Thursday, January 9, 2014

Using Up the +Ups

I went to Rite-Aid to use up the last of my +Up Rewards this week......

1 x Northern TP w/RAIN CHECK=$5.37
2 x Finish Dishwasher Tabs on sale $3.99=$7.98
2 x Dark Chocolate covered Cherries 75% off=$1.24(for 2)
2 x Wrigley's Gum Tin 75% off=$2.48 *1 not pictured*

Coupons Used
2 x $2.15/1 MQ Finish Dishwasher Tabs=$4.30
1 x .75/1 IPQ Northern TP=$.75
1 x $1/1 Load2Card came off, NO CLUE what it was for!=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$6.05


I used my $10 in +Up Rewards and paid $1.02 OOP.
I go no new +Ups back.......sniff, sniff

So.....unless a really stupendous deal comes up in the next few months, I won't be spending any more money for awhile at Rite-Aid.

Dishwasher tabs and TP were needs......the chocolate covered cherries not so much.  But who can resist dark chocolate covered ones! lol

The gum tins were bought ahead for stocking stuffers for next Christmas.  I would NEVER shell out $4.99 for 3 packs of gum, unless it was 75% off or more.  And gum, unlike chocolate or some candies will keep until next December.  I have now bought 8 gifts for next Christmas and spent a total of $21.07 for all.  All items were on deep discount, at least 40% off, plus I used +Ups and Kohl's cash on 5 of them and on the online purchase I used a coupon code which paid for the shipping on 4 items plus gave an additional 10% off on my order(of items 40-70% off retail).

There are no toiletries we are out of or we need to stock up on at this point.  Thanks to buying those Home Improvement gift cards in Nov/Dec. at Rite-Aid and the +Ups they generated, we are loaded up on toilet paper for at least 6 months and shave cream/shampoo/toothpaste/toothbrushes for at least the next year.

Did you do any Rite-Aid shopping this week?  Did you find any great deals?




  1. I, too, had to use Up Rewards. I bought several Best Lock (line Legos) st half off, but didn't find muchceose. Waited until the yesterday, and meant to use them on the Purex "buy 1 get 2 free" coupled with ..50 off coupon. But instead bought BOGO Bick pens with $1.00 off coupon, then several rolls of Christmas wrap and ribbon at 75% off, along with peppermint candles at 75 % off, and a 75% off easy sew stuffed animal set st 75% off. I am at zero Up Rewards now as well, but have a good start on Christmas for next year.
    Oh, those gum tins are a tradition at our house...always in the kids' stockings. But, they were out when 75% off hit. I bought them prior to Christmas at 50% off...using Ups doncha 'know. They contain 6 packs of gum, I believe.

  2. I did not go out from Sunday through Thursday. I will get to RA Saturday or Sunday. I have no idea how I will use my $2 in +UP rewards. I can resist Queen Anne chocolate covered cherries very easily. See that white stuff? The only way I could eat that candy is to operate--get a place and dinner knife and scrape all the white stuff out and then get the rest all over my fingers as I try to eat it.

    You will be proud of me. I am saving receipts for all purchases. A young woman in WM commented that she never lost a receipt she needed for a refund. She tapes them in a notebook. So am I. Maybe I will know how much I spend on food at the end of the month.

  3. I need to get into the RA game... now that I do have one within reasonable vicinity. I just don't buy that much, and I'd lack space to store them.

    And I really like that idea Linda posted! Hmm... I see a little experiment coming.

    1. Tanner,
      The notebook or surgery on the candy?

      Okay, the notebook--I use Scotch Magic Tape and can remove the taped receipt without ripping the book or receipt. I have other idea I am using to make the notebook more efficient and easier. I am going to blog about that.


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