Friday, January 3, 2014

Using Those Leftovers

We got 7 inches of white stuff today/last night.
Plus it was bitterly cold & windy despite the sunny day earlier.

Ok, who do I contact to get this snow stuff discontinued?
I don't remember subscribing to this weather!  Take my name off that list please.....

As per my post earlier in the week, here was the Meal Plan for the rest of the week(after we got back home NYE).....
Wednesday--Chicken Parmesan
Friday--Lamb Chops
Saturday--Pork Chops

We had the Parm Wednesday and Pulled Pork(leftover pork roast and coleslaw I made) Thursday.
(I put all the Cod I got on special in the freezer because we had to use the pork.)

Today I went digging in the fridge and found 1 slab of rib roast plus the ribs Hubs had sliced off that had tons of meat around them.
I totally forgot about that leftover from Christmas dinner!

So instead of chops tonight, I boiled the bones down, did a sautĂ© of onions and celery, added potatoes, green beans from the freezer and had Hubs pick up a bag of frozen carrots(sliced).  A little flour to thicken and some browning and fresh ground pepper gave us Beef Stew for dinner.....

We had leftover homemade rolls from Christmas dinner to sop up the juice.

No additional food cost except for $1 for the bag of frozen carrots.....everything was sourced from provisions already here.
And there is enough for 4 more servings, so at least 1 more meal's worth.
A great filling, rib sticking and warm meal for a beastly frigid night!

Tomorrow either lamb or pork chops are on deck with stuffing, apple sauce and Brussels sprouts.

Then I get to make a menu for next week.....oh, the thrills of my life just never end. lolz

We've got Stew and Pulled Pork leftovers, Cod and either Pork or Lamb(depending on what we eat tomorrow night)already here for next week.  Only 3 more meals to go for next week's plan to be completed.  If the cold & snow continues and I don't want to go out in it, I have 2 hunks of lasagna and quiche in the freezer I can thaw out for meals.  That just leaves 1 more meal to thunk up and buy supplies to prepare.

It looks like next week will be a light grocery shopping week.  Sounds good to me!  8-)



  1. The snow is so pretty. I love how the white snow and white clouds make the blue sky pop. Your menu sounds yummy.

  2. MMMM.....Hubby makes yummy stew. We love it. No grocery shopping this weekend for our house, but I am taking Chance shopping to stock up his pantry. Does that go in MY grocery budget? I wonder.

  3. Pretty pictures of the snow. Wish we had some here!

    I love leftovers. I almost never get rid of any food I've cooked. I try to plan meals so the leftovers fit into the coming week's lunches. Over the holidays, I've eaten a lot of leftovers for dinner, too. Waste not, want not.

    Peace <3

  4. In the spirit of spending less and mental prep for being snowed in, what would you thunk up to eat for that last meal that did not call for a trip to the store and spending money.

  5. Den made stew the other day. It was great. If I had made it, I wouldn't be telling you about it.LOL
    And you will be proud to know that I froze the last of it for Den's lunches.

  6. Naw, you didn't subscribe to that snow, what you have there is called spam snow. Not much hope of getting rid of it any time soon either :)

  7. Perfect meal on a cold, cold night. -9 degrees last night in CT. It's COLD! Great use of leftovers, something we make a concerted effort to do as well.

  8. I love hearing about your menu plans. I just blogged about mine, not as thrifty as yours :-/

  9. I love soups and stews at this time of the year and a great way to use up leftovers. I've yet to find something that I can't recycle into a soup! I say "stay in" and use what you have!


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