Friday, August 3, 2018

Frugal Friday....the August 3rd Edition

Let's take a look at what "frugalness" we accomplished this past week......

* I found a penny in the Rite-Aid parking lot...........

With my luck though it was a Canadian penny and I don't think they even use those anymore. lolz

*  I had Hubs get the Weis Friday Freebie last week since it was something we could use......

Free hamburger rolls?  Yes, please!

*  I went online to Coupons dotcom on August 1st to snag coupons I thought I might use this month.
Coupons are only available in a limited quantity online so best to print them at the first of the month. (Use to be totally true but nowadays some brands put their coupons online during the month too so best to check back at the coupon sites later in the month too.) In addition with some brands, when there is a good sale using those particular coupons coming up, some coupons may be pulled before the week of the sale so it's good to look at coming week's sales flyers for the stores you shop at so you can print them before they are taken down.
It's a game folks and you need to be a step ahead of the stores and the manufacturers.

*  I got paid to bring some things home from Rite-Aid..........

 I got paid $1.56 after Bonus Cash used and earned back to bring all this home.

*  I sent away for a free $50 Target gift card so I can pair it with that $10 when you spend $50 coupon Target mailed me. The gift card is paid for with c/c points.

*  I picked lots of veggies from the garden last week........

 one squash....
 2 squash and 2 zukes
 4 squash and 3 zuke(including the behemoth one)

1 squash and 1 zuke
Do you think we have enough yellow squash and zucchini now? lololz

*  And quite out of the blue since it's been a while and I forget I have things up there, I sold something on eBay!

This set of unopened 7 miniature Star Wars Lego vehicles sold.  After fees and what I paid I should net $103+.  These all cost me under $22(with tax)when I bought them years ago at Walmart.
Go me! 8-))

*  I also earned $2.00 on Ibotta for various things.  Actually this was for the previous week but I forgot to put it on there. 
I really need to start making a list and adding to it as something frugal occurs so I stop forgetting things by Friday. ugh.

And that's all for me this week.

Remember the words of The Most Frugal Man in the World.......

What frugal wins did y'all have this week?



  1. I love your posts, they crack me up.

  2. You are correct they do not use pennies anymore. They round up or down. At least that is what I have been told by the Canadian shoppers who come to my area. Apparently it is more expensive to product them than what they are worth.

  3. I am so jealous. You are getting so many squash. I have 2 baby ones on the plants that I hope grow. You did really well with eBay.

  4. So great you made the ebay sale, what a great profit. Your summer vegetables from the garden look great. And I agree with you on the coupon thing, it is a game. I need to get over there and see what they have. LOL

  5. Cool Legos sale. Nothing that I can think of has been a great win. I'm so in vacation mode in my head, savings has gone out the window.

  6. I'm loving your fresh produce! Great deals and wow, what a great Ebay sale. Well done!

  7. So jelly over the veggie.... Care to ship some my way???

  8. So, you cannot spend the penny from Canada? The only way I can post what I bought and some of the prices is to start a post with title of week. Then, as I buy anything, I open the draft and post the new thing/s I bought.

  9. Okay.... for Frugal Friday - I went to my favorite Grocery outlet store and got some cleaning supplies (laundry soap, fabric softener...) and coffee. I got a good sized box of Keurig style for 3.99. I'll do a post about my goodies.

  10. I’ve been staying out of the stores so not much money spent here. We need milk for the Mr., and I should probably put some gas in my car. I buy supplies for the store where I work. We’re getting low on snacks for the customers so I may go shopping for that. I use my CC and get the points plus I get paid an hours wage for my time. Love it! It’s blueberry season so i’m picking berries about twice a week. I can’t argue with free! It’s been a good week.

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