Wednesday, August 8, 2018

CT MOM....Last Update

Ok, here's the deal.
This Friday will be the last day to contact me about getting access to CT MOM.

Just so you know, CT MOM is NOT posting on her blog at the moment.
She has decided to start a private group on Facebook.
So if you ask for an invite it will be to that Facebook group and not her blog.
Only time will tell if she continues to blog again on her Blog.
If you don't "Do" Facebook I am sorry but for now, CT Mom has decided a F/B group works best for her needs.

If you are reading this after Aug. 10th, Friday, you can go to Facebook directly and search for the group "CTonabudget" to join.
Please don't email me after Friday about getting access to CT MOM's blog/Facebook group.




  1. It was very nice of you to tackle this horrendejob for her. I thought I would be grandfathered in because I was getting her email. I will look fr her Facebook.

    1. Getting my email? I am lost with that comment. If you wish to continue to read my blog, I am at Facebook. CTonabudget. Ask to join and answer the 3 questions.

  2. Thanks for your hard work
    I don't "do" facebook so I will miss CTMom - all the best to her in the future

  3. So sorry, Carol, but I don't have Facebook, or use any social media. I shall miss reading your thoughts. Have you ever heard of what happened to the "Frugal Queen" blog? Hers was another I looked forward to reading. Oh well. Best wishes, and a huge thank you to Sluggy.

  4. Keep on working, great job!

  5. FQ closed her blog as she was receiving multiple threats for her political posts. Sad, she left a void.

  6. Thanks Sluggy but I am not on facebook so can not

    Gerry T

  7. long time fan from the aol message boards years ago. facebook is a horrible use of the internet. take care carol and family. Sylvia, at

  8. Loved her cooking and shopping posts. Not enough to join fb, though. Best of luck to her.

    Also love your weekly meal plans. Helps to inspire and/or remind me of different dishes from time to time.

  9. Carol, I will miss your posts. I don't blame you for trying to avoid the nastiness on the internet.

  10. I posted on AOL's Kitchen Frugality with Carol, and then followed her to her blog, reading faithfully nearly every day. I was sad to think she'd shut her blog down when I could no longer access it and was genuinely hoping things were okay with her and her family. Knowing that Carol is a huge fan of you, Sluggy, I ventured here this evening hoping to find some info on Carol's blog. Thank you, thank you, Sluggy. Carol's blog has been such a treasure trove over the years and inspires me to keep focused on frugality. I've sent her a FB request to join her group. Thank you for your time and patience guiding us all.


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