Friday, August 31, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the August 31st Edition

Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone!

So let's get to the frugal things that happened this past week at Chez Sluggy.........

*  I went to Weis Markets last Friday and got the freebie plus used a rain check..........

The seltzer was the freebie with a Weis digital coupon.
The ice cream was $2.99 per box with my rain check, plus I had 2 x .75¢ IPQs which each doubled to $1.50.  And I had a digital .75¢/1 Q in my Weis account which also doubled to $1.50 and came off on this order so I got both Ice creams and the seltzer for $1.48 total.

I also earned $2.25 back on SavingStar for buying the ice cream so I got paid .77¢ to bring all 3 home.  ;-)

*  I found some money in the Rite-Aid parking lot.......

A quarter!  This goes into the change pot and will get applied to the grocery budget at the end of the year.

*  Still harvesting garden veggies too......

Not many but I have another photo I haven't taken yet of what's been picked since last Friday.

*  Hubs and I went out for our Anniversary Lunch on Tuesday to Longhorn Steakhouse.  I had an old gift card with $38+ on it and I brought along a $3 off 2 lunches Q.  With tip after Q and gift card our steak lunches cost $13.11 OOP.

*  Hubs and I went to a pick your own farm on Monday and picked all this.......

23 lbs. of tomatoes and 19 lbs. of peppers.
With the corn, cabbage and eggplant we didn't pick but  bought as well it cost $29.60.  Had I bought all that at the grocery stores it would have cost $78 or so OOP.
Just going to the source of fresh produce and doing a bit of the work yourself can save you loads on your food bill.

*  Lots of grocery shopping this week.........

Some of the freebies from Target(using a free gift card to pay).

 Freebies from Rite-Aid(using sales, coupons and Bonus Cash).

Cheap shopping trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets. 

*  I earned cash rebates totaling $19.50 this week on Ibotta and SavingStar.  I love when I get paid to buy stuff!  Those rebates brought down my weekly food spending to $91.13 from $110.63(though I add the rebates back into the food budget at the end of the year, not when earned).

*  Don't know if this is very frugal but I have taken lots of produce(both from our garden and from the farm we visited)and turned them into canned veggies for use this Winter........

Here are 6 quarts of tomatoes(there is another one in the fridge)canned and processed on Wednesday.

And here are 14 pints of my secret recipe Pepper Relish I also processed that day.

Like I said, after you add in all the costs(produce, gas to get to the farm, electricity to can them, other items needed)this might not be frugal but.........
I know what goes into this stuff I can(no preservatives other than lemon juice in the maters)and with the relish, if I didn't make it, we wouldn't have it because you can't buy this stuff in a store, as nobody sells something exactly like it. ;-)

So what frugal wins did y'all have this week?



  1. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. You did well on your shopping this week. I was happy to see you made the pepper relish again, my hubs really liked the jar you brought for us when you stayed over last year. I saved 54% at Kroger this week, which is good for them. LOL! Thinking about doing an eat from the pantry challenge for Sept so I will have room for all the food deals at the holidays.

  2. I think canning is frugal. You get that fresh taste all year long, even in the winter when produce is $$$ and doesn't even taste good. And you're not wasting anything either!

    Saved about $10 dollars with coupons and ibotta. Jumbo eggs are .98/dozen. I have a $10/25 coupon for Kohl's that I'm sure my DD will help me use later ;) Treated myself to a Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice coffee using a gift card I got for my birthday. Also they put a Freeosk in my Walmart and I got a sample of baby lotion for my new niece.

    Now that you have your fancy new phone, you should do Shopkicks! That's another great app to earn gift cards. With the kids back in school I have more time to walk around and find items.

  3. I am going to do the Freeosk thing, too and get the baby lotion. Shopkicks is good, too. I saw a man and woman, each with a phone, doing Shopkicks. They looked so pleased when they both applied the savings, $2, to their grocery cost.

  4. The relish is one of a kind. I'm still savoring the memory of eating it last year with brats on Labor Day weekend!

  5. Looks like a great week, Sluggy. I think home canning is definitely frugal. How cool that you found the quarter. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs.


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