Monday, January 6, 2014

What Santa Brought Me.....2013 Edition

**I promise, this is my last post about Christmas.  I know most people are anxious to "move on" from the Holidays and get it behind them, but not me.  I would keep my tree and lights on the house up for Months if I could. lol **

I know everybody is anxious to know exactly what presents Sluggy received for Christmas in 2013.
Oh come KNOW you want to know.  ;-)

Yes, we are lavish gift givers around here.
It's all about the bling.......the luxury........the decadence........
No, around here, we don't expect anyone to spend a big wad of cash on a pile of gifts for us.  We gift sensibly.  We give what someone wants/needs(within reason) and we try to get a deal if possible.

Here are a couple of gifts I got from family & friends......
First from my brother and his wife....a blender sports bottle......

And Tanner sent this awesome set of HUGE coffee mugs if you missed that post.......
We do an immediate family Secret Santa gift exchange and #2 Son got my name again this year!.....

Ollie's....One of my favorite places to shop thus one of my favorite gifts this year!

#1 Son bought me....
2 lbs. of sugar-free gourmet Chocolate.  From caramel thingys, to dark chocolate nut clusters to ginormous peanut butter cups......mmmmmmm
Plus he got me a 4 pack of Sprecher's Hard Root Beer.  I discovered this stuff on our Summer Road Trip in the liquor store in Sonya Ann's town and have been looking for it/craving it ever since.  Of course, you can't get this anywhere around where I live!  Figures, right? lolz
Here are the goodies Hubs/Santa gave me--
"Santa" filled my stocking with this strange mix of goodies....
A metal Spatula with a silicone edge(so you can use it on non-stick cookware)
A Chocolate Bar
A pack of Batteries? (It's best not to try to think too hard why he puts some things in the stocking.)
A canister of Lens Wipes
A GOOD manual can opener(It got put to use immediately as ours was on it's last legs so it's not in the picture.)
A small Rake with a purple handle
I asked for the small Rake with a purple handle actually.

It's a telescoping back scratcher......

Wish I had one of these when the kids were little and acted up in the car.  I could have smacked them while driving.
And the "big" gifts.......
2 Bottles of hard cider I have never had is an imported Irish brand.
A box of dark chocolate. Mmmmm!
A $25 prepaid Visa card
A rayon batik tunic.....
I showed him a couple of tops I wanted(this one and another design)and he said he wasn't "doing eBay" to get gifts.
So I went ahead and bought a couple of tops from this seller in early December because I needed some new shirts AND since this sort of clothing is "out of season" now, the deals were really swell.
One of the tops I got was this particular one.
A classic case of "Don't buy yourself anything around the Holidays" happened.
Now I have 2 of this one, so when I wear one out, I'll have a spare.
Good thing I REALLY like this tunic! lolz
And that is all my gifties for this year.
I am almost shocked that I did not get a book this year, as Hubs usually gives me a book(in his mind, it's the PERFECT gift).
I guess since I still haven't finished the book he gave me last Christmas he figured out maybe buying me reading material I didn't ask for isn't the best use of his gifting cash. 8-))

As you can see, we just live on the edge, walk on the wild side, spend money like it's going out of style!!
So what did Santa bring you this year?
I want to see it all!!!


  1. My husband is the worst gift giver EVER. It doesn't matter if I hit him over the head with a catalog and say "Hey, page 68, item number 00341, black, please, size small.," I get something I truly despise and don't electronics, which I hate. This year's puzzlement was a light up magnifying makeup mirror. Bear in mind I have built in wrap around vanity mirrors. (It is being returned.) It hurts my feelings, to be sure, but, honestly, if I have a need, as a result of our combined frugal forces) I can go out and get what I need. I don't have to "wait until Christmas." Rather, I wait until I find it at a great price, hopefully, in the case of many things, at a thrift shop...most of which are 20( +)miles away....and he foes the driving! On the upside, the dude makes sure the refrigerator is well stocked with champagne, orange juice, eggnog,smoked salmon, and the like throughout Advent and Christmas. I love your gifts! Happy New Year.

    1. Meg b.,
      Just buy him that small, black number you like. It probably won't fit him and he will give it to you. Or, you could pick out a small electronics that you really would like.

  2. Your hubs is wonderful. Love the gifts!
    You need to come back to see me and I will have the hard root beer waiting for you.
    My BIL in KY keeps sending me to the same liquor store to get him the stuff that he can't find. I look like a lush. I was in there so many times in a two day span cuz of him that the entire staff would start laughing. I would call out as I was leaving, "see you in 10."

  3. How embarrassing, I missed your reveal of the cups! Glad you liked them. The colors look a lot better in person.

    That blender looks mighty fancy! The mugs are said to be big enough for cereal, soup, side dishes or ice cream too, hint hint! Those chocolates look really good. Yum.

    For Christmas, I got a baking kit (waiting for a chance to make this one), some toiletries, a shirt of sorts, gloves! (love that, since I needed them) and a giftcard to an accessory store. I got me the red dress for that PT-work party too. I think it was a pretty good year.

  4. NICE!!! Good haul woman! It was a good year gift wise, as my kids actually have money to spend of their OWN this year without asking me for $20 to buy me something...
    My husband and I had agreed to not buy each other gifts and just all the new water softener which we haven't bought yet our gift. I never agree to that, so I bought him something. The gifts leaked an approximation of how much I spent on him to him and he felt obligated to buying me something. I got a lovely necklace from him! Still no water softener, but hey! It's something to unwrap with the others!
    Happy New Year of frugality!

  5. HMMM alcohol, chocolate and a rubber edged spatula. In Philly we call that a party :)

  6. Looks like you made Santa's "nice" list! ;) lol!! Lots of good stuff there!! I receive a beautiful handmade minky quilt from my daughter, a handmade knitted scarf, a Danier Leather wallet, and a late gift from my hubby, a new 50mm f/1.8 lens!! :)

  7. We were frugal with all our gift giving except to each other. LOL! I got an excessive excess of gifts that it is almost embarrassing. Though Hubby was quite proud that he got good deals on most of them.

    I love Christmas!


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