawberries($1-Dollar Tree).
It was by far the biggest hit with the young'uns....

No pictures of the dinner guests, just the desserts.....Hey!, you saw them on my Christmas Eve post and they hadn't changed much in the 18 hours since

So how was your Christmas Day?

Tomorrow we take down the tree and decorations and pack 'em away for another year.....



  1. Those rolls are making me hungry because they look delicious. So, you think I can remember who was at YOUR house on Christmas? You have more confidence in my memory than I do. Those are nice Christmas pictures. Are those wool socks?

    1. Well it was the brother in-law and nephew we took out to dinner on Xmas eve.
      The sox were dress ones, not wool. Probably made in China as well and inexpensive.

  2. Please ...would you consider sharing your recipe for the rolls??? They look amazing!

    1. I "could" tell you but then I'd have to kill you. ;-)
      It's a secret family recipe.
      But they are a sweet yeast based roll similar to the one's made at Logan's Steakhouse so try googling for that recipe.

      The secret to them is the knead once, let double, punch down once, form into rolls in the pans you plan to bake them in and leave much longer to rise than the recipe says. This batch was punch, formed and panned at 11pm the night before I baked off at 9am or more at 2pm the next day.

  3. Spent Christmas Day with my brother and sisterinlaw. She always makes a Christmas pudding with a brown sugar sauce - very very rich. I was more interested in my brother's selection of craft beer :) !!

    1. Why is it that everyone in the universe is into craft beer lately? Hubs and my eldest son spent last week dragging me from pub to beer merchant back to pub searching for brews. Not my idea of fun but I am game for most anything. lol

  4. Christmas was great! Speaking of beer, my family has had a holiday beer tasting (seasonal local brews only) for the past 10+ years. I grew up in Seattle, baby. Craft brew has been around for a long time, and no one would be caught dead drinking mass produced swill. ;-) I'm actually not a huge beer lover, but who am I to resist the festive ale sampling? I'll see if I can dig out a picture of the festivities.

  5. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.
    I love trifle!!!! I don't care if it could kill me, I'll still eat it.


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