Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update On My Family Drug Dealer....Er, Doctor

And while I am digging through local newspaper articles, here is an update on my family know, the one who almost killed me last year.......HERE.
He has been in jail since May 2013 and there are a few more details in this report.

What a train wreck!
And he hid it so well from so many patients, including me......up until February when he was obviously drunk during my appointment.

The man has big problems.  If he hadn't almost caused my demise I might feel more compassion toward him.....




  1. I think I will reserve my compassion for the parents of the 23-yr-old he did kill. She was 23 and dead of acetaminophen poisoning!

  2. Holy Hannah Sluggy! Dodging fraud bullets and drugged up doctors! You should wear a cape with a big "S" on it. No wait, that's been done already.

  3. OMG! I can't believe this still happens in this day and age. So freaking scary!

  4. Indeed, very scary... I like my PCP, and he pays attention to what I say. What a horrible thing, to follow what the doctor prescribes and it being an error...

  5. Let's compare notes on who's life is more screwed up! We should have a drink while we do it too.
    Let me get this straight, he was riding an ATV in a supermarket parking lot and then threatened to shoot an officer and later fired a gun? Yup, he should be in charge of people's lives.


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