Thursday, January 16, 2014

Aggravated Cleaning

Do you know the best time to clean is?
When you are aggravated by the US insurance/medical complex.

Obamacare or not, it's no wonder we overpay for health care in this country?!?!
Too many freaking LAYERS of bureaucrats!
So ok....let's now let the government stick their grubby hands into the mess because we all know just how EFFICIENT with management they are!!!

I am about to choke on my own tongue.......

So I channeled all that hostile energy and attacked my desk drawers a little while ago(I only have 3 small drawers)but I also attacked the lawyer's bookcase standing next to my desk, where I store stuff that won't fit into my desk.
It's all cleaned out now.

I also pitched a bunch of paperwork and took all my hand-scribbled bits of paper/figures and typed up documents in my computer and pitched the scraps of paper.
I've got a pile of papers to file upstairs and get outta the way so I can start digging out the tax stuff.....oh, the fun just NEVER ends around here, does it?!  ;-)

This cleaning jag is just a continuation from this past weekend.

Remember storage unit?
This is the shot as of a few weeks ago.......

As of Sunday it now looks like this......

Of course before you oooh and aaah at me, my garage now looks like this......

And that was after we transferred almost everything from a cardboard box into all the now empty plastic tubs I had after purging bunches of stuff in 2013.  The stack of cardboard boxes on the right in the photo are all empty....spares in case I need to ship something for sale on eBay or Etsy.  There are still about 10 tubs in the house(from what I had listed on eBay in December and things I need to still take pictures of to get them listed) but now my "life" fits into the garage.....ok, and the fabric in the spare bedroom upstairs too.  8-)

So this is most of what I had to deal with once I got everything hauled home and transferred into tubs on Sunday.....

 I would have waited for you Tanner to come over, but I needed these GONE so I did this without you......sorry.....but I feel cleansed......

Another Winter bonfire...woohoo!

Nasty boxes gone, storage empty, garage (sort of)organized.
I am Sluggy, here me roar......

I WILL say that I am going to miss my storage unit.
Because it was somewhere I could go, to be alone and get away from the kids and dogs and Hubs and just sit among my stuff.
Yah, I could SO easily become one of those crazy hoarder people....I like sitting alone surrounded by my things.
What I won't miss is that storage payment each month.

So you see, angry and aggravation CAN be productive.
Maybe if I keep myself stirred up long enough, I'll actually get this house sparkling clean!

On second thought......ain't gonna happen..... 8-))



  1. Would you like to angry clean at my house? It is in need. Or would you rather angry drink? Maybe both?
    Good job on cleaning out the storage unit. Another thing to check off of the to-do list.

  2. Empty spaces look so great. I have a box of papers to go thought, a large box. I need to get aggravated, I suppose. Congratulations on getting rid of the storage unit.

  3. I can really clean when I am angry too. Great getting rid of the storage unit, can you hide in the garage? Can you hide in the garage with a bottle of wine?

  4. I missed the winter bonfire!

    I too tackle the hardest chores when I'm ticked off, especially in the purging/organizing dept, because that's the time when I'm not in the mood for excuses (aka, "maybe I could use this shirt eventually"). That's a lot of cleaning going on!

  5. That's why my garage looks like hell too! We decided to not spend another nickle on the storage units and moved all my MIL's crap into our garage. What I wouldn't give to be able to climb into the car out of this wind... Wait - I'd give all her crap!

  6. That's great that you emptied the storage unit. Now you can save all that extra money. Sorry you lost your happy place though. How about the spare bedroom?

  7. Yay on emptying the storage unit. I think you snuck over here to Ohio and took a picture of our garage though...LOL...

  8. Years ago, when Hubby and I moved from a 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom apartment..during one of the times kids did not live with us, we rented a storage unit for a couple of year. Then we finally realized that we really didn't need that stuff. LOL!

  9. Excellent work sluggy! I've been channeling my anger with Michael into the house also. Amazing how much I can lift and tote and throw and toss when I'm angry!!


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