Thursday, January 23, 2014

Visiting DA BURGH.....PART 3

Well, Monday morning didn't start out very well.
As some of you may have seen on the post I put up, at the time, Hubs had the minivan up to the Firestone at the crack of dawn, before I was up.
I looked out the window and it was snowing at a fairly good clip.....

Love the hole in the window screen....good thing it wasn't Summer. 

Hubs had said that he was going to stay at Firestone until they got it fixed or call me if they couldn't do the work it needed done that day.
So I was possibly in for sitting in the motel all day long as I had no transportation now.
Luckily the motel had a sort of restaurant so I could eat if I was indeed stranded for the day.

But about 10pm, Hubs showed up at the room with #1 Son in tow.
The guys at Firestone said they could do the work that day, so Hubs called our son and had him pick Hubs up and bring him back to the motel.
So #1 Son was going to be our driver for the day in his own car.
Since the weather was so shitty we couldn't do the Duquesne Incline like I had wanted to so we were at a loss for cheap sightseeing activities(as some of the indoor ones were closed because it was Monday).  But we made do.
#1 Son took us firstly, to his favorite Giant Eagle grocery that sold beer.  It was quite the long ride from his apartment.  I bought a bottle of Sam Adams Gingerbread and Southern Tier Choklat Stouts, as well as a large bottle of Cherry Lambic.....


After that we went to have lunch here......


Unfortunately, everyone on this side of Pittsburgh ALSO decided to have lunch here that day, so not wanting to wait an hour for a table, we ended up eating next door at Sam's Sandwich Shoppe......

Then we went shopping since we were in a shopping center.  I hit 5 Below and Bath and Body Works but bought nothing. 
Eh, nothing I wanted/needed.
Hubs and son hit the liquor store.  I don't recall if they actually bought anything there or not.

Afterwards we tried Burgatory again, since #1 Son really wanted me to try one of their milkshakes.
What the heck, why not?

Here's Hubs trying #1 Son's shake.  It has bourbon in it.
Mine is in the foreground.  It's a Choco Taco Shake(crushed waffle cone, peanuts and chocolate)and has vodka in it.

Ok, so I drink folks, if you didn't know that already.
But I am NOT a vodka drinker.

I swear, every time I took a sip, another one magically appeared in my glass!

About 5 minutes into drinking this thing, the vodka slammed into my brain.  I think the photo above illustrates that event.....

Then I just got real silly and everything anyone said was hysterical to me.....

I didn't even finish that shake.
And they had to pour me back into the car to go back to #1 Son's apartment.

I was able to snap this shot before I staggered back to the car......

And here are some bad photos I snapped from the back of the car as I sloshed from side to side, while #1 Son drove through downtown.....

Yes, anonymous buildings. 
I tried to get a shot of the giant Heinz ketchup bottle all lit up, but I was too lit up evidently.....

Hubs called Firestone and they had completed the work on the car, so Son dropped us off to pick up and pay for the car.
$900 later we drove the minivan back to the motel.

That evening, we went back to the #1 Son's apartment and he made dinner for us and I got acquainted with Lilly, my newest grandbaby while Hubs and Son drank and talked beer.

Gratuitous cute cat photos......

About midnight we headed back out to the motel.
Here is an unexpected Christmas decoration in this part of the world......

The next day, we hit up the Breakfast buffet for the last time and headed over to #1 Son's place.
We sat around and talked until Lunch time.
Hubs & #1 Son went out to Yinz BBQ to pick up lunch.
It was pretty good.....for a Yankee joint.  8-))

Then after saying our goodbyes and a photo of Hubs & #1 son, we left 'Da Burgh.

The ride home was quite the adventure, but not the kind anyone enjoys.
You see, the skies opened up on Tuesday and snowed like a MoFo along the stretch of road west of Pittsburgh we had to take to get home.  Between Monroeville and Altoona it was some awful white knuckled driving! least for me.
And I wasn't even driving. lol
We saw a guy somewhere in that stretch pass us, then try to make a right turn onto a road and end up sliding into a culvert.

Good times......and unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the ride home.
I think Hubs would have pushed me from the car if I had....

When we hit Altoona we got off the interstate to get gas and then go into a Kmart store to use the bathroom.
As we were leaving the Kmart a woman standing next to me, a total stranger, at the store asked us for a ride somewhere.....we had no clue where it was.

Do perfect strangers come up to you and start conversations or ask you for favors like they seem to do to me?
What about me attracts weirdoes?
I just can't figure this one out!  8-)

So after bidding my new best friend goodbye and good luck, and no, we didn't give her a ride, we got back onto the interstate.
The skies were threatening the rest of the way but the snow held off until we got home.

We DID get to drive through a prison on the way home(we had also driven through it in the opposite direction to get to Pittsburgh).  This is near State College PA. 
You aren't allowed to stop along this part of the interstate unless you have an know, so you don't pick up escaped prisoners or drop off firearms for them.

That's about it for excitement on our trip home.
Heck, I needed a stiff drink or four by the time we arrived due to all the tensing up I did on the drive home.

And thus ends another Sluggy adventure.  8-))




  1. Bahaha @ Christmas decoration. I swear that's a lot of what they do in Florida. Picking up strangers ain't that bad... unless it's along a prison route.

    1. Ok, seeing a Xmas palm tree in FL is one thing but snowy PA? Maybe the people who live there are from someplace tropical originally...or WANT to be someplace tropical? lol

      For all I knew that lady at Kmart may have wanted to go to the prison.....I didn't ask if it was visitor's day. hehehe

  2. Vodka is the only thing I ever drank or would drink. It made everything funny. I thought it was just the way I reacted to alcohol. So, it could be vodka that made me drink. hmmm, except I knew some nasty vodka drinkers.

    I know this is so silly, but driving through the correctional institution. Before husband and I married, we had to drive through Shelby County penal farm outside Memphis, TN because we got lost one night. He was morally outraged that a penis would be mentioned on a sign. He refused to believe me for a long time. He was furious I would say the word "penal."

    Since you took someone home from KMart, you are brave enough to pick up a hitchhiker outside the penal farm. You must look approachable and trustworthy.

    1. No we did not give her a ride. I may be approachable but I ain't nuts. lol

  3. What a pair we are..I for one am a one drunk drink so if there is drunking going on we will need not sonya because she will be as drink as we are!

    1. Did you have a couple before you wrote this Judy? hehehehe

      How about we have and Tanner(who doesn't drink. at. all)against me and Sonya. Yep, that a tag team match if ever I saw one! lolz

  4. NOTHING ends a good vacation like a good prison tour! You had a heckofa trip!

    1. Yah, driving thru a prison was unexpected and I could have done without the trip home snow. bleh.

  5. We have some friends that live in Pittsburgh and when we visited one time we did the incline. It was pretty nice but our friend is a little scared of heights and kind of freaked out on the way up. Lol

    1. I hope you had a paper bag for her to breath into...lolz
      Come to think of it, #1 Son had a freak out on a lighthouse when he was little, maybe when we do get around to doing the Incline we'll leave him at the bottom. ;-)

  6. I think Lilly was telling you to f--k off in that last photo lol! Sheesh grandma, enough already with the camera! I'm kinda wishing I had a milkshake right about now:)

  7. I think you are going to be a great grandma. Not great-grandmother just awesome grandmother. Phew, glad I got that sorted before I go for another drink.

  8. I hate vodka, but that bourbon infused shake would be right up my alley! Looks good!

    I love your travelogues. So much fun.

    Peace <3

  9. Regarding the woman who asked you for a ride, maybe you look too nice (or happy as per the vodka shake photo). Maybe you need to act more like a B with an itch?

  10. I'm thinking that I need one of your alcoholic shakes to start off the weekend!


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