Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January's 31 Day Challenge & Is It Cold Enough?!

If anyone wants some motivation to declutter in January, go check out Peter Walsh on Facebook HERE.  Just scroll down until you find the video for each particular day(One through Six are on there and he adds a new video/goal each day.).
He is conducting a small clutter busting goal for every day in January.

It's small doable cleaning/decluttering jobs for those that have a problem tackling large purging goals.
Sort of eating the job one bite at a time, instead of seeing the big goal of a totally clutter-free home at once and panicking. lolz

While we have missed 6 days of the month and their specific jobs, it's not too late to jump into the decluttering band wagon(plus catch up on those 6 days worth of chores during the rest of the month when you get a chance)and play along.

While I spent November and December getting rid of tons of items, mostly in storage or in the garage, I could stand to sweep through the house this month to tidy up and purge some more things.
So who's with me and Peter?  8-)

They closed the schools here last night in anticipation of the extreme cold.
I've got the cabinets under all the sinks open to keep the pipes unfrozen and the room controls jacked up to 65F degrees and it still feels like 30F in here.
I have finished all my important crucial chores for the day so I am going back and hiding under my blankets!
This crap is for the birds......
I'll see y'all when I thaw out. lolz



  1. They closed the schools here in Alabama too! It's like 13 degrees with the wind chill factored in. What the...?

  2. From Syracuse here....i was up most of the night worrying about our pipes too. That wind is whipping out there and seems to just come right through the walls! Layered up and under the blankies too. Have to keep thinking it will be warming up in a couple of days. Thanks for the tip on Peter Walsh, I always enjoyed watching him.
    Hope you are able to stay warm! Have a great day!

  3. We are definitely in the deep freeze here - schools closed for a second day....yay me! The furnace is working hard today trying to combat the -26c weather along with a stiff breeze...honestly the wind is enough to cut you in half today. Keep snuggling!

  4. I am so sick of this cold and this extended winter break with the boy. UGH!
    I'm going to start dejunking and Spring cleaning soon. I just need to get the boy back in school.
    Its -7 here with a windchill of -25. Oh joy.

  5. I didn't know about that challenge, but I think I'll try it, though just for one day--I don't have that much stuff to purge. I haven't really cleaned thoroughly since before Thanksgiving, so my room is getting a bit junky... (I still have boxes from the chair I bought in JUNE!)

  6. The last I looked it was 12 degrees F in Alabama. I fretted getting faucets and pipes unthawed last night, slept two or something hours and they froze again. I am exhausted. I would go to bed but I have candles under the tub and in the dishwasher. Plus, I take food and water out often to the hens. I won't be able to complete any Walsh chores, but I can do better than I am right now even if I don't complete any one task. All the faucets are running and I am FREEZING!


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