Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Flurry of Food Shopping

I did not mean to spend the whole rest of my August food money this week but.............yep, it happened.

I needed cheese so off to Walmart we went(as they have the best price every day and no real cheese deals were to be had here this week)........

2 x Sparkle pt, 1 x Scott tp, 1 box of Sweet and Spicy tea and 3 x 2 lb. blocks of cheeses came to $25.68 after using coupons too.
I also earned $1.75 in Ibotta rebates on some of this.

Then it was off to Target(twice in two weeks!)since they had cases of water on special........

I got 6 cases of water for $1.69 each, 2 boxes of crackers on sale for $1.87 each, a jar of mayo on sale for $3.00 and 1 packet of chicken w/a 40% Cartwheel was .98¢.
I earned back $2.25 at Target on Ibotta($1.50 mayo, .50¢ chicken, .25¢ for buying any item).

I also bought 2 lbs. of 93/7 ground beef.......

$3 off discount stickers made these $2.69 each.  Not bad for 93%/7% beef.  Even better was I had free gift cards enough left that this was all FREE, zero OOP.

I also hit Weis(PMITA)Markets on Tuesday(Senior Discount Day)for a few things and happened upon some clearance deals too.......

2 x Quacker Overnight Oats cup on sale=$3.00(and I had $1 in Qs)
2 x Del Monte peaches cups on sale=$3.54
1 x Tabasco big bottle=$3.39(and I had $1/1 Q)
6 x Snickers bars on sale B2G1Free=$4.00(and I had $3 in Qs)
2 x Tutturosso diced tomatoes on sale=$2.00

And then I found some clearance/discontinued items.....
7 x Tutturosso San Marzano whole tomatoes 50% off $1.14 can
6 x Furmano ground/peeled tomatoes 50% off .83¢
2 x Classico parmesan cheese 50% off  $3.24(cheaper than Kraft even if I had a Q for Kraft)
2 x sugar-free ZZZquil 50% off $2.74 each(and I had $1/1 Qs)

I also found some meat discounts....
1 x cut-up whole fryer chicken 2.97 lb for .71¢ lb after discount sticker
1 x Perdue B/S thighs 1.83 lb for $1.65 lb after discount sticker
1 x package sausages 1.40 lb for $1.56 lb after discount sticker

Grand Total after discounts/clearance and Qs was $55.35.

I also earned back $6.50 in Ibotta rebates($1 Tabasco, .75¢ Del Monte, $1 Quacker, .75¢ Tutturosso, $3 Weekend Warrior-buying 7 items over a certain period of time)so $48.85 after rebates too.

We also went and played field hands on of the hottest/muggiest days of the year.  Not the best planning on our part. lolz
We weren't out in the sun long but it seemed like forever once I had filled that mesh bag and had to haul it across the fields and up a hill back to the farm stand. UGH
We did bring home lots of fresh produce........

Fresh corn-6 ears for $3-which is already gone.

6 Japanese eggplant-3 for $1.

A huge cabbage for $2
23 lbs. of tomatoes at .40¢ a lb.(We picked these.)
19 lbs. of peppers(no green) at .60¢ a lb. (We picked these too.)
$29.60 spent OOP for all this.  Had I bought it all at the grocery store it would have run $73.99 or thereabouts.

I am about shopped and pick your owned out for this week. lolz

The August food budget has $1.80 left in it.  I got some screaming deals and didn't go over budget for the month so I am happy as a pig in sh&t! ;-)

Any good deals in your neck of the woods lately?



  1. And, she does it professionally. awesome article.

  2. You just had to spend that money......... you go girl.

  3. It doesn't matter how close you get to the budget as long as you don't go over. I think you did great. You are well stocked up for a while at great prices.

  4. You really got a lot of food and did not go over, so a double win. I want corn this weekend. But, I will have to buy it shucked.

  5. I am sure in future months you will be way under since you had so much stock-up deals.

  6. Not sure about food deals in my area. I have food to use up. I need to look at my pantry on Monday to get a feel of what I need now that the summer is over.


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