Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dodged a Fraud Bullet Last Month

First there was the Target card theft ring on Black Friday and now this......
I just saw on the news a few days ago that Hubs and I dodged a credit card scam bullet a couple of weeks ago.
We had gone to the Ollie's in a town south of here(remember my James Brown Christmas CD?)shopping a bit before Christmas.  We ate out afterwards and had I not had an Applebee's gift card with me that day to use, we would have gone to the Chinese Buffet Restaurant in that shopping center.

Thursday there was THIS REPORT on the local news.
We probably would have paid with a credit card had we eaten there that day.
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, with having credit card info. stolen.

It just never ends, does it?   8-)



  1. I got a call from the credit union on Thursday asking me if I had made 5 1.00 charges. Debit Card is now closed and have to wait for a new one...never ends does it

  2. It seems that the owners did everything they could. It is interesting the guy only worked three days. It seems he was not an employee who went bad; he only came to work to scam and then left. Thankfully, you did not use a card there.

  3. Glad they were caught... hopefully that guy didn't do a lot of damage to people, and if he did, I hope they make him pay it back with interest! Guess it pays to check and check again your cards when you do use it. What with that $768 charge I had from Babies/ToysRUs a while ago.


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