Sunday, August 19, 2018

Update on the Pop-Tarts from Rite-Aid

I bought 4 boxes of Pop-Tarts last week at Rite-Aid three times(once on each card/account)which I blogged about already.

They were $1.99 a box on sale and I used a $2/4 Pop-Tarts IPQ.
Making it better was the $2 in Bonus Cash I got back for every 4 boxes bought.  I had an Ibotta rebate on Pop-Tarts(.50¢ per box up to 5 boxes per receipt).
I did it once for a $2 cash rebate and it almost immediately was available again, so I did it again, and a third time as well.
In the end I got $6 back(plus another .25¢ for buying "anything" at R-A)in cash rebates.
And although I didn't do it yet, I can get 10 free kids' books too for buying 10 boxes of Pop-Tarts.

So here's where we are at on the Pop-Tarts Deal.....
* $17.88 spent in BC(after $6 in Qs used)
* $6.00 in BC earned-so spent down $11.88 in BC
* $6.25 in cash rebates back
* 10 Free Books earned

I'd call that an excellent deal(if you have people who you feed that eat those things). ;-)



  1. Pop Tarts are my guilty pleasure.

  2. If they were in the house, I definitely would eat them. so I don't buy them. Of course, at the price you pay and perks, it would be worth buying them. By the way, do you use a gun when you get a steal like this?

  3. You did great. My kids love Poptarts. They are a snack in our household, not breakfast.

  4. Wow, that is GREAT deal, Sluggy. Way to go!

  5. That was a great deal plus the kids books can be donated to kids who really need them, making it a stellar deal. If I got a deal like that I could also give away the Pop Tarts since no one here eats them.


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