Monday, January 6, 2014

Two More Xmas Mentions....

Okay, so I lied when I said I was over posting any more Christmas related stuff. 

I forgot to post about the card Hubs gave me Xmas morning.......

Words to live by, right? 8-)))

And we have a Christmas Mystery this year.

I used this gift bag to put one of Hubs presents in.....

It was a bag we got last year with a gift.  I "believe" this bag held a gift for #2 Son and came from my brother and his wife.
It's a nice bag so I reused it this year.

When Hubs pulled out his gift and the tissue paper, this flew out too......

An unmarked envelope that evidently was sitting on the bottom of the bag.....with this card inside....

And the inside of the card......

Now neither my brother or his wife are named Sharen or Bev.

So either one of them got a gift from someone named Kim, who previously got a present from Sharen and Bev and never saw/opened the card in this gift bag and she reused it to gift my brother or sister in-law and they never found the card either, so the card/envelope went undetected through 2 cycles of gift giving(or more!), until we found it.
Or.....I haven't a CLUE who/how/why this card was in this bag!

It's a bona fide mystery.
But we hung the card up with the others anyway.  It would be a shame not to enjoy it even if no one here is named Kim.




  1. Great story about the reused bag!

  2. Too bad! But, we do have a Christmas mystery now. I would use it, too. I even put up the cards from business, like the bank and insurance company as long as the business name is not on the front of the card. And, I suppose you have supersized wine glasses and keep your consumption to a couple of glasses?

  3. That's funny! Thanks for a smile!

    Peace <3

  4. Okay so you are finally on to me:) Kim

  5. Haha. That is funny. I've always been paranoid about doing that since I was in English school and there was an example similar to that. (A couple going to a new friends' birthday and didn't know what to get them, so they got the chocolates the wife had gotten earlier in the year, that were still unopened, and a card falls out when the friends open it. The wife and spouse quickly retrieve the card and avoid embarrassment. Success!)

  6. I like your card better than the baby announcement. LOL

  7. When my girlfriend and I used to party....a couple years ago...we drank our wine out of pink 12 oz solo cups. They could hold half a bottle of Berringer. LOL!

    I only had TWO glasses of wine tonight, officer.


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